Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Another One Bites the Dust

It is all but official, Matt Luke will be joining his former boss David Cutcliffe at Ole Miss. Luke, the former Rebel tight end coach, will probably be taking the same job at UT. It appears Luke was just fed up with the work load Coach O puts on his staff. Evidently Coach O makes them work extremely long hours all the time and as a newly wed he just can't handle it. I wish him the best, I always liked Matt and liked having a Rebel on the coaching staff.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Not Exactly Gone

Coach Ed Orgeron announced today that Offensive Coordinator Noel Mazzone would be relieved of his duties from the football team. He also announced Mazzone would remain on staff with the athletic department. No other comments were made about the position Mazzone would have within the U.M.A.A.

I have no idea what Mazzone's day to day job will be like. Walker Jones is already assistant athletic director for football operations. I hope Pete Boone will comment about this in the near future.

Orgeron did not make many comments about who his new assistant would be. However he did say he believes it will not be Lane Kiffin or Steve Sarkisian because of their ties to the west coast. He believes they want to stay there and not come down south.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Rebels Join Century Club

The Ole Miss basketball team defeated the Centenary Gentlemen last night 107-67. While the Gentlemen were not that good, I was impressed with the way we played. We passed the ball well and shot about 67%. It was good to see Clarence Sanders play for the first time. He is a street baller who has a very ugly shot, but it goes in. He managed 17 points for the Rebels. It is obvious the Rebels need Dewayne Curtis to play, he led the Rebels with 21 points and crashed the boards hard. Todd Abernathy also had 16 for the Rebels. Ole Miss returns to the court on Tuesday to take on LA-Monroe.

A Sad State of Affairs

Ole Miss was defeated by MSU in the 2005 Egg Bowl, in a game that was pretty much dominated by MSU. This is the first time MSU defeated the Rebels in four years. The Maroons defeated Ole Miss strictly on a ground attack led by Jarious Norwood. Norwood ran all over the Rebels for the majority of the day.

Offense: The Ole Miss offense picked up where they left off with LSU. Ethan started the game with a touchdown but then became Flatt for the rest of his tenure. Flatt was replaced by Spurlock midway through the first half. Spurlock ignited the Rebels for a touchdown before the end of the second quarter, but that was all the senior from Indianola could do. Interceptions play a major role in the Bulldog domination of the Rebels. Also the Rebels were never able to gain good field position. A ground game was inexistant as no one could find a hole anywhere. The offense was just plain bad.

Defense: Never would I have ever dreamed this team would be dominated on the defensive front like they were on Saturday. The Bulldog offensive line was able to dominate the Ole Miss defensive line and linebackers. Holes were open all day for Norwood to run through. The one bright spot in our season all year long has been the defense. They really let their team and fans down.

What lies ahead for the Ole Miss football team is unknown. Before we can to think about recruiting new players, we must recruit those that are currently involved with the program. We need to clean house and only have players that are dedicated to the program and where it is going. We do know some coaches will be gone. Mazzone is for sure and it looks like Matt Luke might be joining Cutcliffe at UT. One thing is definate, CHANGES WILL AND NEED TO BE MADE.

I will try and post some thoughts on this throughout the week. A press conference is scheduled for 10:30 tomorrow.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Can't We All Just Get Along

As much division as there is out there in the Ole Miss fan base right now, you would think we have not won a game in ten years. While our record is nowhere near where it needs to be. We need to stop all this bickering and focus on one game tomorrow. After that we can speculate on what needs to change to make this a better game.

I wish there would be more Ole Miss fans than State fans at the game on Saturday, but I know this will not happen. People need to realize that the season is not over. We have one more game left and one of the most, if not the most important game of the season. I know Starkville is not an apealling place to visit, but you do not have to stay long. So if you are in driving distance of Starkville on Saturday, please show up and cheer for the Rebels. What else do you have to do at 1:30 in the afternoon on Saturday. See you all in Starkville.

Writer's Block.........I Don't Think So

It appears there is a media campaign these days to trash Coach O and the Ole Miss football team.

It first begin's with our favorite Neal McReady and his article concerning the Mazzone firing. We all know McReady, it seems like I report something he writes about once a month. I would love to meet this guy and give him a piece of my mind, and if I ever run into my former Comp teacher, his mom, I just might tell her what I think of him also.
Read his article here:

The next article is from the Commercial Appeal. This article tells it how it is about both MSU and Ole Miss. It is a pretty in depth article about the rivalry and the current state of the teams. It can be read here:,1426,MCA_478_4265646,00.html

Finally the scoop is that our beloved Michael Wallace will be running an article in the Clarion Ledger in the near future concerning Coach O and his players. Possibly focusing on black athletes. I do not know when this article will be appearing I just came across people talking about it on the OMSpirit, whenever it appears I do not think it will be good P.R. for the Rebs.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

One Possible Candidate

Below is a candidate for O.C. that is being thrown around. I think this would be a good choice. He already has connections with Coach O and Deleone from his days at Syracuse. He has coached some pretty famous QB's.

Kevin Rogers, who played a major role in the development of quarterback Donovan McNabb at Syracuse, is beginning his fourth season as the quarterbacks coach at Virginia Tech.
The 2005 season marks Rogers' 27th year as a full-time coach on the collegiate level. He served as an offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach at both Syracuse and Notre Dame before joining the Tech staff in January 2001.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Your U.P.D. at Work

by Shea Stewart
Oxford Town editor
Appeared in today's Oxford Eagle

I was calmly escorted out of Vaught-Hemingway Stadium late in the first quarter of Ole Miss’ lopsided 40-7 loss against LSU by an armed University Police Department officer.The whole way down the ramp to the east gates of the stadium I was smiling, laughing and shaking my head over the utterly ridiculous reason why I was leaving the stadium ushered by an UPD officer. I was not being forced to leave per se but was leaving the stadium by my own accord.I was not drunk.I was not drinking or smoking.I had not been cursing.I was not participating in any illegal activity whatsoever inside the stadium.My crime? I was simply standing. That’s it. That’s all. I was being a good, die-hard fan and standing with my weathered red pom-pom in hand cheering on my beloved Rebels in what proved to be a futile effort.I had been standing the whole game in my assigned spot — Section L, Row 26, Seat 25 where my season tickets are on the east side of the stadium. With the walkway directly behind me, and what I — and any sane person — would perceive to be plenty of space to see over me, I figured I was OK. It is a football game after all, and a bitter rivalry game at that, so I was standing and cheering along with a handful of Ole Miss Rebel fans and thousands of LSU Tiger fans. Apparently though it was not good enough for the thirty-something LSU couple behind me.With about a minute left in the first quarter, and still some hope that the Rebels could hang tight if only they improved their field position, an usher approached.The conversation went like this:Usher: “Sir, would you mind sitting down so these people can see?”Me: “Are you serious? This is a football game.”Usher: “I was asked by these people to tell you to sit down.” Me: “You are really not serious, are you? This is a football game. Am I not allowed to stand and cheer for my team?”Usher: “These people asked me to get you to sit down. Will you please sit down?” Me: “I tell you what. You get those people to ask me nicely to sit down, and I will sit down.”Usher: “How about I get this gentleman (motioning to a rather large UPD officer) here to make you sit down?”(At this time, it was the end of the quarter so the commotion is not causing any fans to miss the game. My girlfriend also was asking me to sit down, but I am a man of principle so I stuck to my guns and the officer came over to me.)Me: “You are not serious are you?”Officer: “Sir, you need to sit down right now.”Me: “This is a football game. Am I not allowed to stand and cheer?”Officer: “You can sit down here and watch the game or we will take you out and you can try to watch the game from outside. I promise you, the view is much better from in here.”Another UPD officer had surrounded me at this time along with another “deputized” police officer, but my mind was racing. Should I be a docile fan and sit? Should I give up the fight? Should I be a sheep? Should I let a couple of LSU fans dictate the environment in which I can enjoy my favorite team in my favorite sport? Then, right as I was in the midst of considering all these thoughts, a voice came booming out the wilderness.Officer: “SIR! You can sit down or we will take you out of the stadium.”Me: “Well, I guess I better leave then.”The bigger officer motioned to another officer to escort me out. I asked my girlfriend to go down a section and sit with a group of friends, and I got up and started walking out of Vaught-Hemingway Stadium for the last time with my head hung high, but my love of Ole Miss sinking low.Is this what it has come to? Have we sunk so low as a society and a school that we cannot stand and support our team? I wanted to scream in the freaking officer’s face and tell him, the weakling little usher and the two LSU fans that we were watching a football game —although it resembled a slow, gruesome slaying. You are suppose to stand. You are suppose to cheer. You are suppose to be involved. Football might be the best of all spectator sports, but it is a lot more enjoyable when you throw all your emotions on the line.Being forced to leave a football game between Ole Miss and LSU, in Vaught-Hemingway Stadium, because of two LSU fans complaining about me standing is a sham, a travesty and a out-right disgrace. The usher who asked me to leave was clueless, and the cop is a bully. The two LSU fans can go ... well, you know where they can go.Also, did Ole Miss not sell hundreds of standing-room-only tickets? Where was that section? Could the police officer and usher not direct me to that section? No, I know Ole Miss. They had my money already so they could care less about what transpired afterward.Of course, as a member of the “T-shirt and cap” crowd as certain higher ups at Ole Miss would describe me, I guess I can expect no better. It is apparent Ole Miss does not care about me or fans of my ilk. We are the sheep mindlessly following the shepherd. Well, no more for me. I have been burned once but will not be burned again by the powers that be.I am not a big-money donor, giving what I can to the Loyalty Foundation, but I am a 2000 graduate of the University of Mississippi, a season-ticket holder, and a knowledgeable fan any school would die to have. Since 1999, I have missed a grand total of six games out of 82 — home, road and bowl. I have journeyed to Jonesboro, Ark., Lexington, Ky., Lubbock, Texas, Laramie, Wyo., Columbia, S.C., Knoxville, Tenn., and all points in between.I don’t want an apology from UPD. The usher? Forget him. My message is simple:To Chancellor Robert Khayat, Athletic Director Pete Boone and Loyalty Foundation President George Smith:A little piece of this dedicated and devoted Ole Miss Rebel fan’s soul was stripped out and stomped on Saturday night. I will not be reordering my season tickets, and I will be canceling my Loyalty Foundation membership and my Ole Miss Alumni Association membership. It was fun, but the fun is over.I realize at Ole Miss the only time we are suppose to stand and cheer is when the band plays “Dixie.” I’m sorry for being out of line and being unruly by simply standing and supporting my team. If I come back to a football game at Ole Miss I will watch it from the Grove where I have satellite television and no one can tell me to sit down and not cheer.But maybe my services would be more welcomed at a different school, a school which actually wins and treats its fans with a little honor, appreciation and grace.Thank you.If there are other loyal Ole Miss fans out there who have been so humiliated, perhaps you should think about whether Ole Miss is treating you with the esteem you deserve. Perhaps we all should.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Weekend Wrap-Up in Bball

The Rebels took two out of three this weekend in New Mexico. The lone loss came to the Lobos on Saturday night(quite possibly the worst day in Ole Miss sports history). The Rebels were literally destroyed by New Mexico. The biggest dissapointment was the fact Dewayne Curtis fouled out and only scored like one point. It is clear this guy is going to be a foul machine and we are going to have to keep him under control. However, he did rebound for a good performance on Sunday afternoon scoring double digits. The Rebels scoring machine Clarence Sanders did not play this weekend. It is clear we are going to need him if we are going be a decent team.

Just Plain Bad

I am not going to break this game down. For the main reason, there is nothing to break down on our side. We are just plain bad and LSU is good. I figured going into the game it would be bad, but I did not figure it would have been this bad.

It was confirmed today that Noel Mazzone was fired by Coach O as the offensive coordinator. Who will replace him, I have no idea, but I sure hope it is not John Fourcade or Bobby Herbert as those are the two names that are mentioned. Surely there is a quarterbacks coach out there that is ready to be an offensive coordinator from a big name college. My other question is where is the money coming from? Mazzone is still under contract for 2 years for $500,00. We must pay him and another coordinator when he is hired. I have no clue which alum will finance this move.

The future of Ole Miss football is extremely up in the air. Not knowing the offensive coordinator or which players if any will return is going to be a challenge. I hope Dr. Khayat has a plan cause so far it has not worked out well.

The Bullfrauds are next, possibly tow of the worst teams in the country will meet for the season finally this Saturday. The cowbells will be illegally ringing and Croom will try to pull his troops together for a lone SEC victory. See you in Starkville.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Who Bets This Was Us???

RUSTON -- Tulane football coach Chris Scelfo, in an article that appeared on CBS on Wednesday, said some of his players have been contacted about transferring out of the Green Wave's program. Scelfo would not elaborate on the article following the team's practice Wednesday. "I'm not talking to nobody today. I'm not in a good mood, and you can quote me on that," Scelfo said as he got into his golf cart and drove away. Efforts to reach Scelfo later through Tulane's media relations contact were unsuccessful. However, sources close to the Green Wave program said the incident Scelfo was referring to took place recently. They said contact was made by "an assistant coach from an SEC school." They would not identify the school. In the article, Scelfo was quoted as saying: "In the worst natural disaster in the history of the United States, you've got to stoop pretty low to do that. You're lower than dirt. "I have reported them to the proper people," he continued. "I'm not going to tolerate that. There's people in our business that don't belong in our business." Word of schools attempting to contact Tulane players following Hurricane Katrina surfaced shortly after the team fled to Jackson, Miss., and then to Dallas before relocating at Louisiana Tech in the second week of September. During that time, the team's season was in jeopardy. Tulane (2-6, 1-4 C-USA) is mired in a five-game losing streak. It plays at Rice on Saturday. Tulane athletic director Rick Dickson said he reported the incident in September to the NCAA, which took a hard stance against other schools positioning themselves to try to raid the Green Wave's football team. During the past few weeks, there has been speculation about the Tulane athletic department's financial situation, which is said to be so bad that there is a possibility it might have to drop football. Dickson said that option has not been discussed by the university. Attempts to reach Dickson, who was traveling Wednesday evening, were unsuccessful.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

South Carolina Joins Mississippi State


The NCAA placed the University of South Carolina on three years probation for infractions involving the football program.South Carolina admitted to 10 NCAA violations committed under former football coach Lou Holtz in a report released in July. The NCAA added a penalty against the former senior associate AD, whose activities were central to the case.
Five of the violations were classified as major.The school proposed two years of probation, a reduction from 56 to 50 paid campus visits for football recruits this year and next; and a loss of two football scholarships for the 2006-07 and 2007-08 academic years. The NCAA accepted the school's self-imposed penalties, but added a year of probation.
The July report was prepared jointly by the NCAA enforcement staff and the university and has been forwarded to the NCAA's Committee on Infractions, which can accept, reject or modify the proposed penalties.The school found violations occurred when prospective student-athletes were given impermissible tutoring sessions and offseason workouts from 1999-2002.
South Carolina was also found to have a lack of institutional control.
"These are serious violations that are not in keeping with the values of the University of South Carolina and our athletics programs," University President Andrew Sorensen said in July. "They certainly cast our university in a light, which no one in the Carolina family condones.

The Type of News I Like to Hear

ESPN has already bosted its famous Bracketology for this year. It appears the new look Rebels have caught the eye of someone at ESPN. While the Rebels were not listed in the field of 64 they were considered for Bracketology. The Rebel basketball team was listed under those just missing the tourney. While I was not going to go that far with my prediction of this year's team, I will say I am glad ESPN took notice. Don't believe me? Follow this link.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Another One Bites the Dust

It appears Ole Miss has lost another football player. It was announced today at practice that RB Alan Abrams is leaving the Rebel football team immediately. This is the second time this year that Abrams quit the team. I do not really blame him. He got very few carries this year and will probably get even less next year with Ben Jarvus Green Ellis coming in to the picture. Alan was one of the few Rebels on the team many of us could talk to and hang out with, he was pretty popular with the students. I wish Alan the best of luck wherever he goes.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Droppin Like Flies

Keeping with tradition of the 2005 Ole Miss football team, three more players have quit the football team. It is being rumored that Donte Reed, Leron King, and Milton Collins have both left the Rebel football team. I predict this is the beginning of at least 5 Rebels that will leave the team before Spring Training. I do not have a problem with people quitting. If they do not want to be here, I would rather them leave than to stay around and bad mouth coaches and players while currently on the team.

Sunday, November 13, 2005


I will not have much to say about this game except that I was very dissapointed in the effort. I truly believed all season until the third quarter we would be in some second-rate bowl, but a bowl at that. Man was I wrong. I am not jumping ship on the Coach O era like half of the Rebel faithful better yet make that two thirds of Rebel fans, but I will admit I was dissapointed in the effort this season and this game. Arkansas came into town and looked like they were going to get beat, until they turned it around in the second half and outscored the Rebs 21 to 3, going on to win 28-17.

Offense: The absence of Mico McSwain hurt the Rebels who only managed 1o yards rushing. Ethan Flatt had a decent day throwing for over 300 yards but two costly interceptions helped develop the outcome as one was returned for a touchdown. Robert Lane managed to rack up 116 yards and proves he belongs on the field somewhere. The second half offense basically was non-existant.

Defense: A tale of two stories. The Rebel D was able to hold one of the nations best rushing teams to only 89 yards but allowed a freshman QB to throw all over them. The front four played well, I really liked the play of Corvelli Haynes. As for the secondary, if I've said it once I've said it a thousand times. Ole Miss has never had a decent secondary in my lifetime, and as far as I'm concerned we never will. They are just plain awful.

I agree with Charles Clark in his post game comments on questioning the coaching staff as to why no half time adjustments were made. It appeared only the Arkansas coaching staff knew that halftime was for making adjustments.

Many on the team and in the stands blamed alot of the loss on McKinley Boykin whose unsportsman like conduct turned the momentum in the game. I just watched the highlights and this penalty was nothing special. Nine out of ten times the referee lets this slide. It is ashame a stupid play like this changes the momentum of the game. I hated to see this happen, for I believe he has turned his game around recently.

Now that there is no bowl game to play for, we have our pride to fight for. The Tigers will come into town red hot. They ruined our season two years ago, so whataya say we ruin theirs. The worse thing that could happen is if Ole Miss fans do not even show up for the game on Saturday, its college football and one of the best rivalries in the nation, if you are a fan you will be there. As for now GEAUX TO HELL LSU.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Roundballers Open Up Doors

The Ole Miss Men's Basketball team opened its doors to students this afternoon by letting them attend practice and have a small meet and greet afterwards. I attended for a little over an hour. The make up of this team is different than any other we have had since I am been in school and the best looking since the good days of the late 90's. Our size is going to be an advantage, with guys like Dewayne Curtis, Jeremy Parnell, and Marquis Young down low it will help us out. The past several years we have not had the presence of a true big man down low.

Practice was very fundamental today. Not much scrimmaging, alot of teaching. I like seeing Rod work the team on their strategy among other things. Most of the practice was spent going over a variety of offensive plays. The one thing I have been critical about over the years has been the inbounds play, well we have found a couple this year. We dedicated a good bit of time today working on some different plays, so I hope to see them this season.

Afterwards Rod and the captains spoke to those in attendance. They all seem fired up about the season. Time was then spent interacting with the team and coaches in the lobby of the Tad Pad. The coaches were all very nice to the students and introduced us personally to all the players. Most of the players are new and seem real fired up about the season and plan on doing good things this season. I left the Tad Pad in good spirits knowing this team really wants to turn things around and make it the way it used to be. First exhibition is tomorrow at 7:00 against SpringHill College.

Possible Devastation

Ole Miss message boards are lighting up this morning with possible devastating news. It appears the entire Rebel linebacking core is injured. The most notable and severe injuries are to Patrick Willis and Gary Pack. Willis appears to have injured his foot/ankle again and Pack was some bruised or fractured ribs. Everything is unclear on these reports right now due to the fact of Coach Orgeron and his staff stance throughout the year on keeping quiet about injuries. If both of them are indeed hurt, it does not look good for the Rebels for the rest of the season.

I hate to second guess the head coach on this one because I am not fully informed on the situation. But if your number one player and All-American candidate is even slightly banged up, why do you have him dress out in practice. This late in the season players are not learning anything new, tackling and hitting drills are routine by now and do little to help the player improve. There is very little Willis could be taught or shown that would improve his game. Bottom line is if he was hurt just a little, there was no point in risking him in practice to further tweak the injury.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

My Thoughts on Practice

I attended my first practice today in quite a while. The main thing I noticed about practice were the number of people in blue jerseys due to injuries. I was hopeful the week off would help the team get better physically. It appears a few guys are back to normal but we still have several that have nagging injuries.

The other thing in practice that caught my attention a lot was the concentration of the passing game on Robert Lane from the tight end position. Ethan Flatt connected to Lane multiple times on a variety of routes in the 30 minutes I watched practice. Look for the Flatt-Lane connection to happen multiple times this weekend.

The kicking game looked consistent in practice. Matt Hinkle seems to have performed well all week long, I hope he can carry it over to the game.

It is all downhill from here. We can only take one game at a time no need to look ahead to LSU. We have to take care of business with the Hogs.

Rebs Pick-Up Signee

Rod Barnes had one of just a couple of signees for this year sign the dotted line to play basketball at Ole Miss beginning next year. Solomon Bozeman signed a letter of intent this morning. Bozeman is no stranger to the program, as his dad was a former assistant coach for the Rebels before taking a head coaching job at Southern Arkansas this year. Worldclassglass reported all of this earlier in the year so this is nothing new, it was just a matter of paperwork. I have attached the press release below.

The Rebels knowingly expect to sign one more player this year from Indiana.

OXFORD — Solomon Bozeman, the son of a former Ole Miss assistant coach, signed a letter of intent today to play basketball for the Rebels, the school announced.Bozeman, a 6-foot-1 guard from Magnolia, Ark., is the first player to sign during the fall period with coach Rod Barnes.Bozeman's father, Eric, was an Ole Miss assistant until last year, when he was named head coach at Southern Arkansas University in Magnolia.Bozeman averaged 25.1 points, 6.6 assists and 4.9 rebounds a game last season for Oxford High School."I've known him since he was probably 5 years old," Barnes said. "He grew up around the game and what it takes to compete at this level. Because of his father, he already understands what we're doing on offense and defense. I look forward to coaching him."

Archie on Sportscenter

For those of you that missed Archie on ESPN tonight I have copied a link below. It was pretty good and only last a few minutes. Dan Patrick grilled Archie on his sons on a variety of topics. Click the link below to check it out.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Is Wallace Out??

Grant Gannon of RebelGrove is reporting that the Clarion Ledger has a new beat writer. He says the new beat writer will be Robbie Neiswanger of the Morning News in Northwest Arkansas. Neiswanger currently covers University of Arkansas for that paper.

What Gannon does not clarify is if the new beat writer is going to be covering Ole Miss sports on a day to day basis. If he is going to be covering the Rebels this means one thing. Michael Wallace will no longer be writing about Ole Miss for the C-L. If this is true, I hope Neiswanger does not hang out at the police station waiting for someone to get booked like Wallace did.

Monday, November 07, 2005


It was announced today that the Ole Miss-L.S.U. game on November 19 will be a night game televised on an ESPN network. Kick-off will be at 6:45 on either ESPN or ESPN2, which will be determined at a later date. Of course our Sports Information Department only had one sentence in a press release included below. As opposed to the LSU S.I.D. who put out a special release for the event. Another area our S.I.D. slacked off of in my opinion compared to the LSU S.I.D. But anyway I think it is going to be a great atmosphere and releaved it will be at night. But we have to take care of the HOGS first.


It was also announced Monday that the Rebels last home game of the season against LSU on November 19th has been scheduled for 6:45 p.m. with either ESPN or ESPN2 televising the event.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

State Not Claiming Palmeiro???????

As I was watching WTVA News tonight with former MSU Quarterback Matt Wyatt as sports anchor, they began talking about the Mississippi State football game. They did a quick feature on a pregame ceremony on how State honored former baseball players for their financial contributions to the new athletic facilities on the Starkville campus. Among those present were former Bulldog and MLB greats Will Clark and Jeff Brantley. Who was noticeably absent was former star and major giver to the project Raphael Palmeiro. Neither WTVA nor several of the baseball players mentioned Palmeiro in their discussions. My question is, Is State going to strike Palmeiro from the books after he was one of the major givers to the facility project? It appears Palmeiro's latest P.R. debacle has caused him to fall off the radar in Starkville.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Ed Murphy Update

Mississippi State played West Georgia in a basketball exhibition game tongiht. In a story reported last year on Worldclassglass, Ed Murphy is the head basketball coach at West Georgia. Murphy formally coached at Ole Miss and led the Rebels to the SEC Championship game against Georgia in Orlando on a team dominated by Gerald Glass and Murphy's son Sean.

As reported by the Clarion Ledger, Murphy did not make the trip tonight due to the fact of a
successful lung surgery to remove a cancerous lesion last month.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Willis A Finalist

OXFORD — Ole Miss linebacker Patrick Willis was named a semifinalist Wednesday for the Chuck Bednarik Award, which goes to the nation's top college defensive player.Willis is one of 12 candidates for the award that will be presented Dec. 8 on ESPN. The 6-foot-2, 230-pound junior leads the nation in solo tackles per game, averaging 9.7 stops. He is ninth in the nation in total tackles (12.9 per game). Willis is having a breakout season despite playing through several injuries."It's a blessing (to be considered for the award), and I just thank my coaches, teammates and trainers who have been with me through all of these injuries," Willis said after Wednesday's practice. "A lot of people would hang their head and wait until next season until they're completely healed. But if I had done that, it would have been selfish on my part. I go out and give it my all for my coaches and teammates."
Willis was expecting another dose of good news on Wednesday. He was scheduled to have the broken middle finger on his right hand re-evaluated after practice. Willis has played the past four weeks with a heavily bandaged "club" to protect his hand.He expects to be cleared to play without the bandage when the Rebels (3-5, 1-4 SEC) host Arkansas (2-5, 0-4) on Nov. 12.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Mrs. Shaw

Men's Tennis Coach Billy Chadwick with Mrs. Eleanor Shaw

The Best Rebel Fan Ever

Below is an article about Mrs. Eleanor Shaw. Mrs. Shaw is the most dedicated Ole Miss fan I have ever met. You say stuff like that alot, but without a doubt she is. As a kid growing up and coming to basketball games, I always sat next to Mrs. Shaw in Seciton O row 3 seat 6 and 7. Without a doubt she was at everygame and always brought the cookies they are talking about in the article. I think she has had that same Ole Miss tin in the above picture for 50 years cause they are always in that tin also. She has seen all Ole Miss sports in the good and bad and has always supported them throughout the years. I am not sure what my Ole Miss basketball experience would be like without Mrs. Shaw. When basketball season starts in a couple of weeks, look for her in Section O she will be there with cookies in hand.

Embracing the fierce competition, she diligently watched the day, night and even holiday battles.
Absorbing the roaring of the crowds, she repeatedly anticipated the blow of the officials’ whistles. Through the years, she has demonstrated an unstoppable will to display school spirit. Ole Miss graduate Eleanor Shaw has been a loyal supporter of Ole Miss Athletics for more than 40 years.
Undeniably, 87-year-old Eleanor Shaw is no stranger to Ole Miss Athletics. She has faithfully attended Ole Miss athletic events since 1966, and she admits to not having a desire to slow down any time soon.
“Every year is good,” Shaw said. “It seems to get more exciting due to the coaches.’’
Shaw began a five-week hospital stay on Aug. 22. While in the hospital, she persuaded her doctor to allow her to attend an Ole Miss tennis tournament.
Her doctor agreed to let her leave the hospital for a few hours each day to attend the matches.
“She is possibly Ole Miss’ most loyal fan,” said men’s tennis head coach Billy Chadwick. She’s an inspiration to all of us.”
Shaw, who graduated in 1939, said she is a huge fan of several Ole Miss athletic programs such as tennis, baseball, softball, volleyball, track and field and men’s and women’s basketball.
“She really loves Ole Miss Athletics,” said Whitt Taber, assistant women’s tennis coach. “She tries to make it to every event she can.”
To many fans, coaches, and student-athletes, Eleanor Shaw is affectionately known as “Ms. Shaw.”
“She always brings cookies to every match and practices,” Taber said. “She is definitely a big part of our program.”
While she was recently attending a tennis tournament in Tunica, Shaw said a Vanderbilt University student-athlete addressed her as the “cookie lady.”
“The cookies are unbelievable,” Chadwick said. “They have produced many champions.”
Junior men’s tennis player Eric Claesson appreciates Shaw’s support for the men’s tennis program.
“She is great. I love everything about her,” Claesson said. “There’s only one problem: we eat too much of her cookies (during tournaments).”
Shaw, a member of the Mississippi Tennis Hall of Fame, began sharing her cookies during the late 1970s. She wanted to practice with then tennis coach Russell Blair.
Blair asked for some of her cookies in return. She has baked her famous mixture of oatmeal, coconut, raisin and chocolate chip ever since.
Senior men’s tennis player Juan Di Cesare acknowledged that Shaw’s cookies were not her only contribution to the men’s tennis program.
“Her presence reminds us of the history of the program. She has been here from the beginning. She is a symbol of how long people have been building to make this program into one of the top ten in the nation,” Di Cesare said.
A few years ago, Shaw completed a tennis career that extended over 70 years. She began playing tennis in 1931 at the age of 13. She won the Mississippi state high school singles tennis championship in 1935.
In 1937, Shaw teamed with the late Slew Hester, former president of the US Tennis Association, to win the mixed doubles division in a Mississippi tennis championship.
In 1984, 47 years later, she teamed with Hester’s son, Bill Hester, to win the same tournament.
She also won the Blue Grey Tournament singles division in 1949 in Montgomery, Ala.
At age 29, Shaw was ranked No.7 in the South. She was ranked No. 6 nationally in the 60s division in 1978.
She has also won several singles and double titles.
Shaw was named the female player of the year by the Mississippi Tennis Association in 1986 and 1992. In 1997 she teamed with Mildred Southern to win the Trustmark Southern Seniors Tournament at River Hill.
Head women’s basketball coach Carol Ross said no one knows more about the women’s basketball program than Shaw.
Ross said that during her two years as head coach of the Ole Miss Lady Rebels, Shaw has sat in the same seat that she sat in during Ross’s freshmen year as a student-athlete for the Lady Rebels.
“She is not just a booster or fan,” Ross said. “She is one of us. She has complete access to reunions, practices, camps, our arena and offices. She has complete access to our program.”
A native of North Carolina, Shaw competed in several women league sports while attending Belhaven College, Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College, Ole Miss and graduate school at the University of North Carolina.
While she was a student at the University of North Carolina, Shaw was a captain on the women’s basketball team.
During her career as a player and a spectator, Shaw has witnessed major progress toward the advancement of women athletics.
She recalled when women athletics were not apart of the NCAA, when they competed in intramural leagues and when women had to make their own uniforms and schedules.
“There was nothing organized, no coaches,” Shaw said.
She said she is pleased with the NCAA, which began administering women sports in 1980, for giving organization to women athletics.
Asked which sport she enjoys watching the most, Shaw said, “A sport is a sport all by itself.”