Thursday, August 31, 2006

Take A Look At This

If any of you get a chance this afternoon before it gets dark take a look at this site This is a web cam of "the junction" on MSU's campus. If you can look at this and honestly tell me they are not trying to copy the Grove, you are insane. And when they came out and said there were no trees, yada yada yada. What in God's name were they talking about. Make up your own tradition, not copy someone else.

Thanks to Worldclassglass reader Reid for the heads up on this.


Not sure how I got it, but I just got this email from a local liquor store owner. Figure alot of you would want to know this.

"Liquor stores will not be open this sunday, they are state controlled. You must get alcohol by saturday. Only bars will be able to sell on sunday."

Hearing Set

Well we have made a little progress in the Powe situation. A hearing date has been set for September 11. Until that date it is my understanding he can practice with the football team. I could be reading it wrong, but that is the way I understand it. I wish the date of the hearing could be earlier, but this is better than nothing.

From the Clarion Ledger
OXFORD — Ole Miss football recruit Jerrell Powe was granted a temporary restraining order today by a Lafayette County Chancery Court, possibly clearing the way for the star defensive tackle to enroll in school and play football this season.
Ole Miss announced last week that Powe, a former Wayne County High School star who played last season for Hargrave Military Academy in Viriginia, was ruled ineligible to receive scholarship aid or play football at Ole Miss this season. That ruling came from the NCAA Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse, an Iowa-based firm that certifies the eligiblity of all NCAA freshmen athletes.Generally, to be eligible, athletes must have at least a 2.5 high school grade point average in 14 “core” classes, such as math, science and English, plus score at least 17 on the ACT college entrance exam.Ole Miss did not say why Powe was not certified by the Clearinghouse, and Powe has declined interview requests.Jim Carroll, Powe’s Jackson-based attorney, was not immediately available.David Wells, the Ole Miss compliance director who works with athletic eligiblity, referred all questions to the Ole Miss atttorney Lee Tyner, who was not available for comment.

More Powe

A court order was issued this afternoon in Oxford concerning Jarrell Powe. The story is developing now, but it appears to have no effect on his playing eligibility. Looks like this will only put pressure on NCAA. More as I get more information.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


For Wednesday's edition of YouTube clips, I chose the LSU 2003 game. We all know what play I have chosen. It was the first play of the game for LSU. Matt Mauck rolled right and overthrew his receiver. Travis Johnson went ahead and intercepted the ball and returned it for a tuchdown. When Johnson made this play, I thought the stadium was going to cave in. That was without a doubt the loudest a single place has ever been in the state of Mississippi. People went crazy. I remember hearing students say they wound up several rows from their original seats after the celebration was over, not knowing it. Cups were flying through the air and grown men were crying over the celebration. It was without a doubt the single greatest moment I have witnessed as an Ole Miss fan. While the final score did not turn out the way we wanted it too, Oh what a day it was.

Bianco Announces Schedule

The Rebels open the season on February 10, when Ole Miss will play host to New Orleans in a two-game series on Saturday and Sunday. The series marks the beginning of a 10-game home stand to open the year and will feature a three-game series with Evansville (Feb. 16-18) and Wright State (Feb. 23-25) along with single-game meetings with Memphis (Feb. 20) and Belmont (Feb. 27).
The Rebels will then take to the road the first weekend of March to take on Arkansas, Minnesota and The Citadel in the three-game tournament which will be played in the Metrodome (Mar. 2-4).
The Rebels then return home for a two-game showdown with Austin Peay (Mar. 6-7) and then host the UCLA Bruins (Mar. 9-11) in a three-game series before heading on the road to face Arkansas State (Mar. 13).
Southeastern Conference play begins on the road with a trip to take on Vanderbilt (Mar. 16-18). Ole Miss will also hit the road for conference series with Auburn (Mar. 31- April 1), LSU (April 13-15), Tennessee (May 4-6) and Arkansas (May 17-19).
The Rebels will play host to five SEC foes, including dates with Alabama (Mar. 23-25), Georgia (April 6-8), South Carolina (April 20-22), Mississippi State (April 27-29) and Kentucky (May 11-13).
In addition to the conference slate, the Rebels will also face-off with Mississippi State in a non-conference showdown in the annual Mayor’s Trophy game in Jackson on April 17.
The Rebels will also hit the road for a single-game with South Alabama (Mar. 20), who participated in the 2006 NCAA Oxford Regional.
Also on the non-conference schedule for the season is a two-game set with Southern Miss with a game in Pearl, Miss., at Trustmark Park (Mar. 27) and a game in Hattiesburg (April 11). The Rebels will take on Memphis at Autozone Park on May 2, in the final non-conference game of the season.

Everybody Loves It

CNNSI Stewart Mandel Top 20 reasons College Football is better than pro.

1) Fight songs performed by actual, live bands and written prior to 2003.
2) Tailgating at The Grove rather than some municipal parking lot.
3) Cheerleaders without silicone.
4) Stadiums without retractable roofs.
5) Players who actually make mistakes sometimes.
6) Star players who actually care about practices.
7) Coaches who actually talk about things other than safety blitzes from time to time.
8) Coaches who go for it on fourth-and-2.
9) Rivals that only play each other once a year.
10) Teams that still run the option.
11) Mobile quarterbacks who are actually allowed to run.
12) Walk-ons.
13) Students who dress up to go to the games.
14) Students who can roll out of bed and walk to the stadium.
15) Games with national-title implications in September.
16) Games with national-title implications in October.
17) Bear Bryant barking from a JumboTron seconds before Alabama takes the field.
18) A Seminole on a horse riding to midfield and throwing a flaming spear.
19) The Vol Walk, The Tiger Walk, the Dawg Walk, et al.
20) Every other tradition at every other school I haven't already mentioned.

Vince-A Rebel Fan

Good Article

I do not always agree with Sid Salter's articles in the Clarion Ledger, but this is a good one that he published today.

Like most Mississippians, I enjoy watching the seasons change - all four of them.
Each year, the seasons bring their joys and sorrows. It begins with baseball season, followed by the Neshoba County Fair, then college football season and finally there is deer season.
Did I miss one? No, that's all.
There are also two very important holidays with deeply religious connotations - Thanksgiving and Christmas - but in all honesty, those holidays are so deeply intertwined in Mississippi with college football season and deer season that it becomes one long pageant.
Part of that rich pageant in Mississippi is college football season tailgating. For the third year, I will be spending most of my Saturdays tailgating in the Grove with my daughter, the Ole Miss junior.
As a devoted Mississippi State man, I have to admit that the Rebel faithful have this tailgating thing down to a fine art. It's serious business.
Having experienced the Ole Miss football tailgating scene, I have also confronted every Ole Miss parent's nightmare - The Princeton Review's annual rankings of the nation's colleges and universities.
I tend to take those rankings with a grain of salt. The Princeton Review rating is the result of a survey of students. It's not associated with Princeton University.
To suggest that The Princeton Review's results are somewhat subjective would be an understatement. No other Mississippi public school is mentioned in the rankings, but Millsaps got a nod for having good "town and gown" relations with the city of Jackson.
For the record, the recently released 2007 Princeton Review rankings lists Ole Miss as 2nd on the index of schools where "their students almost never study" and 5th among American university "party schools."
Ole Miss also ranked high in the following categories:
11th among universities that featured "lots of beer."
9th for schools with "lots of hard liquor."
14th as a university that is a "major fraternity and sorority scene."
15th among students "most nostalgic for Ronald Reagan."
Reading the rankings, I reflected on my 30 years of experience with the University of Mississippi - first dating and later marrying an Ole Miss co-ed, then teaching there for a year in the 1990s, and finally as the parent of a UM student.
"Party school?" Check.
"Party school" refreshments? Check and check.
"Fraternities and sororities?" Check, big time.
"Nostalgic for Reagan?" I remember he was popular among the students when he ran for president in 1980 and 1984, so I guess nostalgia filtering down to the children of those students who voted for Reagan wouldn't be a stretch.
But from the classroom, I remember teaching a lot of motivated kids who worked hard and made good grades. I had one or two students who didn't, but the majority worked as hard as they possibly could have played after class.
What The Princeton Review doesn't tell you for 2007 is that Ole Miss faculty and other researchers attracted more than $102.9 million in outside funding for research, service and education projects.
The total includes 201 sponsored programs at University Medical Center for $39.3 million and 301 awards on the Oxford campus for $63.6 million.
Bottom line, Ole Miss has a deserved reputation as a place where folks like to have a good time and where parties and campus Greek life are priorities. But it's also an outstanding university.
Don't get me wrong. I tried to get my daughter to go to State and get a proper education. But my late wife - twice a Rebel graduate - won that argument and reveled in it.
Thursday night, I'll be in Starkville with a cowbell in my hand. Sunday, I'll be in the Grove with my daughter - who will be safe and sound and getting a good education at the nation's 5th leading party school.

More Powe News

The case of Jerrell Powe is not over. I have been checking the Laurel newspaper that was updating everyone on the status of Powe since the ruling came down. This small bit of news came out yesterday. I would imagine they will have to meet today or tomorrow, since the last day to enroll at Ole Miss is Friday. I give him a 25% chance of getting in.

WAYNESBORO – Ole Miss recruit Jerrell Powe and his family of Waynesboro have consulted with a Jackson Law Firm to help him with his appeal to the NCAA on his eligibility.
The Powe family has engaged the services of Jim Carroll and his law firm of Jackson.
Carroll represented former Ole Miss football coach Billy Brewer when the former head coach sued the University of Mississippi in 1994 for early termination of his contract for NCAA rules violations.
Carroll’s law firm has dealt with the NCAA in the past and also has experience in civil rights, human rights,. and the American Educational Disability Act.
The former Parade All-American from Wayne County High School is seeking a hearing with the NCAA regarding their denying him his eligibility for this upcoming football season.
Powe was denied admission to the University last week based on the fact that the NCAA Clearinghouse had not cleared him for participation in athletics at Ole Miss.
Today, Powe’s lawyers should be in contact with the NCAA. There was no contact of any kind with the NCAA on Monday.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Couple of Notes

A couple of notes about this weekends game.

The marketing department is doing this for students. Sterling since you are about the only student that reads this blog, you need to take advantage of this:

Coca-Cola and the spirit committee are teaming up at Sunday’s game to provide commemorative cups to the first 500 students who pass through the student gates at the stadium. During the game, students can take the cups to concessions stands for a free Coke product.

I forgot about this until I watched DotTv this afternoon. The ceremony to retire Chucky Mullins jersey will take place before the game. They will officialy retire Mullins jersery(which I disagree with) this weekend. Mullins family and Archie Manning will be in attendance as both of the jerseys will be placed somewhere in the stadium. They will be passing out 30,000 CHUCKY pins also. I remember when the original CHUCKY pins were passed out after his accident. I can remember being in the Grove and the band playing as they passed the KFC buckets to raise money for Chucky. This should be a moving ceremony and I encourage everyone to be there. The ceremony is supposed to take place between 20-30 minutes before kick off.

On a side note, I wish Ole Miss would do everything in their power to have the ESPN cameras and cameras from now on record from the North Endzone. Currently, the cameras are placed in the South Endzone and when recording all you see on tv is the view of the North Endzone. It looks terrible and looks like we are playing at Delta State. If they could set up a crane/lift in the North Endzone they could record from, it would look like a different stadium to the common viewer. The view of the SouthEndzone looks awesome when viewed from the opposite end of the stadium. This is an improvement that could drastically change the view on tv, and make it look like a great stadium. This is something that could easily be done to improve our image, yet will probably never happen.

Hope Its Not As Close This Year

Continuing with this weeks trend of showing clips on the internet of past Ole Miss games. I am going to go back to just one year ago this week. Ole Miss was up on Memphis, with Memphis driving. If the Tigers score they more than likely win the game. The Tigers had driven the length of the field and many Rebel fans were thinking we were going to lose to Memphis once again. However Gary Pack was not going to let this happen. Memphis had the ball in the Red Zone and instead of giving the ball to their all star Deangelo Williams, they decided to throw it in the endzone. Pack picked off the ball and sealed the deal for the Rebels.

I still think this was a stupid move by Tommy West and it is great to see the reaction on his face in this video. Pack's interception sealed up Coach O's first victory at Ole Miss. While O only got a couple of more W's last season, it was a big win for his staff. Hopefully this weekend the game will not come down to a red zone stand.

I talked about this last week, but here is the "cute" design they put together for the Power Hour.

Monday, August 28, 2006

P.R. Disaster

This article appeared in the Kansas City newspaper on Saturday. Evidently it took up alot of the section of the paper that is was in. The story talks alot about the history of Ole Miss and the discussion of Colonel Reb. While I acknowledge that we made a mistake with the way the Colonel Reb situation was handled, and I wish we had a mascot. But I put that behind me a long time ago and I am ready to move on. But this stupid Save Colonel Reb foundation is still hanging around giving us a bad name. I am for standing up against the administration with the rest of them, but it is time to give this thing a rest. Do they really think Bobby K is going to come out all of the sudden and say "You guys are right, Let's bring back Colonel Reb", and put the mascot back on the field. No chance he is going to do that.

While this article did state the facts about how Ole Miss is changing, much of the nation still sees the past in Ole Miss. I would love for someone to take Brian Ferguson out. This guy is a fool and every time he speaks he makes his organization look bad. He does not even know what he is saying when words come out of my mouth. So for "Pete's Sake Let's Give This Thing A Rest"

Let's Get Ready

To get everyone in the mood for the first game this Sunday. I am going to link a YouTube clip of some of the greater plays over the last several years. YouTube has alot of clips from games of the past and I am going to feature one each day until Thursday. I will be leaving Friday morning for Oxford from Atlanta, so no posts over the weekend. I am sure everyone that reads this blog will be in Oxford anyway.

Today's clip will be from the Florida game in 2002. What a game this was. Matt Grier made a name for himself this game. Florida fans still remember this guy even though he was not an all star player for the Rebels. Grier made two big interceptions for the Rebels this game which the Rebels went on to win. The upset of the Gators was the first big one in a long time for the Rebels and the fans took the field after this game. But watch this clip and see how Grier rumbles his way to the endzone. We need Willis, Johnson, and Pack to make some of these this year.


I have discussed this on this board before. But I wanted to share the quotes in the Clarion Ledger this week concerning the Bulldogs "new" tailgating atmosphere. I am interested in the two State fans opinion on this that read this blog. But here is a little bit of the article that appeared this week concerning State's Junction, which will be the new tailgating area on campus.

"Maybe it'll be like The Grove without trees," said Steve Brandon, an Amory resident and 1972 State graduate.
Yet other Mississippi State officials were quick to distance The Junction from comparisons to any woodsy, tailgating area of the school up the road.
"I can't say the idea won't be similar, but I don't think any of it was modeled after what you are referring to," said Jim Jones, MSU's executive director of facilities. "I don't want any trees out there, anyway."

Starters from the SID

OFFENSESE - Mike Wallace, Shay HodgeLT - Michael Oher, Marcus CohenLG - Andrew Wicker, Corey ActisC - Thomas Eckers, James McCoyRG - John Jerry, Maurice MillerRT - Darryl Harris, Reid NeelyTE - Robert Lane, Lawrence LillyFL - Dexter McCluster, Marshay GreenQB - Brent Schaeffer, Seth AdamsRB - BenJarvus Green-Ellis, Mico McSwainFB - Jason Cook, Reggie Hicks

DEFENSEE - Peria Jerry, Greg HardyDT - Hayward Howard, Cecil FrisonNT - Jeremy Garrett, Brandon JenkinsLEO - Chris Bowers, Marcus TillmanWLB - Quentin Taylor, Rory JohnsonMLB - Patrick Willis, Robert RussellSLB - Garry Pack, Jonathan CornellLCB - Nate Banks, Dustin MouzonSS - Jamarca Sanford, B. BrownFS - Charles Clark, Allen WalkerRCB - Trumaine McBride, Terrell Jackson

PK - Joshua Shene, Justin Sparks (tied)P - Rob Park, Justin Sparks

Saturday, August 26, 2006


Touted Ole Miss committment Jarell Powe has been denied clearence from the NCAA today. According to various reports, Powe is going to appeal the decision, but it does not look good for the Rebels. Story developing.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

"Power Hour"

As I watched Ole Miss Dot TV today I heard Walker Jones speak of a new concept the Ole Miss marketing department has come up with known as "Power Hour." No, this is not the drinking game many of you know about. It is going to be a move to try and get fans out of the Grove and to the game an hour before the game starts. It is my understanding they will try and get people to leave the Grove as soon as the band finshes their warm up and march to the game with them.

Is it a good idea, Yes. Will it work, No. Ole Miss fans are going to be Ole Miss fans. The ones that are going to get to the game an hour beforehand. Are already doing it and have been doing it for a while. Some new marketing program is not going to cause thousands of people to start going to the game eariler. While I do commend them for coming up with the idea, I have never heard of it until this week. The first game is a 10 days away. They should have been pushing this thing through email and the internet all summer.

Ole Miss fans have arrived at games and been in their seats an hour before the game, there was one game the place was packed an hour and a half before it even started. We all remember that game. It is going to take another couple of seasons like that one before the place is even close to 1/3 of the way full for the "Power Hour."

Miami Press on The Rebs

(Miami Herald)OXFORD, Miss. - Art Kehoe stands along the third-base line of a baseball park in this small, Mississippi college town. Dressed in a University of Mississippi golf shirt with a baseball cap pulled down low, he generally is minding his own business.
Yet, one after another, people ask to shake his hand, thanking him for coming here to coach their football team.
Kehoe sounds sincere with his reply.
''No, thank you,'' he says. ``It's great to be here. I love it.''
At Mississippi, there is much hope because of two former UM coaches. Former Miami assistant Ed Orgeron (3-8 last season) is in his second year at Mississippi, and brought two of his friends to Oxford to help change some attitudes.''When I go to South Florida now, I see Ole Miss stuff,'' said Orgeron, who was Miami's defensive line coach from 1989-92 and won two championships as an assistant with Southern Cal. ``I never saw that before. We have a very strong presence now. We've brought in a new attitude here.''Mississippi has had 13 winning seasons since 1978, and has been to 11 bowl games -- none in the BCS -- in that span. In 2003, the Rebels and quarterback Eli Manning earned a share of the SEC West title and went on to beat Oklahoma State in the Cotton Bowl. The Rebels went 4-7 in 2004, and coach David Cutcliffe was fired to make room for Orgeron.
''When I interviewed for this job, I didn't look at last year or the year before that,'' the 47-year-old Werner said. ``I looked down the road. This is a great little town, and we have great facilities. I think things are heading up.''
Kehoe came to UM in 1979 as a junior college transfer eager to play for Howard Schnellenberger. Kehoe played on UM's Peach Bowl team in 1980, and never left. He became an assistant coach, and is the only coach to be part of all five of Miami's national titles.
''He bleeds orange and green,'' former UM offensive lineman Vernon Carey said. ``He always talked about how much being a Hurricane meant to him.'' A popular figure at Miami -- one who led pep rallies with colorful language regarding certain rivals -- Kehoe has become a key figure in Oxford. With five championship rings to his credit, folks hope he can bring a little magic to a program that could use it.''I didn't know what to expect when I got here,'' said Kehoe, sitting in his new office in the Rebels' $18 million football facility. ``We have a beautiful campus, and the people have been great. They are as passionate about their football team as any place in the country.''Kehoe, 49, refused to talk on the record about what happened at Miami, citing an ongoing lawsuit against the school seeking lost compensation.
He will admit to giving away almost all of the Miami clothing he accumulated over the years. After more than a quarter century in Coral Gables, Kehoe had quite the collection of UM gear, and it was the only clothes he wore.
Now most of his old Miami clothing is being worn by his family and friends. His new wardrobe suits him just fine.''When I was packing my stuff in Miami, I probably had 100 pounds of clothing,'' Kehoe said. ``I only wear red and blue now, and you know what? It's kind of patriotic. But I'll never root against the Hurricanes. I'm a Rebel now, and I'm excited about it. I can't wait for this season to get going. It's been a long time coming.''

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

It Is That Time

Well since the SEC football season starts one week from today. I would like to get everyone's predictions on the season. There are plenty of people that read this blog every now and then, and I would like everyone to post their predictions. Even you State fans(David A. and Sam) can make your predictions for the Dogs. The most imoportant prediction I would like for everyone to make is a win loss record for the Rebels. If you would like to predict any other SEC schools have at it.

I will start off. My prediction is for the Rebels to go 6-6 and make the Liberty Bowl. While this is not a lofty season by any means, I think it is a great improvement from last year. Say what you want about this prediction, but I consider it a good season for the Rebels.

Wayne Released By Saints

Former Ole Miss linebacker Nate Wayne was one of seven players released by the New Orleans Saints today.
Wayne, an outside linebacker, played in both preseason games but will not be among the 53 players on the regular season roster.Wayne was signed two weeks ago to a one-year free-agent contract. But he became expendable when the Saints traded today for linebacker Scott Shanle from Dallas. (Clarion Ledger)

As We Expected

OXFORD — Offensive lineman John Jerry was cleared by the NCAA today and will be eligible to play football for Ole Miss this season.
Coach Ed Orgeron said Jerry returned to the field this afternoon after missing his first practice on Tuesday. “John Jerry is eligible and we’re happy about that,” Orgeron said. “So is he. He was relieved. ... He was very anxious.”(Clarion Ledger)

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Analysis of Powe Situation

I have looked at this Powe situation several times. My whole deal with the situation is what in the world is taking the NCAA so long. They have had this guys case in some form or another for over 2 years. Since the first time he committed to Ole Miss two years ago. They knew he could not qualify and they knew what courses he lacked. So why can't they compare the courses he has taken since then and give us a decision on the guy.

This is another situation where I feel bad for the guy. Just like the kid from Memphis, he has done everything counselors have told him to do to get accepted to college. Now class has begun and the NCAA is holding these guys up from enrolling.

I feel like the Powes's/Ole Miss made the right move by publically reporting this whole situation. The kid tries to enroll at Ole Miss today and the University tells him he can enroll, but not receive scholarship because the NCAA has not ruled on his case. I know I do not have all the facts in the case, but I just do not understand what is taking so long.

I really begun to dislike the NCAA over the last decade or so. The reason for my dislike is not just based on their ruling of academic eligibilty. They have made stupid rulings on mascots, boycots, and several other decisions the governing body has made.

All I can say is that if Powe is not granted admission to Ole Miss, get ready for a lawsuit. If he does not get in, I hope he sues the mess out of them. If things do not work out between Powe and Ole Miss, so be it. But I hope he makes the NCAA pay for this.

Hate To See How Administration Reacts To This

This is all Ole Miss student's need is for more publicity about how Ole Miss is a top ten party school. The administration has already taken a majority of fun away from fraternities and sororities(no Bid Day, a strict Derby Day, cops every time you turn around, limited parties, the list goes on and on). But I honestly do not believe Ole Miss should be on the list for top 10 party schools. While the Princeton Review is not a respectable publication(they ranked Birmingham Southern as No. 2 fraternity scene) alot of students still look at it when making their college decision. This is just more fire for Carolyn Staton and Bobby K.

(Clarion Ledger) Ole Miss may not have had a winning football season in two years, but it ranks fifth among the nation's 10 top party schools, according to the annual Princeton Review survey.
The university dismissed the rankings as irrelevant."The Princeton Review is as meaningful as a ceasefire agreement in south Lebanon," said Jeffrey Alford, associate vice chancellor for university relations.Nathan Gray, president of the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity at Ole Miss, said the "party school" reputation is undeserved."I think it's something that the media focuses way too much on," he said. "That's part of the experience at every college."

Mid Day Report

OXFORD – The University of Mississippi’s admissions office did not grant Jerrell Powe, the former Parade All-American defensive tackle from Waynesboro, his request for admission to the university Monday.

Powe meet with Dr. Charlotte Fant twice Monday seeking admission to the university. It was the first day of classes at Ole Miss, and Powe wanted to be admitted with all other incoming students. Fant told the family that the biggest problem was the complexity of Powe’s high school academic courses. Powe has taken courses at Wayne County High School, Hargrave Military Academy, and high school correspondence courses from Brigham Young University.

Fant’s concerns centered around the fact that Powe needed every one of his courses in order to be admitted as a student athlete at Ole Miss or another NCAA school. She told Powe that if the NCAA clearinghouse did not certify all his high school course work, then he would be ineligible for an athletic scholarship at Ole Miss. He could be admitted as a non-scholarship student since his GPA and ACT were up to par, but he could not play sports at Ole Miss. The ACT sent an official letter to Ole Miss last Thursday endorsing his score of 18 on the ACT.

The NCAA clearing house received all of Powe’s paperwork that they requested last Friday afternoon from Powe as well as Ole Miss and Wayne County High School. The committee had already met for the day when the paperwork arrived. The committee meets every Friday and then hands down decisions accordingly. If the committee expedites the process, Powe’s case will be heard this Friday.

A family friend said that Powe is determined to attend Ole Miss and is willing to wait until a positive decision is rendered. Powe was expected to return to Waynesboro today and await the clearinghouse’s decision. (Laurel Leader)

Monday, August 21, 2006

Hope I Was Wrong on Powe

There is better news out of Oxford this afternoon. As several different media sources are reporting that Jerrell Powe was on campus today getting some papers in line. Powe was reportedly seen in the Martindale Student Services building which houses the admissions office. If Powe gets in that would be great news for this Rebel team and would be a huge builder for the incoming class. Let's hope this all works out. But beware other fans especially State fans are going to be fired up over this one. Get ready for the Maroons to wear the internet message boards out over this one. Below is the update from the local Laurel, MS newspaper.

— OXFORD — Jerrell Powe, the former Parade All-American defensive tackle from Waynesboro, is in Oxford this morning trying to be granted admission to the University of Mississippi. Powe and his mother came with a family friend as they traveled from Waynesboro on Sunday night.
If granted admission to the University of Mississippi, he would then have a 14-day window in which he would be allowed to practice with the Ole Miss football team. Powe met the three requirements for this window.
Powe has a high school diploma, made an 18 on the ACT, and had a combined 2.54 GPA in high school and at Hargrave Military Academy. Powe attended Hargrave Military Academy last year in hopes of improving his academic record. By enrolling at Hargrave he did not use any NCAA eligibility and will be considered a true freshman at any four-year school.
Hopefully, in the mean time Powe‚s paper work will be approved by the NCAA‚s clearing house. Powe thought his case would be heard last Friday by the NCAA , but all the paper work was not in by the Friday meeting time. He and his family hope the clearing house will approve him this Friday.
Powe, Ole Miss, and Wayne County High School all had paper work that was requested by the NCAA.
A friend of the family says Powe does not have plansto attend any other senior or junior college if he is not granted admission to Ole Miss.

Update on Davis

Things have changed. It appears now that Cliff Davis is coming back to Ole Miss. Davis will be making the short drive back from Eupora to Ole Miss today and will rejoin the Rebel football team. Reports say there was some type of misunderstanding/lack of communication with Cliff. While I do not expect Davis on the field this year, I am looking forward to see how he develops.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Two Weeks From Today

Well the Ole Miss Rebels officially kick off football season two weeks from today against the Memphis Tigers. Yesterday the Rebels held an open scrimmage as part of Meet the Rebels Day. I was not in attendance, but I have picked up on a couple of notes.

- QB Brent Schaeffer was held out of practice yesterday. No big deal. Coach O was more than likely just holding him out for precautionary reasons. I do not blame him one bit. You build an offense around a guy, and then he gets hurt in an intraaquad scrimmage two weeks before opening kickoff. Totally understandable.

-QB Cliff Davis, who for the past four years has been in the Houston Astros organization was not in attendance Saturday. It is being reported that Davis is questioning himself of the path he wants to take. He has gone back to Eupora to think about this as school starts on Monday. I can only imagine what the transition might be like from major league baseball to SEC football. Not picking up a football in four years and then going to college to play QB has to be one heck of a change. I hope he changes his mind and comes back to Ole Miss. I was planning on him getting some playing time in the near future. There have been some succesful QB's come from the minor leagues to college football, I hope Davis can be one.

-Still no Rory Johnson, Johnson is now awaiting admissions from Ole Miss. If someone would get off their tail at Martindale and speed up these admissions that would be great. I understand they have to go through the same process as other students, but let's pick it up a little.

-And finally for those that have been wondering. Still no Jerrell Powe and class starts tomorrow. While he can still come several weeks after school starts, I am beginning to have my doubts, but am not giving up. The NCAA really makes me mad.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

A New Look

I hinted on this earlier, but I just read this on Robbie Neiswanger's blog. I am really interested to see what this looks like:

• The floor in Tad Smith Colisum has been replaced. It seems like no big deal, but I've got to say it is an obvious improvement to the facility. The new floor has a natural wood color and makes the whole building seem brighter. The dark blue inside the three-point arc is gone. So is the dark blue that surrounded the court. There are three things painted on the floor: a big "M" at halfcourt, "The University of Mississippi" along the scorer's table side and "Rebels" on the baseline to the right of each basket There are white SEC logos inside the lanes now, too.

Akron Ohio

The Daily Beacon in Akron Ohio has alot of confidence in Missouri as they did their BIG 12 prediction. Here is what they had to say:

COLUMBIA, Mo. - Missouri is set up for a strong start. A 4-0 record is realistic with games against Murray State, Ole Miss, New Mexico and Ohio. All but New Mexico are at home. ... Mizzou's equipment office has been forced into a temporary home, with new digs not ready until after the season. The current dwelling had been used as the game officials' locker room. The biggest thing missing? Washers and dryers. That means equipment manager Don Barnes sends out about 2,000 pounds of laundry to be done daily during fall camp.

Clarion Ledger Powe Update

This is an article that just ran on the Clarion Ledger's web site concerning the status of Jerrell Powe.

OXFORD — Ole Miss football signee Jerrell Powe still hasn’t been ruled academically eligible by the NCAA, but his high school coach said the highly-touted defensive tackle remains optimistic he’ll play for the Rebels this season.
Wayne County High coach Marcus Boyles said Powe is waiting at home in Waynesboro for the NCAA Clearinghouse, the Iowa-based organization that certifies the eligibility of all freshmen athletes, to make its ruling. He has not been able to practice with the Rebels, who open the season against Memphis on Sept. 3.“They’re still hoping for the best,” Boyles said. “But I guess he’s kind of down a little bit, too. ... He’s got to be wondering, ‘If the NCAA doesn’t rule in my favor, what am I going to do?’”Powe couldn’t be reached for comment.Powe is one of four Ole Miss signees that haven’t made it to campus, joining Kosciusko receiver Terry Levy, Memphis Manassas receiver LaDerrick Vaughn and Hinds Community College linebacker Rory Johnson. Vaughn was ruled ineligible by the NCAA Clearinghouse earlier this week, but hopes a waiver filed by Ole Miss will reverse the decision as soon as possible.Boyles, who still sees Powe on a regular basis, said the former high school Parade All-American has not decided to enroll at a junior college, yet. But Boyles said Powe’s options are dwindling because Ole Miss’ fall semester begins Monday.“It’s just a tough situation on him right now,” Boyles said.

Absurd This Could Happen

The below article regarding LeDarrick Vaughn is ridiculous. This kid has done everything his high school guidance counselor has told him to do. He has made the grades to get into college and now the NCAA is saying he can not go to college and play sports. It is not that Vaughn did not make his ACT score or anything like that. What is holding Vaughn up is the way his high school teaches their math credits. The NCAA claims the way they do it is wrong and will not let him in. Where does the blame lie: his guidance counselor, Memphis City Schools, the NCAA?? I have no idea, but it is ashame a kid is being denied a free chance to go to college over a riculous half of a credit that he actually took, but the NCAA says the class was not good enough. Here is a portion of the article from the Commercial Appeal:

OXFORD, Miss. -- LaDerrick Vaughn planned to be on the Ole Miss practice fields this month, battling for a backup position in the Rebels secondary.
Instead, he finds himself working out daily at Manassas High School, trying to stay in shape. And trying to hold back the building frustration of still being in Memphis, after doing everything he thought was necessary to enroll at Ole Miss, only to find out the NCAA Clearinghouse thought otherwise.

Vaughn graduated from Manassas last spring with a 2.7 grade point average. He scored an 18 on his ACT. And he had the necessary 14 core credits needed to make it through the Clearinghouse, which reviews academic transcripts. Or so he thought.
But after already completing two summer school classes at Ole Miss while working out with the football team, Vaughn learned that the Clearinghouse refused to accept one of his algebra classes, which left him with 13.5 credits, a half credit shy of being eligible.
''It really is frustrating,'' Vaughn said. ''It makes it real tough.''
Instead of offering Algebra 1, which is required by the NCAA, Manassas offers Algebra 1A and 1B classes. If successfully completed, students at Manassas are awarded one credit for Algebra 1 and one elective credit.
The NCAA, though, only recognized the Algebra 1B class, giving Vaughn half a credit, and leaving him a half-credit short.

The full article:,1426,MCA_478_4922925,00.html

Great Idea

I think this is a great idea, this is just one of the few things that I believe should bear Dr. Khayat's name. While all of us have not agreed with every decision he has made. He has completely transformed our University into a great place that many people desire to come to upon graduating from high school. It is going to be hard to find a replacement as good as he is when the day comes.

(Oxford) - The University of Mississippi will name its new law school for Chancellor Robert Khayat.Khayat, 68, has been chancellor since 1995 and is the former dean of the law school.Ole Miss this fall will launch a $40 million fund-raising drive for the new school. The state College Board will ask the Legislature for $10 million to get started."We will build a beautiful state-of-the-art training facility for our lawyers," said Andy Mullins, executive assistant to Khayat. "Asking the Legislature to contribute 20 percent is a good deal for Mississippi."The new law school will go on a site now occupied by old apartments that will be demolished. The current law school will be converted into classrooms for undergraduates.Construction of the law school is expected to begin by 2008. Mullins said people already are making pledges. (Clarion Ledger)

Only A Few Years Too Late

OXFORD, Miss. - Ole Miss Athletics Director Pete Boone announced Wednesday the beginning of a partnership with XOS Technologies, the leading technology provider for maximizing the value of content, commerce and services for sports organizations and fans."We're thrilled to partner with XOS Technologies because we know that with them we'll be able to offer our fans more of what they love - clips of the biggest plays of the season, audio interviews with star players and a chance to support the team with official merchandise purchases," Boone said. "Within the next six months, we will have one of the best collegiate web sites in the country. By partnering with XOS and providing additional athletics department resources, we are committed to providing our fans the ultimate internet experience."As with all of its more than 100 Network partners, XOS will provide Ole Miss athletics with customized platforms that will offer a wide variety of interactive fan services across multiple channels. Unlike a simple Web page, the Web will actually function as a central hub for every interactive feature. This distinct feature gives XOS Network and all of its partners a competitive edge.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

It Will Be Here Before You Know It

Below is the official release from the SID on the basketball schedule. They did a pretty good job of sumarizing the schedule. The schedule has alot more beef in it than Barne's schedules. Looks like it could be a tough one. Opening up SEC play with Kentucky is a killer. But it is the first time in several years we have opened up at home. That is one thing Barnes complained about so much, I guess they finally listened.

OXFORD, Miss. - Coach Andy Kennedy's first season at Ole Miss will see the Rebels take on four of last year's NCAA Elite Eight teams, including two of the last three national champions as part of the 2006-07 basketball schedule, which was announced here Wednesday.Ole Miss faces 11 teams that reached postseason play a year ago, including NCAA Tournament No. 1 seeds Connecticut and Memphis, Final Four club LSU and national champion Florida. The slate boasts 15 home games.

The non-conference slate is also highlighted by the renewal of the Mid-South rivalry with Memphis at the FedEx Forum. The Tigers finished fourth in the national rankings last year and claimed their second straight Conference USA overall title. Other road opponents include Saint Louis and South Alabama, while New Orleans and UIC make the trip to Oxford."Our non-conference schedule is going to be full of challenges," Kennedy said. "We wanted to add an early exempt tournament to evaluate where we are at the season's start. The UConn game will be a good indicator. "We are continuing our rivalry with Memphis and have added some competitive non-league games that will test us early in Saint Louis, South Alabama and New Orleans."The Rebels are beginning SEC play at home for only the third time in the last 12 years, but will be doing so against perennial power Kentucky for the first time since the 1983-84 season. The Tad Pad showdown with the 43-time SEC champion Wildcats will be Jan. 6.'The opportunity to open SEC play against one of the most storied programs in college basketball is truly exciting," said Kennedy.

Complete Schedule

OLE MISS REBEL BASKETBALL 2006-07 SCHEDULEDay Date Opponent Location TimeFri. Nov. 3 North Alabama (Exhibition) Oxford, Miss. 7 p.m.
Mon. Nov. 6 Delta State (Exhibition) Oxford, Miss. 7 p.m.
Fri. Nov. 10 Mississippi Valley State Oxford, Miss. 7 p.m.
Tues. Nov. 14 Louisiana-Lafayette Oxford, Miss. 7 p.m.
- Hispanic College Fund Classic -
Fri. Nov. 17 vs. Fairfield Hartford, Conn. TBA
Sat. Nov. 18 vs. Central Arkansas Hartford, Conn. TBA
Sun. Nov. 19 at Connecticut Hartford, Conn. TBA
Wed. Nov. 22 Tennessee Tech Oxford, Miss. 7 p.m.
Fri. Nov. 24 Nicholls State Oxford, Miss. 7 p.m.
Thurs.Nov. 30 New Orleans Oxford, Miss. 7 p.m.
Sat. Dec. 9 at Memphis Memphis, Tenn. TBA
Tues. Dec. 12 Louisiana-Monroe Oxford, Miss. 7 p.m.
Sat. Dec. 16 at South Alabama Mobile, Ala. TBA
Tues. Dec. 19 UIC Oxford, Miss. 7 p.m.
Fri. Dec. 22 Alabama A&M Oxford, Miss. 7 p.m.
Sat. Dec. 30 at Saint Louis St. Louis, Mo. TBA
Sat. Jan. 6 Kentucky* Oxford, Miss. TBA
Wed. Jan. 10 at Mississippi State* Starkville, Miss. 7 p.m.
Sat. Jan. 13 Arkansas* Oxford, Miss. TBA
Wed. Jan. 17 at LSU* (COX - Tape Delay) Baton Rouge, La. 7 p.m.
Sat. Jan. 20 at Florida* (LFS) Gainesville, Fla. 1 p.m. ET
Wed. Jan. 24 Tennessee* Oxford, Miss. 7 p.m.
Sat. Jan. 27 at Vanderbilt* (LFS) Nashville, Tenn. Noon
Tues. Jan. 30 Mississippi State* (ESPN) Oxford, Miss. 6 p.m.
Sat. Feb. 3 at Auburn* Auburn, Ala. 1 p.m.
Sat. Feb. 10 Alabama* Oxford, Miss. TBA
Wed. Feb. 14 LSU* (LFS) Oxford, Miss. 7 p.m.
Sat. Feb. 17 at Arkansas* Fayetteville, Ark. TBA
Wed. Feb. 21 Georgia* Oxford, Miss. 7 p.m.
Sat. Feb. 24 at South Carolina* Columbia, S.C. TBA
Wed. Feb. 28 at Alabama* Tuscaloosa, Ala. 7 p.m.
Sat. Mar. 3 Auburn* Oxford, Miss. TBA
Mar. 8-11 SEC Tournament (LFS/CBS) Atlanta, Ga.

It Appears

It appears that Ole Miss signee Rory Johnson has passed his class. By all accounts I have read Johnson has passed whatever type class he was taking and should be with the Rebels late this week or early next week. Key word: SHOULD

Monday, August 14, 2006

There is Some Good News from Telesouth

JACKSON, Miss. - Steve Davenport, President of TeleSouth Communications, the rights holder for Ole Miss sports, announced Monday that his company has concluded a deal with Comcast Cable that will allow fans in the southeast to view a full game replay of Ole Miss football games this fall.
"This will be the first time in a number of years that a full game replay of the games will be available on cable TV," Davenport said. "With Comcast buying a number of cable systems from Time Warner, the replay of Ole Miss games will be available to over a million homes in the Southeast, including recently acquired cable systems in Jackson, Miss., and Memphis, Tenn."
The full game replay will air Sundays at 1:00 p.m. (Central). One exception to the weekly schedule is the Memphis game, which will be played on Sunday afternoon, Sept. 3, and carried nationally by ESPN at 3:30. The replay of the Ole Miss-Memphis game will be on Friday, Sept. 8 at Noon.

Media Days

Ole Miss held its media days today. There were several good quotes from today's press conference, but this is by far my favorite from Coach O:

Q: With all the tailbacks you have, do you like the running back-by-committee approach, or would you rather have that one 30-carry-a-game guy?

A: There is no committee here. The best player is going to run the football.

The entire press conference can be read here:

A Few Notes

I am in Atlanta for three weeks so I will be reading the Atlanta Journal Constiution and provide this blog with insights from the SEC East an area I rarely look at. I consider the AJC a pretty good newspaper and usually give Ole Miss some good stories every now and then. I will post if they come up

Ole Miss defensive lineman Peria Jerry is rumored to have a broken hand. While this has not been officially reported, it is widely known among those that read the internet that he is hurt. This should not be that big of a deal and he should be ready for the Memphis game. Now if we could just get the other Jerry ready for the Memphis game.

Also David Traxler is hurt, many on this forum know David personally. He was evidently trampled on in practice and rolled over his knee and leg. Not sure of the prognosis on Trax, maybe someone in Oxford can fill us in on how he is.

The Ole Miss men's basketball schedule is expected to be out tomorrow. Expect some ups and downs in this schedule. The Rebels will be playing respectable teams like UCONN, Memphis, South Alabama, but will also be playing every sectional school in Louisiana as well as Mississippi Valley State. I have yet to make up my mind if I will be pulling for the Rebels or my Delta Devils.

Also I have heard that the floor at Tad Smith is going to be redone before this season. I really do not understand this, as the floor was just redone several years ago when the coliseum was revamped. I was hoping they would spend the money in other places in the Tad Pad that needed more work than the floor did.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Another Blog To Look At

I have come upon this blog and recommend it to the everyone here. I am not sure if this guy is an Ole Miss guy or not, but he has some stuff about the Rebels on there as well as some good clips from the Egg Bowl. I could watch that clip for days and days and still be amazed. When you have a few minutes take a look.

The Official Report

Here is a portion of the official report from the SID office on the scrimmage that took place on Saturday. I did not go and do not know anyone that went, so if anyone went I would love your comments on it.

OXFORD, Miss. - In front of a sizable crowd at Vaught-Hemingway Stadium, the Ole Miss football team held its first scrimmage of the fall preseason on Saturday, which was also the Rebels' first practice in full pads.
With the first, second and third-team offenses and defenses squaring off against each other in a variety of yardage situations, the Rebel rushing and passing attacks held the upper-hand for much of the afternoon session.
Junior tailback Hiram White led the ground game with 104 yards rushing and two touchdowns on 11 carries, while junior transfer Bruce Hall carried 16 times for 102 yards and four TDs and freshman Cordera Eason had 14 carries for 68 yards and a score.
The passing game was led by first-team junior transfer quarterback Brent Schaeffer, who completed 11-of-20 passes for 145 yards and three touchdowns on the afternoon.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Word On The Street

The word on the street is that Cobra security has been releived of their duties at athletic events on campus. A company from the midwest that handles security at the forum in Memphis is rumored to be taking over. While I understand there is a need for security at games,Cobra took it to far. When the company started they had no experience in game day/athletic sporting event security management. It appears we have stepped it up and contracted a legit company. While it will probably be the same red necks employed, hopefully the powers that be will educate this security staff better than Cobra did. It seemed like Cobra was always out to be seen, for example fifteen guards coming onto the court blocking the views of others at a basketball game when their are a hundred people in the stands. We needed a change to someone who specializes in this field and we made the change. Will it work out? We will know in three weeks.

Opening It Up

Coach O announced yesterday that the Rebels would be having an open practice this Saturday. A scrimmage is also expected thid weekend. This will be the first time in fall camp the Rebels have had a full padded scrimmage. I would love for someone in the Oxford area to go and give us a full report.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

As Expected

Several internet sites are reporting that Ole Miss signee Aubrey McPhadden will not qualify to enroll at the University. This is no new shocker, but the thing that surprises me is that one site is reporting he will go to the College of Sequoias in California. I would love for the Rebels to establish a relationshpip with a school on the west coast. This would get us some good exposure out there. McPhadden will have two years of eligibility left after completing this season at the College of Sequoias and could even be a December signee. Hopefully things will work out and McPhadden will be in Oxford come the end of this semester.

Are You Serious??

This looks like something that belongs at The Valley or Greenwood High School. What is this guy doing, he looks bigger than some of the lineman in the SEC. He went all out with the gloves and knee braces. I would have loved to see what he looked like in full pads head to toe. This is one of the more interesting stunts I have ever heard of coaches pulling.

(ClarionLedger) STARKVILLE — After a one day absence, Mississippi State coach Sylvester Croom returned to practice this morning.
He did so with quite a bit of fanfare.Through the first practice period, Croom was not present, and it appeared he was going to miss another session.He said he did not attend either of the team's two practices on Tuesday because of a dental emergency. But five minutes into the second period, Croom's assistant Brad Pendergrass drove a golf cart onto the middle of the practice field, as players stopped and watched. From the back of the cart jumped a "player" wearing a red cross jersey signifying an injury, shoulder pads and a helmet.Turns out, it was Croom. "Just like all the other players, if you miss practice, you have to wear a red cross jersey," Croom said. "I was surprised that I was able to get out there in drills so long without someone knowing who I was."Practice paused for a few minutes as players could not stop pointing, laughing, and head-butting their coach."Get your mouthpiece in coach!" one player yelled."Buckle your chin strap!" said another.After 20 minutes of running from station to station in uniform and even participating in some drills, Croom took off his garb and coached the rest of practice."That was the funniest thing I've ever seen in my life," senior receiver Omarr Conner said. "Hilarious."

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Mike Espy The Pledge

Former Ole Miss WR and NFL rookie, Mike Espy, paying his dues for the Washington Redskings. This is kindof like the stuff that goes on at the Sigma Chi House, except they use golf clubs and pledges are laying down.

POGO Is Ok and Recovering

Some of you might have heard my dad was in a one car wreck today. He is ok, but is in the hospital in Greenwood overnite to monitor several things. It will take him a little while to recover though. For those of you that have not heard, we believe he was on his way to Cleveland,MS and not sure what happened to cause the wreck. He was on a rural road and luckily one of his friends just happened to drive up and find him. His friend could not believe the site of the car. He would have been really hurt if he had not been wearing his seatbelt, but thankfully he was. Hopefully he will be back to the board before weeks end.

(12:00am Thursday) He has been moved to UAB where doctors have done some tests. Expect to put balloon or stint in artery to clear up blockage.Hope to be out of hospital on Saturday and either home then or Sunday.

Another Rebel With The Saints

Former Ole Miss star linebacker Nate Wayne has signed a free agent deal with the New Orleans Saints today.
Wayne, a 6-foot, 237-pound linebacker, had a tryout with the team after this morning’s practice and joined the defense in full pads for the afternoon workout. Terms of Wayne’s deal were not immediately available. The Saints were in need of linebacker depth with the retirement of projected starter Anthony Simmons and injuries to backups Tommy Polley and Cie Grant. Wayne has 448 career tackles in eight seasons with the Denver Broncos, Green Bay Packers, Philadelphia Eagles and Detroit Lions. He played in five games with the Lions last season — a low since his rookie season — with 13 tackles.

Monday, August 07, 2006

What's Up With NCAA and Hargrave

Scott McKinney reported on his radio show this afternoon that LSU signee Keiland Williams was denied entry by the NCAA. Williams was also recruited by the Rebels and was rumored to be signing with Ole Miss. The big deal about this story IF TRUE is that this could mean bad news for Jarrell Powe. Powe was a teammate of Williams at Hargrave Academy. Is the NCAA cracking down on Hargrave? Is this story true? How will this affect Jarrell? I don't have the answers now, but expect them over the next couple of days.

As Reported

(Clarion Ledger) Former Ole Miss standout Todd Wade worked out for the New Orleans Saints coaching staff this morning and will try to parlay the tryout into a spot on the roster.
Wade underwent a physical exam, did some conditioning drills and worked out with a heavy bag at the end of the Saints morning practice at Millsaps College.The 6-foot-8, 317-pound offense tackle was released by the Houston Texans last month, two years into a six-year, $30 million contract he signed after playing his first four season with the Miami Dolphins.Saints coach Sean Payton hinted over the weekend that some help for his inexperienced, injury-plagued offensive line might be on the way this week. Payton said today he will evaluate Wade's workout and decide soon whether to sign the former Jackson Prep star to a free-agent contract."We worked him out this morning and we'll see," Payton said. "We gave him a physical early on, went through all of his measurables and the workout might have been 15 minutes. We were trying to make sure that he's healthy."

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Football Ramblings

Football practice began in Oxford this weekend. Since practices are closed there will not be much reporting on my end throughout the year concerning the happenings during practice. The post practice press conferences are not going to be too informative. Coach O is just going to call out the guys that he can remember who did good. So I will not be posting on practice facts too often.

Still waiting on Jarrell Powe and Rory Johnson. Rory will get in and should be in the next couple of days. The same can not be said about Powe, while I do believe he will eventually get in, it might take a while. It is all in the NCAA hands and waiting on a decision from their end.

Ramblings sources in Oxford this weekend is that former Rebel standout Todd Wade might be in talks with a certain NFL team many Ole Miss diehards are also fans of. And a team that could use some help on the offensive line. Could be a good thing for fans and himself if he winds up with them. The real question is, is he healthy.

The Commercial Appeal ran several stories on the Rebels today. Yet another great story on Patrick Willis and the struggles he has overcome. The story takes a look at Willis childhood and his life in Bruceton, TN. Here is the link,1426,MCA_478_4897480,00.html

Speaking of Basketball Schedule

I just returned from Mobile this weekend, and read in the paper down there where Ole Miss will be playing in the Coors Light Classic in December around the 16th. Ole Miss will be playing against South Alabama. Also playing against in the tournament will be Arkansas and Southern Mississippi. I plan to head to Mobile for this game and hope other Rebels do also.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Ole Miss to Play in Minneapolis

I find this intersting. No one can get there basketball schedule out, yet Arkansas has there baseball season already lined up.

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — Arkansas' baseball team will travel to Minneapolis next March to play a tournament at the Metrodome.
The Razorbacks announced their 57-game schedule Thursday. Included is the Dairy Queen Classic from March 2-4 at the Metrodome, home of the Minnesota Twins.
Arkansas will face Ole Miss — another Southeastern Conference team — on March 2. The next night, the Razorbacks face tournament host Minnesota. Arkansas plays The Citadel on March 4.

That A Boy Trusty

Here is a post from Trusty's chat with CBS Sportsline basketball guru Gary Parrish:

Have you heard any Ole Miss basketball recruiting news? I thought Andy Kennedy got a couple of pretty solid players this spring. I was just curious if you had seen him on the AAU circuit this summer or had any scoop.
I actually spoke with Andy on Wednesday, and I do have a scoop. Your probable starting point guard, Seton Hall transfer Justin Cerasoli, has a broken hand (sorry it wasn't a positive scoop). He's out right now, but should be OK in time to start practice. Check my blog -- Parrish: The Thoughts -- for more details. On the bright side, at least your new quarterback doesn't have a broken hand. And he's finally on campus!

Former Reb Joins Staff

OXFORD, Miss. - Ole Miss head baseball coach Mike Bianco announced on Friday that former Rebel centerfielder Matt Mossberg has joined the Ole Miss staff as an operations assistant.
"We are excited to have a former player and a guy who has meant a lot to this program come back and join us on staff," said Bianco. "I think Matt will be a great addition to the program."
Mossberg's responsibilities will include handling travel and budget as well as other day-to-day responsibilities.
"It is a great opportunity," said Mossberg. "My wife and I are very happy to be back in Oxford, close to so many friends. Career-wise it is a great opportunity to help achieve my goals. I am very excited to be able to work with my former coaches and teammates."
Mossberg comes to Ole Miss from Jefferson State Community College in Birmingham, Ala., where he served as an assistant coach during the 2006 season and helped lead the Pioneers to a 33-21 overall record. He also served as the Pioneers' recruiting coordinator and coached the infielders and catchers.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

The New Topic

Now that Schaeffer has arrived in Oxford there is a new story that will take over the internet world. That is the status of Jerrell Powe. Powe whose eligibilty became questionable as of late is not on the Oxford campus. He has returned home to his family in Waynesboro. This is not good news for the Rebel faithful. Many have questioned what is holding Powe up. Is it the NCAA Clearinghouse, the SEC, our own adminstration. The SEC is a good possiblity as they have begun to rule on player eligibility in question. There could also be some schools out there that are jealous and claim to have some recruiting questions.

I predict he will eventually get in Ole Miss if he does not jump ship before then. Do I think he will be at practice next week? No, but he will make it eventually. No one really knows who is holding up the equation. But if it is the NCAA holding this up, there is no excuse. They have had this case for several months, it is not fair to Powe no matter what school he was trying to get into. We do have some Waynesboro insight on the blog, maybe we can get some scoop.

The Eagle Has Landed

The famed quarterback that all Ole Miss fans were on hands and knees worrying about has made it to campus. He moved into Deaton Hall today along with the rest of the team who will be staying there through fall camp(which I find interesting in its own way). Brent Schaeffer says that he is ready to meet his teammates and get back in the SEC.

OXFORD, Miss. - Junior transfer quarterback Brent Schaeffer was among the 103 Ole Miss football players - returnees, 2006 signees and walk-ons - that reported to campus Thursday for the start of preseason.
"I am excited about camp starting," said Rebel head coach Ed Orgeron. "I am excited for Brent, and I am excited for our football team. We felt confident that everything was going to work out and it did. Everybody was waiting for him, and it was good to see him."
Schaeffer, a First Team JUCO All-American at the College of Sequoias, shared his coach's excitement for beginning his Ole Miss career.
"I am anxious to meet all my teammates and get started," said Schaeffer, who spent his freshman season at Tennessee. "It feels good to be back in Division I and back in the Southeastern Conference. In the SEC, you know there is going to be competition week in and week out. You are playing against some of the best players in the country, and you have to work hard."

Reed Proving His Skills

MINNESOTA/ST. PAUL - Former Ole Miss Rebel Justin Reed re-signed with the NBA's Minnesota Timberwolves, as announced Wednesday by Vice President of Basketball Operations Kevin McHale. Per team policy, terms of the deal were not disclosed.
"Justin showed us that he is a tough competitor on both ends of the floor last season," McHale said. "He is a player who can defend and has a nose for the basket."
Minnesota made a qualifying offer to Reed, a restricted free agent, on June 30, which allowed the team a "right of first refusal" that enabled it to match any offer made to the free agent by another team.

Had To Happen

While this is not too surprising to many, it would not have surprised me if Patt Patterson and the Board of Alderman decided against this. If they can do it for a football game they should do it every Sunday. This is one of the few decisions that Ole Miss fans and Oxford residents will agree with the Board of Alderman over. If they only would have elected Yoste.

OXFORD — The Oxford Board of Aldermen has approved an exception to its ban on Sunday alcohol sales - liquor can be sold only when there's a University of Mississippi football game that day.
John Currence, owner of City Grocery restaurant, asked the board on Tuesday to allow that alcohol be served on Sept. 3 because it is the date of the first Ole Miss home game.
The game against the University of Memphis was changed from its usual Saturday kickoff to Sunday so it could be televised on ESPN.
"We are concerned what this Sunday means for our business," Currence said. "We've had numerous New Year's Eve's, New Year's and Valentine's Day that have fallen on Sundays and the board has always been cooperative.
Assistant Police Chief Mike Martin told the board that a game on Sunday wouldn't create more problems than a Saturday game.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

No Posts Today or Tomorrow

Will be out of town, back on Thursday, Schaeffer supposedly will be here by then.