Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Glory Days

For those of you in the Oxford area that are cringing for football, make your way to Vaught-Hemingway stadium this Friday night. Charity Bowl 16 matches Sigma Nu(loser of 4 straight) vs. Sigma Chi. You will get to see washed up high school football players try to re-live their glory days. No you want be lucky enough to see me dressed out on the field. However, I have arranged for coach Ed Orgeron to talk at halftime. Although it is not real college football, it is the only type of football you can watch this weekend in Oxford.

Great Stuff From ESPN

The scene from Ole MissSandwiched between trips to Austin and St. Louis, I've stopped off for a few days in Oxford, Miss., to catch up with former USC coach Ed Orgeron, the new head coach at Ole Miss.A little background: I've been a fan of Coach O's ever since I did a story on him and the USC D-line for ESPN The Magazine two years ago. It was hard not to come away with a real admiration for him considering just how hard his guys played for him and how much everyone around USC respected his work ethic and passion for the game. It's a pretty impressive statement about him that Trojan fans actually have become Ole Miss fans, too, these days just because of Coach O.He's also one of the more unique characters in college football. His bellowing Cajun voice could be heard all across the SC campus, and sure enough, I hadn't even slammed the door on my rental car outside the Rebels football complex before I could recognize that distinctive ruckus.A few observations from the day around Oxford:• Ole Miss' new indoor facility and football complex is pretty impressive and probably rivals any other set-up I've seen, save for maybe Texas.• Patrick Willis is going to be Orgeron's first stud here. A junior middle linebacker, Willis could've played on that USC team last year. (RB Jamal Pittman, a 240-pounder, is probably the other Rebel who could've played on that team.) Willis has awesome closing speed and hits like a truck. He absolutely blasted RB Vashon Pearson when he came on a blitz, sending the 205-pound back sprawling about five yards in the air. It was one of the most vicious pops I've seen in probably two years. Willis has had to make a big adjustment from last year's 4-2-5 scheme to Orgeron's 4-3 but the coaches are raving about his development this spring.• Jamarca Sanford, a redshirt freshman safety, is another name to remember. "He's a rattlesnake," Orgeron gushed as he observed some practice tape Monday night with his defensive coaches and saw play after play of the 200-pounder flying to the football.• Michael Spurlock has some eye-popping talent and perhaps the quickest release of any QB I've seen in college since Michael Vick. The ball just jumps out of his hand. But QB coach Noel Mazzone has his work cut out for him settling Spurlock and showing him when to zing the ball and when not to.• Oxford is really nice and different, although everyone down here smokes. That stinks. And so do my clothes now. More on the trip down south later.• Orgeron will get players here. A few days before his Junior Day earlier this month, one of his aides, who has been with the program for a few years, said he was going to set up about 30 or 40 seats for the crowd Orgeron was to address. "What, are you kidding?" Orgeron barked. "You put 300 seats in there and we'll fill 'em all up." He did, getting more than 100 players and almost 200 parents and prep coaches for the day.• There already is an urban legend about Orgeron's take-over here. One of those wild rumored things sparked by the Internet and message-board craze that then grew and grew and grew. It centered on Orgeron's first team meeting here that supposedly was equal parts Bob Knight, Vince Lombardi and the drill sergeant from Full Metal Jacket. Chances are, if you're reading this blog, you've heard the story. Trouble is, it's not true. There was only a few things Orgeron railed about that day, some of the same speech he gave to his players at USC. But to the level that supposedly raged? Not quite.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Polk and Dogs Don't Enjoy Capital City Tour

Ole Miss defeated cross state rival Mississippi State tonight at the renovated Smith-Wills stadium in Jackson. The Rebels won their fourth consecutive Mayor's Cup against the Bullies. It is my understanding Fowler had a good outing, yet Maloney struggled closing in the ninth. However, he was able to get the save with the bases loaded. Ron Polk, longtim MSU coach, was ejected during the game arguing a balk. It seems like Ron Polk has been thrown out of this game more than he has coached an entire game. Good outing for the Rebs

Out of Commission

I have been bed-ridden the past two days from an illness, and just got somebody to bring my computer to me. Hopefully I will get some more posts up soon. The Mayor's Cup is tonight, and a big weekend lies ahead. Sorry for no posts, but when I get to feeling better I will try to get some more up.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Will They Even Play Next Year??

Croom cuts safety, Bulldogs down to 57 scholarship players. Mississippi State redshirt freshman safety Corey Spells has been dismissed from the Bulldogs following practice Thursday. Coach Croom summarized the decision as a result of a "violation of athletic department policy," but offered no further details.Spells is the 16th player to quit/graduate early/transfer/be suspended since the start of last season. His dismissal leaves 57 scholarship players, well short of the 81 scholarship players allowed under terms of an NCAA sanction from the former coaching regime.

This is the same team that is being featured on ESPN, by showing there Spring Game on t.v. From practice reports, I have read from CroomDogs Spring Training, things have not been good. At least they do not have to worry about the BlackBears from Maine this year.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

You Have Got To Be Kidding Me

I have seen it all after reading this. On the ESPN web site, it lists the MSU Spring Game to be broadcast live on ESPN2. Why in the world would ESPN want to show this game on TV? With the current state the MSU football program is in, watching this game will be like watching paint dry. This absolutely blows my mind as to why they are televising this game. Plus, who in the world will they pick to commentate the game.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Recruiting Ace Tracy Dildy

Rumor Mill

I was down on the Square today, and the word I received is that we do not need to wory about Tracy Dildy leaving the basketball program. Dildy did wonders for our recruiting this year's miraculous class. It would really make things at the program alot worse if he decided to leave. Let's hope the news I got is correct.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Can They Make It??

Junior offensive lineman CHRIS SPENCER did only positional drills, as he was happy with his results from the Combine... did 25 reps of 225 pounds... weighed in at 6025, 308 pounds... senior offensive lineman MARCUS JOHNSON did only positional drills, as he was happy with his results from the Combine... did 23 reps of 225 pounds... weighed in at 6061, 310 pounds... senior wide receiver BILL FLOWERS ran between 4.50 and 4.55 in the 40... some had him as fast as 4.48... weighed in at 5114, 188 pounds... caught the ball very well during that portion of his workout... senior fullback LORENZO TOWNSEND (#33) ran between 4.55 and 4.60 in the 40... some had him as fast as 4.51... 4.16 short shuttle... 6.95 three-cone... 40" vertical... 10'2" broad jump and also did 18 reps of 225 pounds... weighed in at 6007, 225 pounds... which is about 8-10 pounds less than what he played at during the season... senior fullback RICK RAZZANO ran between 4.85 and 4.89 in the 40... 4.25 short shuttle... 7.28 three-cone... 31" vertical... 8'9" broad jump and also did 34 reps of 225 pounds... weighed in at 5105, 245 pounds... senior wide receiver KERRY JOHNSON, senior offensive lineman DOUG BUCKLES also worked out, but their results were not immediately made available.

I also know that Jonathan Nichols is working out at several different combines. He had his own personal workout with the Colts several weeks ago. Hope he can find a team to catch on to.

Free Him!!!!!!

Ole Miss star football player McKinley Boykin told a judge this morning that he argued with his girlfriend but never physically abused her.Boykin, 21, pleaded not guilty to simple assault/domestic violence during his initial appearance in Oxford Municipal Court. Another hearing is scheduled for July 20, when judge Larry Little will decide if the case will move forward or be dismissed.Boykin appeared before Little Wednesday standing alongside Patty Smith, who identified herself as Boykin's girlfriend and said she didn't wish for the charge to be pursued against Boykin."It was an argument ... a misunderstanding," Boykin said in court. "But I never put my hands on her or anything like that."Boykin was arrested by Oxford Police on March 10 after a neighbor at his off-campus apartment complex called police to report a late afternoon disturbance, according to the police report.Ole Miss coach Ed Orgeron has said Boykin will be disciplined by the team, but he declined to specify the extent of the punishment. Boykin, a junior defensive tackle from Bessemer, Ala., was twice named SEC defensive lineman of the week last season and finished with 36 tackles.The 6-2, 285-pound standout is recovering from offseason knee surgery and is not participating with the team in spring practice.

If the girlfriend says nothing ever happened and she does not want to press charges, then everything should be dropped. McKinley is a nice guy and I hate to see him being drug through this by the press. Hopefully Judge Little will drop the charges and McKinley can get back to concentrating on football

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Here Are The Numbers

1. Cal State Fullerton 16-4
2. Tulane 19-3
3. Louisiana State 17-4
4. Texas 21-4
5. Georgia Tech 19-2
6. Miami 20-5
7. Mississippi 17-4
8. Arkansas 18-2
9. South Carolina 17-3
10. Baylor 15-7
11. Florida 16-6
12. Stanford 12-7
13. Arizona 16-9
14. Texas A&M 17-7
15. Rice 15-8
16. North Carolina 15-5
17. Florida State 24-4
18. Oregon State 16-3
19. College of Charleston 16-4
20. Nebraska 18-2
21. Texas Tech 17-6
22. Texas Christian 14-7
23. Southern California 13-6
24. Mississippi State 13-3
25. Central Florida 23-4

Would You Do The Same????

Former Ole Miss assistant football coach Joe Cullen notified the school Monday he is seeking $434,000 in a wrongful termination claim.Cullen is pursuing a settlement for what he believes he stands to lose in salary and benefits in addition to damage to his reputation and mental anguish suffered from his March 11 dismissal from Ed Orgeron's staff, said Mike Wall, Cullen's attorney.Cullen, who coached the Ole Miss defensive line, was removed from the football staff eight days after he was arrested in Oxford on March 3 and charged with public drunkeness. Wall said Cullen was initially told by Orgeron his job was safe. Wall said Cullen was fired only after the arrest was reported in newspapers on March 10.
"We've taken the next step in the process to recover damages for the university's violation of Joe's due process concerning his job," Wall said Monday. "He was terminated when he should not have been. He's been thrown to the wolves over this."Cullen has been at his mother's home in Massachusetts since he was let go, Wall said. School officials said Cullen was reassigned and not fired, and that Wall was notified of the distinction on March 14. Ole Miss athletic director Pete Boone said he sent Cullen a letter Monday asking him to return to work.
"I sent Joe Cullen a letter today explaining the university's position," said Boone, reading from a prepared statement when reached at his home Monday. "It explains how we came to our conclusion and asks him to report for work next Monday. This issue of reassignment of duties is in line with the conversation I had with his attorney. I explained to Mr. Wall that Mr. Cullen was still employed and could be reassigned."Wall said he never spoke with Boone about Cullen being reassigned. "There has been absolutely no discussion that he's been reassigned," Wall said. "Joe has not been notified of any reassignment and I have not been."Wall said Ole Miss is at fault for "rushing to judgment and firing Joe" before his legal issue was settled. Cullen pleaded not guilty to the misdemeanor public drunkenness charge at Oxford Municipal Court last Wednesday and is set to face trial on May 4. If convicted, Cullen could pay up to a $182 fine.
In the meantime, Cullen has taken his fight with the university to the state level. Boone and Ole Miss chancellor Robert Khayat were served with Cullen's claim by Wall on Monday afternoon.According to the Mississippi Tort Reform Act pertaining to state universities, Ole Miss has 60 days to respond to Cullen's claim. Khayat and a state College Board panel will investigate the claim to determine if it has merit.
If it is considered to be a viable claim, the College Board's risk management office would then serve as an arbitrator between Ole Miss and Cullen.Sarah Nicholas, spokeswoman for the College Board, said few claims filed against the state's universities reach the risk management office."I would say we've only had a handful in the past 10 years," Nicholas said Monday. "Although there are few claims like this filed, it isn't absolutely unheard of."
Cullen is accusing Ole Miss with a breach of contract. Wall said Cullen was working under two contracts at Ole Miss: One that runs through June 2005 and another that includes an "automatic rollover" through June 2006.School officials say that no such contract with a rollover exists.
Cullen was set to earn $120,000 a year, according to his contract filed with the College Board, a copy of which was obtained Monday. Because Cullen was hired during the middle of the school's fiscal year, his contract runs from Dec. 20 through June 30. Boone said Ole Miss will honor the $64,356 Cullen is due through June.But Wall said Cullen has not received a payroll check since he left. Wall said he is willing to negotiate for a settlement lower than the $434,000 figure in the claim."That's not an in-stone figure," Wall said. "But after all of this, it's one Joe feels like he's entitled to."


potential compromise that might have allowed former assistant football coach Joe Cullen to keep his job was nixed when Cullen's attorney balked at the deal, according to a letter written by Ole Miss athletic director Pete Boone.In a letter addressed to Cullen and dated March 21, Boone told the embattled coach that Cullen could have continued to work on Ed Orgeron's staff if he resolved his legal problems.A copy of Boone's letter to Cullen was obtained by The Clarion-Ledger Monday night.
Cullen is awaiting a May 4 trial in Oxford Municipal Court on a misdemeanor charge of public drunkenness. Cullen was arrested on March 3 at a Subway restaurant.Cullen, who was dismissed from Orgeron's staff on March 11, pleaded not guilty last Wednesday.
"Coach Orgeron and I discussed the matter after you pled 'not guilty,' " Boone wrote. "We agreed if the court found you 'not guilty' or dismissed the charges against you, you could return to the staff."Cullen would have been suspended with pay, pending the outcome of his case, Boone wrote. Boone said in the letter that Mike Wall, Cullen's Oxford attorney, was informed of the offer last Friday."Your attorney rejected this proposal stating that you no longer wish to coach at Ole Miss."
Wall said the offer came only after he told Boone about Cullen's plan to file a wrongful termination claim against the university. "Once again, he's lying," Wall said. "He writes this after we file our claim."Wall said Cullen, 37, accepts responsibility for his legal issues but believes he was fired unjustly and before he had his day in court.
Wall said Cullen drank "two or three" beers on March 3, but that he "passed out" at the sandwich shop from exhaustion, not alcohol."Personnel decisions are never easy when dealing with issues of personal conduct," Boone said Monday. "Coaches of our sports programs must be held to a high standard of conduct because they are entrusted with the leadership of our young men and women."

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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Back in The Saddle Again...

After being away from the University for Spring Break, many of us are back in Oxford and ready for the final stretch. No I am not talking about schoolwork, I mean the stretch of SEC baseball games that will occupy our weekends for the rest of Spring.............The Rebels had two big victories against No. 6 Florida this weekend. I was not at the game but understand they were all great games, and the Rebels could have easily swept the Gators. You would think the Rebels would move up in the polls after winning the series against a top ranked team...........One of my favorite games of the year is Tuesday. Many Rebel fans will travel north to watch the Rebels take on Memphis State at Autozone Park. This really is a fun game to watch in a great environment. The Tigers should not give us any trouble............A look at the weekend, the Rebels will travel to Knoxville to take on Tennessee 16-5, 2-1. Tennessee won the series at Auburn this weekend...........The second week of practice begins this week. The Rebels continue to fight for position, as well as fight the judges in the courts. It should be interesting.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Knight to UT

I have read where another name mentioned for the UT job is Bobby Knight. Some of you might think this is ridiculous, but I do not think it is. I believe Knight is not 100% satisfied at Texas Tech. Remember the incident with the Tech president several years ago at the grocery store when he and Knight got in an argument? Personally, I love Bob Knight and his coaching styles. I would love to see him in the SEC.

Viewers From Abroad

One of WorldClassGlass most frequent viewers has gone abroad for spring break. He has inquired as to whether or not the Rebel baseball team won this week. I am in Florida and only know certain details of the game. It is my understanding the Tuesday night game was won in the ninth inning by the Rebels and the Wednesday game was also won by the Rebs. Robert Cook's favorite player Michael "Goose" Wakefield picked up a save for the Rebels. I will not be in town for the weekend series against Florida. Ole Miss really needs to start out SEC play with a sweep. The Rebels will be playing Florida this weekend. For you true Rebel baseball fans out there, remember the name Alan Horne? He will be starting for Coach Pat McMahon's Gators at some point this weekend. Horne left the Rebel team last year and played JUCO ball before signing on with the Gators.....Also, go ahead and make plans now for the Rebels vs. Memphis in AutoZone this is one of the best games of the year. Making the trip to Memphis to watch the Rebs in this awesome park is well worth it.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Godfrey Went Overboard With This One

I normally like Stephen Godfrey's columns but he has gone overboard with this one. He tells it how it is in all of his articles. As an Ole Miss graduate, he should not have wrote about the Rebels like this in his newspaper.

It was late December in Oxford, and I was in the full swing of celebrating my graduation and retirement from bartending at my now former place of employment, when a guest at our staff's private Christmas party leaned over and asked if I was the sportswriter.I leaned over and said "yes.""Then you might want to check out those guys in the back," the person said."They're the new football coaches, but I don't know how they even got in here."Indeed, the party was closed to the public, but there were some unnamed but brand new football staffers drinking the evening away with the rest of us folks. And I thought to myself, in the two-plus years I'd beat-written Ole Miss football, I never once saw David Cutcliffe or his staff out at all, more or less drinking.Fast forward a few months, and for the second time since the new year, newly crowned (and now newly scorned) head coach Ed Orgeron is having to likely fill another gap in his coaching staff, this time in the wake of defensive line coach Joe Cullen's arrest for public intoxication less than two weeks ago on a Thursday night.This arrest of course follows the dismissal of linebackers coach Charlie Camp in late January for a DUI arrest late one Thursday night. Memo to Coach O: Arrange some sort of coaches' meeting late on Thursdays. Review film. Go over practice notes. Play Jenga. Do something.While there are several different stances to be taken on this pattern of transgressions, it's best to approach the situation with light hands. Yes, it is outrageous that community leaders such as Rebel football coaches are apparently drinking their time away, all while student drinking is a major "concern" around campus.To that, I give a 20-something "Whatever." If student drinking really was a concern - and trust me, it should be - the students' parents and noted alumni wouldn't be nearly as hammered in the Grove on gamedays. The hypocrisy of adult "concerns" about student drinking at Ole Miss is another tangent completely, so I'll gracefully digress.So, as to not approach this matter from the tea-totaller angle, can't we just agree that with the demands and stress and hours of being a football coach in the high-profile Southeastern Conference, you would think an unproven lot such as O's would be hunkered down desperately trying to find a secret to a 7-4 season? Right?Apparently, not so much. In a world where coaches literally work themselves to death, Ole Miss found a surly lot that's willing to work the bars just as hard as the weight room. But hey, Steven Spurrier never missed a tee-time while guiding Florida to a national title, so maybe there's a method to Camp, Cullen and presumably the rest of the staff's social gracings. While that's a stretch, I'll grant them a pass.But surely the fans are restless.Yeah, right.Now, with my rather intimate knowledge of Rebel fans, I surely didn't expect most of them to raise any ethical fuss over the Camp/Cullen arrests, but just a note of concern would be nice. Alas, on almost every message board or gathering of Ole Miss fans I've been privy to, the alcohol embarrassment is far down on the list of concerns for fans. That's sad. Really sad.Most fans are more up in arms about the possibility of Micheal Spurlock returning as starting quarterback or the depth of the offensive line than the minds in charge of these oh-so precious young men staying drunker than Cooter Brown. And yes, I get to make those kind of jokes and lump in the whole staff: Once is an incident, but twice is indicative of a trend.But I can't persecute fans (believe me, I've tried). However, what I won't grant in this situation is talking about at all, which is just simply acting your age. That's all. Simply act like you're a grown man who's played college football, lived out your glory-party days, and decided to coach the game as a model to younger men. If you want to be a drunk, be a drunk. I know plenty of All-American drunks.But I'm at loss for the ones who double as signal-callers. I also know how hard it is - and isn't for the right people - to get both a P.I. and D.U.I in Oxford. I spent more than my fair share of time bartending and hell-raising, and from 1999 on I was never arrested for either. So what these coaches did must have been too much for a blind eye.Ed Orgeron promised a new face for Rebel football's image. It officially has one: Ill-mannered, irresponsible, slant-eyed and booze-breathed. Now he's got until August to find another "new" face, and - oh yeah - create a winning football team.Lord. Get the man a drink.

Can You See Into The Future.......

If you can let me known if all this hype is worth something. Below is article from Atlanta-Journal Constitution.

The head coach got a four-year extension this week, but there are still questions surrounding Rod Barnes' Ole Miss basketball program. After guiding the Rebels to the postseason in each of his first four seasons, Barnes & Co. have fallen on hard times. They completed their third consecutive losing season at 14-17 after being dispatched by Alabama 69-52 on Friday at the Georgia Dome. Barnes' great start in Oxford included an SEC West title, a trip to the NCAA Sweet 16 and a Naismith national coach of the year award. How did they go from tournament regulars to a team shut out of the postseason altogether? "He inherited a good group from [former Ole Miss coach] Rob Evans, but I don't think they were able to sustain the same level of talent that was initially in the program," said Bob Gibbons, a nationally known recruiting analyst for All-Star Sports. The good news for Rebels fans? Help is on the way. Ole Miss has signed a class that was ranked as high as No. 4 nationally, by HoopScoop. The top players are 6-foot-5 guard Bobby Clark of North Carolina's Mt. Zion Christian, 6-9 center Marcus Young of Chicago and 6-9 power forward Xavier Webb of Atwood, Tenn. The Rebels will also have 6-9, 290-pound center Dwayne Curtis, who averaged 2.9 points in 10.3 minutes a game at Auburn before transferring after his freshman season. "We are really excited about the kids that we have coming in," Barnes said. In April, Barnes hired one of the nation's top recruiters, Tracy Dildy. The Chicago-area legend was partly responsible for building NCAA tournament teams at his alma mater, Illinois-Chi- cago, as well as Ball State and DePaul, before coaching at Auburn. "Our future is bright," Barnes said. "We'll be bigger, stronger, more athletic and taller. We'll have those things to work with next season. We'll just be young." Dildy, who recruited future NBA players Bonzi Wells (Ball State) and Quentin Richardson (DePaul), also helped sign 6-4 guard Jarvis Walker, a suburban Chicago player. Barnes plans on the Chicago-to-Oxford pipeline becoming a cornerstone of his rebuilding efforts. "[Dildy] definitely brought a different dimension to our recruiting," Barnes said. "He really has taken us to another level because he's been able to go all across the country and find players."
Ole Miss' recruiting class was ranked No. 1 in the SEC and No. 4 in the nation by HoopScoop. The SEC's top five classes (national ranking in parentheses):
1. Mississippi (4)
2. Mississippi State (7)
3. LSU
4. Alabama (10)
5. Georgia (16)

Monday, March 14, 2005

The WSJ on the Pistol Whipper

In April 1993, as a high-school junior, Mr. Bullard was arrested for trying to sell crack cocaine to an undercover cop. In October, he was indicted. In November, he signed with Mississippi State.How much -- or even whether -- the team's coaches knew about Mr. Bullard's problems is unclear. But he was from Long Beach, Miss., and he could play -- all-state as a junior, 60 points in one game as a senior. In August 1994, Mr. Bullard pleaded guilty to possession and was sentenced to three years' probation. Mississippi State officials reviewed the case and allowed him to enroll that fall.Coaches, teammates and lawyers describe Mr. Bullard as polite, intelligent and hard working. He carried a B average and was on schedule to graduate, and, they agree, was good enough for the NBA. They learned not to inquire about his troubled background -- a brother in prison, a violent father, extreme poverty, drugs.Bart Hyche, who roomed with Mr. Bullard on the road, once asked him about his upbringing. "He said, 'Bart, man, I love you to death, but that's something I never want to talk about. Got it?' ""He lived two lives," says Jim Davis, a lawyer who has represented Mr. Bullard.Mr. Bullard averaged 6.4 points and 6.4 assists a game in the NCAA tournament. Four months later, Mr. Hyche dropped him off at the student union after a few games of one-on-one. Later that day, Mr. Bullard hit a student from a rival fraternity in the head with a .380-caliber pistol.For violating probation, Mr. Bullard spent almost a year in prison. He declined an offer from Mr. Williams to return to school but not play for a year as punishment. "He felt he had paid his debt to society," says Bob Cuccaro, Mr. Bullard's high-school coach and surrogate father. Mr. Bullard enrolled at a small, non-NCAA school, but quit after he was arrested for marijuana possession. (The charge was dropped.) He declared for the 1998 NBA draft. The San Antonio Spurs were interested, Mr. Cuccaro says, but backed off.Marcus Bullard at a probation hearingMr. Bullard played in a U.S. minor league, Venezuela, against the Harlem Globetrotters. But he couldn't avoid home. In 2002, when police stopped him for traffic violations on separate occasions, they found cocaine and ecstasy. Mr. Bullard pleaded guilty to possession charges and last April was sentenced to 12 years in prison. Now 30 years old, he is in the Mississippi State Penitentiary in Parchman, Miss. He couldn't be reached for comment.Did Mississippi State fail to monitor Mr. Bullard closely enough? Should it have admitted him at all? "I have a hard time blaming anybody other than Marcus," Mr. Cuccaro says. "But I don't know if they really looked out for the kid." According to the coach, Mr. Bullard accepts responsibility for his actions.Mr. Williams says nothing troubles him more than Mr. Bullard. He recalls meeting the player to talk in a Wal-Mart parking lot, usually after Mr. Bullard had spoken with his imprisoned brother. "He cried like a baby," Mr. Williams says. "But back on the streets with his buddies and he was a bad guy."The coach says he felt like he failed, but also says there's only so much a college basketball program can do. "He had an opportunity to change," he says. "He didn't take advantage of that opportunity."

***For some reason the WallStreetJounal did a story on the Final Four MSU basketball team. This is the section on Marcus Bullard. They even addressed Dontae Jones and the 30 hours he got in summer school. Still the single most ridiculous thing MSU basketball has ever done. There is no way you can complete that many hours in a summer, especially Dontae Jones.

Put On Your Dancing Shoes

The 64-team field competing for the 2005 NCAA Division I Women's Basketball Championship was announced today by the NCAA Division I Women's Basketball Committee. The Ole Miss women's basketball team received an invitation for the second-straight season and 16th time in the history of the program. "It is great that we are back in the NCAA Tournament for the second year in a row," said Ole Miss head coach Carol Ross, who owns a 36-24 record in her two seasons at the helm of the Lady Rebel program. "I think it speaks well for the program and the players and what they have been able to accomplish this season." The Lady Rebels (19-10) received an eight seed and will take on the nine seed George Washington (22-8) on Sunday, March 20 in Chapel Hill, N.C. Game times are yet to be determined. "As far as the program goes it just solidifies that we are back and that we are a part of March again, which is where we are supposed to be," said Ross. "I am real happy for the seniors; Amber Watts, Amber Terrell, Carletta Brown and Elizabeth Cansdale to have a chance to stamp this as their team. They worked awfully hard to get this team back ready to play in March." Ole Miss enters the NCAA Division I Women's Basketball Championship with a 19-10 overall mark and an 8-6 record in SEC play. The Lady Rebels have posted a 15-15 mark in the NCAA Tournament, having advanced to the Elite 8 on four occasions (1985, 1986, 1989 and 1992).
The Lady Rebels are led by sophomore All-SEC First Team selection and SEC Defensive Player of the Year
Armintie Price with 17.0 points, 10.3 rebounds and 3.2 steals per game. Senior center Amber Watts, a Second Team All-SEC selection adds 11.8 points and 6.5 rebounds per game, while senior guard Carletta Brown leads the team with 4.7 assists per game and also contributes 8.7 points per contest. "I was really nervous not knowing what was going to happen as far as us making it into the tournament," said Price. "I felt confident, but you never know until you see your name up on the television. We had to wait for a few of the brackets to go by before we saw our name. It was very exciting to see Mississippi up on the board. Now we just have to let the excitement bubble down and get down to work." George Washington compiled a 22-8 overall record during the 2004-05 season, including a 13-3 mark in Atlantic-10 Conference play. The Lady Colonials are led by senior forward Anna Montanana with 17.3 points and 7.0 rebounds per game. Senior center Jessica Simmonds adds 14.6 points and 7.1 rebounds per game, while freshman guard Kimberly Beck dishes 5.3 assists per game and chips in 8.0 points per outing.
The winner of the Ole Miss-George Washington game will take on the winner of the match-up between No. 1 seeded North Carolina and No. 16 seeded Coppin State. The winner of that game will advance to the Tempe Regional the following weekend.

We're Movin On Up............

1. Texas 21-1 4-0 2
2. Cal State Fullerton 14-3 3-1 2
3. Tulane 15-3 2-2 1
4. South Carolina 15-1 3-0 4
5. Louisiana State 14-4 3-1 5
6. Florida 15-4 4-1 6
7. Miami 17-4 4-0 7
8. Texas A&M 15-5 3-1 9
9. Arizona 14-6 2-1 12
10. Georgia Tech 16-2 5-0 15
11. Rice 14-5 2-2 10
12. Stanford 11-7 0-0 11
13. North Carolina 11-3 2-0 14
14. Mississippi 13-3 4-0 16
15. Arkansas 16-1 4-0 18
16. Baylor 11-7 3-1 19
17. Vanderbilt 12-3 2-3 8
18. College of Charleston 13-3 3-1 20
19. Louisiana-Lafayette 17-2 3-1 21
20. Florida State 21-4 2-3 17
21. Georgia 10-5 3-2 13
22. Oregon State 13-3 2-1 23
23. Nebraska 12-2 4-0 NR
24. Texas Christian 12-5 2-2 24
25. East Carolina 11-4 4-0 NR

Blame it on the SID

The debacle about Ole Miss coach Joe Cullen being arrested for a public drunk charge continues in the papers today. The Clarion Ledger has published three articles about this incident. This could have easily been made into a one day story for the Clarion Ledger. Just go ahead and tell the people he was fired. This is an awful P.R. move on behalf of the Athletic Department. There will be at least one more article in the Clarion Liar about this, so it aint over yet.

The Buzzzzzz

Tennessee men's basketball Coach Buzz Peterson was fired today following a meeting with UT Athletics Director Mike Hamilton, multiple sources told The Tennessean.Peterson told family members and his assistant coaches tonight that he'd been terminated after four years at Tennessee, where he was 61-59 with no NCAA Tournament appearances. The Vols finished 14-17 this season, Peterson's second losing season in Knoxville.Hamilton had been mum about Peterson's future for the last two weeks after meeting with Peterson and UT President John Petersen on Feb. 28. After both of the Vols' SEC tournament games in Atlanta, Hamilton made quick getaways from the post-game news conferences to avoid reporters.But he told The Tennessean on Wednesday in Atlanta that he was ''at a peace'' with where he was in the process despite an outpouring of support from people hopeful of saving Peterson's job.Tennessee Hall of Fame women's coach Pat Summitt came out publicly and said Peterson deserved another year, while Dean Smith, Roy Williams, Peyton Manning and Todd Helton also called contacted Hamilton to voice their support for the likeable Peterson.''It's been great to have candid conversations with so many people, and there have been more of those of late than before,'' Hamilton told The Tennessean on Wednesday. ''But I'm at a peace with everything. Regardless of who calls or weighs in, I'm ultimately held accountable for this decision.''Hamilton did not return a phone message and was unavailable for comment tonight.Peterson had four years remaining on his contract, which ran through 2009. Tennessee owes him a $1.36 million buyout, which must be paid within 30 days.The Vols will be paying three men's basketball coaches next season. Former coach Jerry Green will collect the final $210,000 payment from his buyout in January.

*** Have picked up on rumors, that UT may be going after Rick Stansbury, I really do not believe this but some have said it. Also UT obviously has a ton of money, if they are able to afford paying 2 coaches buyouts in their contracts. Ole Miss could never do this.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Are You Kidding Me, Frank???

Arkansas coach Stan Heath, calling his team "emotionally and physically tired," declined an invitation to the National Invitation Tournament back in Fayetteville, Ark. on Friday.Arkansas lost in the opening round of the SEC Tournament to Tennessee 65-46 on Thursday.

Now I know the NIT is not the best thing you can go to, but why would you ever turn down any post-season invitation. I do not think Stan is working out for the Razorbacks like they expected it to. I am sure Nolen loved to read this.

Recent Minor League Rebels

Matt Tolbert played for the Elizabethton Twins last summer, batting .308 with 3 HR and 18 RBI. He'll probably be in low Class A this spring.
Charlie Babineaux was with the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes (Giants). He hit .228 with 8 longballs. He will also be in low Class A.
Seth Smith will be starting in high Class A Modesto from what I heard from him. He is the Rockies #7 prospect and hit .369 in Casper and .257 in Tri-City in 27 AB's. He combined for 11 HR between the stops and was a Pioneer League All-Star.
Jeremy Zick was a bit wild last year in New Jersey for the Class A Cardinals squad, but ended up with decent numbers. Low A.
Chris Thompson threw some smoke for the Yakima Bears (D'Backs). He was one of the top relievers in the Northwest League, and reports said he now throws in the low to mid nineties.
Xan Barksdale played for the Gulf Coast League Braves, and hit a pair of longballs while hitting .255. He just recently left for camp after helping us out.
T.J. Beam is still in the Yankees system, but I'm not sure of his status.

The Rest of The Story???

Ole Miss Defensive Line Coach Joe Cullen is reportedly being fired by the University. Cullen was arrested last week on a charge of public drunk. All early rumors pointed toward Cullen not being fired and just being suspended without pay. I am not sure if I agree with this firing. Where do we draw the line? People are comaparing DUI to public drunk. In my opinion they are no where near the same............The latest news is, there was more to the story than Cullen just getting a public drunk. Where is Paul Harvey when you really need to know "the rest of the story?"

Friday, March 11, 2005

The Final Chapter

The Rebels just did not have it in them as they lost to Alabama today 69-52. The score does not reflect the game though. The Rebels played a good first half and went into the locker room down six at half. It was really alot closer at the half. In the second half, same Ole Miss story, they just could not find their shot. The Rebels were once again led by Tommie Eddie with 19 points. Earnest Shelton shot light out for the Tide with 8 three point baskets. This Alabama team is pretty good and have a legitimate shot at winning this tournament and making a run in the NCAA. Although, I hope they do not. This ends the season for the Rebels with their third straight losing record of 14-17. Although not much was expected of this season, the big disapointment for the Rebels was the fact they were so close in so many games. They just could not find a way to win a game. This team fought hard but had absolutely very little talent. There are questions going in to next season as to how the Rebels will be with new talent and what coaches will be here to coach them. One thing is for sure Rod Barnes will be back. As another chapter in this book closes, another Ole Miss major spoints program ends with a losing record. Is baseball the answer, let's hope so.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Not Yet.....Rebels Win 53-52

Memphis State Has Lost Their Minds

For the Ole Miss vs. Memphis State game, tickets will be $45. This is absolutely ridiculous. Before you say anything, this is the only game tickets will be priced at $45. All other tickets for all other games will be as cheap as $15 and as expensive as $35. The fact Memphis will charge more for our game is absurd. The game which will be played on Labor Day Monday, in that miserable stadium will be no where near full. Half of those red-neck Memphis fan's will not pay this much for a football ticket. I did not pay this much to see Ole Miss-LSU or any other SEC team play Ole Miss. Yes, Memphis has beaten us the past two years, but I do not know why they think they are all of a sudden a great team. The two bowls they went to are two of the worst possible to go to. The C-USA is a miserable conference and always will be. The fact Memphis is doing this amazes me.

Rebel's Survive

In a game that both teams played in spurts, Ole Miss defeated South Carolina 53-52 to advance to the second round of the SEC Tournament. The Rebels actually looked pretty good at some points during the game. It was one of the craziest endings in a basketball game that I have ever seen. The Gamecocks had a three point reversed that would have tied the game, due to the shooter's foot being on the line. Thank God for instant replay. Tommie Eddie scored 17 points to lead the Rebels. Glass also played well for Ole Miss(no Gerald Glass did not come back and play). Ed Glass, a senior in his third start for the Rebels, contributed 15 points. The Rebels did not shoot well from the free throw line at all. The free-throw shooting of the Rebels almost lost the game for them. The Rebels will advance to play Western Division leader Alabama tomorrow. Alabama is a really good team. The Rebels led them for the majority of the contest in Oxford, before suffering a loss. Hopefully Barnes will convince the Rebels they can play with this team. If Marvin Moore, Justin Johnson, and Londrick Nolen contribute more than they did today, the Rebels will have a chance. Do not count this team out just yet, let's have some faith. The game will be televised again at noon tomorrow on JP>

Party at the Coaches House

A University of Mississippi assistant coach has been charged with public drunkenness, court records show.Defensive line coach Joe Cullen is scheduled to appear Wednesday in Oxford Municipal Court to answer the misdemeanor charge. If convicted, he could be fined $182.
Ole Miss spokesman Langston Rogers did not immediately return a telephone message seeking comment.Cullen was arrested by Oxford Police before midnight March 3. He was booked at 12:15 a.m. on March 4 and released on a cash bond seven hours later.Cullen is the second Rebels assistant this year arrested on an alcohol-related charge. Charlie Camp resigned as linebackers coach Jan. 29 for personal reasons, hours after his arrest on charges of misdemeanor DUI and driving without a license plate.Cullen coached at Indiana for three seasons before joining head coach Ed Orgeron at Ole Miss.

I really like this guy, I have seen him in action at practice twice. What are the Oxford cops doing? I hope we do not let this guy go, surely we will just punish him in another way. If anyone has any info into this I would love to know what happened?

Wednesday, March 09, 2005


A rumor is floating around on the Spirit board that MSU is looking to build a new basketball arena to replace the "Hump." First of all, I do not believe this rumor. I just do not believe State would build a new arena when they just remolded the Hump this year and in 1997. The Hump is big enough as it is and they do not need to add anymore seats, they do not consistenly sell the place out. Unless they have someone that is donating a large portion of money for this project I do not see Larry Templeton carrying out this project.

Forgot About This Guy

Ryan Buckvich is a former Ole Miss player in the pros I have forgotten about. Buckvich graduated from Ole Miss around 2002 and has worked his way up through the pros. He appeared in nine games last year for the Rangers and the Royals. I have found conflicting reports as to what team he is with in Spring Training, but if any of you out there read box scores. Let me know if you see Bukvich name in any of them.

Is This It???

The Ole Miss Rebels will open up the 2005 SEC Basketball Tournament in Atlanta with a 12:00 game against the South Carolina Gamecocks. Ole Miss and South Carolina are four days removed from their last contest in which the Gamecocks won 76-70 in overtime. There are alot of questions going in to this game. Is this Londrick Nolen going to play like he truly can? Will Justin Johnson play? Is Rod Barnes worth keeping around four more years? This has been a season full of questions, mainly How did we blow this game again? or Why did Barnes do that? Anyways, who knows, the Rebels might actually pull off a first round win against S.C., I was in New Orleans two years ago when they did. I have attended mutliple SEC Tournaments, they are without a doubt a very exciting and fun event to attend. If the Rebels ever learn how to play basketball again, I can not wait to go back. It is a noon tip-off and the game will be on JP.

An Ole Miss Basketball Player Wins an Award?

In no way is he as good as the greatest sixth man in all time, Joezon Darby.
Ole Miss' Todd Abernethy was named the SEC Sixth Man of the Year Wednesday, as selected by the league coaches. A sophomore guard and team captain, Abernethy is the first Rebel to receive the award, which was first given by the conference last year.
The Carmel, Ind. native started the first 34 games of his collegiate career, but moved to the sixth-man role against Memphis in December. In his 21 games off the pine, Abernethy has provided Ole Miss head coach Rod Barnes with quality minutes at both point guard and shooting guard. As a reserve. he has posted eight double-figure scoring outings and seven games with four or more assists.
He totaled 12 points against LSU at home, and paced the Rebels against Mississippi State in Starkville with 14 points along with 5 assists. Abernethy also put up strong numbers in the first meeting with Mississippi State, equaling his season-high for assists with 6 to go with 11 points and 4 boards. He topped Ole Miss in scoring in the win over Georgia with 13 points, and posted 9 points and 4 assists against both Vanderbilt and Alabama. He also grabbed a team-high 9 rebounds against the Commodores in a near-double-double.
Abernethy gathered SEC All-Freshman Team distinction last year and is a two-time SEC Academic Honor Roll recipient.

Practice Number 2

Returned from practice just a few hours ago. Pretty much the same as last time. Once again a good 300 fans in attendance. Still intense with all the coaches yelling and encouraging players. Talked to a former Rebel player and nothing like this ever happened under the previous coach. My favorite part of practice was when after Biddle caught a deep pass, he and one of the coaches jumped in the air and chest bumped. These coaches are really in to practice and it is awesome. The team is definately feeling the long intense practices. For the majority, the players are in pretty good shape. As far as quarterbacks go, Spurlock looked better in practice today compared to Lane. I predict these two will flip-flop all spring. From now on, the players will be in pads and a scrimmage will take place every Saturday. This will probably be my last practice report until after Spring Break.


Ole Miss Athletics Director Pete Boone announced Wednesday a new four-year contract for head basketball coach Rod Barnes, which will run through the 2008-09 season.“We have agreed in principle on a new four-year contract,” Boone said. “Rod has made positive changes in the direction of our basketball program. With our recent success in recruiting and aggressive play we exhibited this year, we are seeing a resurgence of a typically-coached Rod Barnes team.”Barnes is concluding his seventh season at the helm of the Ole Miss basketball program, and this year took the bench for his 200th game as a head coach. The 2001 Naismith and National Coach of the Year, Barnes has a 126_92 record as the Rebel head man. His 126 coaching victories in his first 218 games is the most of any Ole Miss coach over that span and is the second_most wins in school history. Barnes’ .578 winning percentage is the highest of any Rebel coach of seven years or more. “First of all, I want to thank God,” Barnes said. “My family and I are grateful for this new contract, and we appreciate the confidence Chancellor Robert Khayat and Pete Boone have shown us. While we aren’t pleased with our performance over the last few years, as I know our fans have not been, we have made significant strides in areas that needed improvement. We will achieve the success that our coaches, players and fans expect.”In 2000_01, Barnes was the SEC Coach of the Year, and guided Ole Miss to a school-record 27 wins and the program’s first NCAA Tournament Sweet 16 berth. Another winning season and postseason tournament followed in 2001_02 — both were the sixth straight for the Ole Miss program.Barnes was hired as the Rebel head coach on April 9, 1998. A 1988 graduate of Ole Miss, Barnes served as an assistant under Rob Evans from 1993_98. During his time as an assistant coach, the Rebels compiled a record of 76_63 and won back_to_back SEC Western Division titles and received consecutive NCAA Tournament berths in 1997 and 1998. Barnes played at Ole Miss from 1984_88 and earned All_American honorable mention distinction his senior season. He is the only person in SEC history to earn both All_SEC and SEC Coach of the Year honors.Barnes’ current Rebel squad opens SEC Tournament play Thursday against South Carolina. The first-round matchup is set for 1 p.m. ET at Atlanta’s Georgia Dome, and will be televised by JP Sports.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Minor League Baseball

I am beginning to look at Minor League Baseball and stats from last year. I have looked at Babineaux and Tolbert. Might list is very small of people I am interested in, anybody else have names of former Ole Miss players they think might still be in minor leagues?

Comments from Lapides

Memphis sports legend George Lapides comments on the Ole Miss football program. Interestingly he believes Spurlock will start. Thanks to replay reb for putting this on the internet. Follow the link

Rebs Move Up in Tennis Polls

After going 2-0 to begin Southeastern Conference play last weekend, the Ole Miss men's tennis team moved up a spot to No. 4 in the latest Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA) National Rankings released Tuesday. Rebel senior Catalin Gard moved up a spot also, to No. 3 in singles.
The Rebels improved to 10-1 overall with wins over then No. 31 Vanderbilt and No. 12 Kentucky last weekend. Ole Miss travels to the state of Alabama this weekend to take on Alabama and Auburn.
The top three stayed the same with Baylor leading the way, followed by Virginia and Illinois. Ole Miss and Duke round out the top five. The bottom five leads off with Georgia, followed by Florida, UCLA, Southern Cal and Oklahoma State.
In the individual rankings, Gard moved up to No. 3 after posting a win over then No. 3 Jesse Witten in the Rebels' win over Kentucky. He is currently 18-3 overall and 9-1 at No. 1 singles. With six wins, Gard will become the third Rebel to record 100 singles victories in a career.
Freshman Erling Tveit made his debut in the rankings, coming in at No. 57. The Oslo, Norway, native is off to a stellar start in his first spring with the Rebels. Tveit owns a 10-1 overall record, 9-0 in dual matches. He is 5-0 at No. 3 singles. Tveit also teams with sophomore and fellow Norweigan, Fredrik Aarum, for a No. 45 ranking in doubles. The two are 6-2 overall, 4-2 at No. 2 doubles.

Cut in the Hospital

Former Ole Miss football coach and current Notre Dame offensive coach, David Cutcliffe, has been hospitalized. All this information is third hand. I have been told he is in the hospital, possibly Tupelo. Word is he has some pretty big blockage in his arteries, and he will be having by-pass surgery. Please keep him in your prayers.

Monday, March 07, 2005



Ole Miss began a new era of football this afternoon. New Coach Ed Orgeron and his team began Spring Training indoors today due to inclement weather outside. Man was it awesome. I have been to alot of different practices in many different sports, and this was without a doubt the MOST INTENSE practice I have ever been to, and I was there for only an hour. The whole program, coaches, trainers, video people, managers, and players were running the whole practice. The coaches never stopped yelling the whole time. It was not necessarily yelling in a bad way, the whole staff was yelling at different times encouraging the team. To top it off there were about 200 fans in attendance throughout practice. If this practice is a sign of things to come, I can't imagine what it is going to be like. Can't wait to go back on Wednesday.

Top 25

1. Tulane 13-1 4-0 1
2. Texas 17-1 2-1 2
3. Cal State Fullerton 11-2 4-0 4
4. South Carolina 12-1 3-1 5
5. Louisiana State 11-3 2-2 3
6. Florida 11-3 3-1 8
7. Miami 13-4 3-1 9
8. Vanderbilt 10-0 4-0 13
9. Texas A&M 12-4 5-0 15
10. Rice 12-3 2-1 12
11. Stanford 11-7 2-1 11
12. Arizona 12-5 1-2 10
13. Georgia 7-3 2-2 7
14. North Carolina 9-3 1-3 6
15. Georgia Tech 11-2 4-0 17
16. Mississippi 9-3 4-1 16
17. Florida State 19-1 4-0 18
18. Arkansas 12-1 3-0 19
19. Baylor 8-6 2-2 14
20. College of Charleston 10-2 3-1 20
21. Louisiana-Lafayette 14-1 4-1 21
22. Texas Tech 14-2 3-1 22
23. Oregon State 11-2 2-1 24
24. Texas Christian 10-3 3-0 25
25. Southern California 7-4 2-2 23

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Weekend Ramblings

It was a pretty good weekend of sports for Ole Miss. The baseball team swept Purdue, a Big Ten team that was not very good. The crowd was awesome over 10,000 for a weekend series against a non-conference team is pretty amazing. Imagine what it will be like when SEC play rolls around in the next two weeks. The highlight of the weekend was Stephen Head's 461ft. home-run. For those of you familiar with Swayze Field the ball hit the tennis courts in the air. It rivals the home run hit by former Rebel Jude Voltz several years ago...........In tennnis the Rebels continued their dominance with wins over Vandy and Kentucky. This team continues to dominate and I do not look for them to get beat anytime soon.................The softball team had a good weekend out west. I know some of you are saying why in the world are you talking about softball. But, this team has come along lately and is starting to open some eyes. They beat defending National Champion and current No. 4 UCLA this weekend. I just might have to try and catch a game sometime this week.................Finally, your Ole Miss Rebel Basketball Team ended its regular season at South Carolina today. The Gamecocks defeated the Rebels in over-time 76-70. Like all the other games this year, the Rebels led at half-time and found a way to lose the game. Ole Miss was winning with 20 seconds to go when South Carolina tied the game. What other Ole Miss player would you rather give the ball to, to win the game than Bam Doyne. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Why was he even in the game and why did he take the last shot. Anyway, why complain now it has been a season of questions, and I am glad it was over. My heart rate will settle down now that I do not have to watch this team suffer through continued losses......................Just when you thought things were going to slow down, they speed right back up. Football spring training starts on Monday. Coach Ed Orgeron is opening up practice to all that want to attend. There is no telling how many people will be at practice tomorrow. I will try to get there and have a report tomorrow. It is going to be an interesting spring, with new coaches and new lineups.Until Then................

New Sport To Look Into

Lynette Karp earned her first career hit in dramatic fashion, belting out a double in the bottom of the 14th with two outs to push Ole Miss (14-6) to a 3-2 win over No. 3 UCLA (12-5) in the second day of the Bulldog Classic. The win is the first-ever over a top-5 team for the Rebels, and evened the series with UCLA at one game each. The only other time the Rebels faced UCLA, the Bruins were also the nation's third-ranked team and defeated Ole Miss 4-0 in Fresno, Calif., in the 2000 Fresno State Invitational. Mary Jane Callahan (7-1) threw more than 200 pitches as she struck out 15 and walked three batters in 14.0 innings of work. The sophomore southpaw allowed no runs on five hits. The two runs for the Bruins were both unearned.Anjelica Selden (8-2) suffered only her second loss of the season as she struck out 23 Rebel batters and walked none in 14.0 innings of work. The 23 strikeouts is the second most ever in UCLA history behind Debbie Doom, who posted three games of 25 strikeouts each in the early 1980s. Chloe Kloezeman led the Rebels at the plate with a 2-for-5 performance and a run scored, but no hit in the game was bigger than Karp's in the final frame to notch the win. The Rebels and Bruins stayed scoreless through regulation with neither team able to gain an advantage. UCLA threatened to break the game open after loading the bases with one out in the sixth inning. The Rebels got out of the jam with a lineout to short and Callahan struck out the next batter swinging to end the Bruin threat.
The Rebels and Bruins stayed scoreless through seven innings in a pitchers duel. In the top of the eighth, the game shifted to international tie break rules, with a runner placed on second to open the inning.
Caitlin Benyi, who was placed on second, advanced to third on a sacrifice bunt from Andrea Duran. She then scored on a single to right field from Jodie Legaspi to put the Bruins up 1-0.
Ole Miss returned the favor in the bottom of the eighth when Kayla Mosley scored from third on a fielding error by the shortstop. With runners at the corners and one out, Rebecca McIntire launched a shot right back at the pitcher that bounced off her glove to the shortstop, who bobbled the ball and dropped it, allowing Mosley to score and Kloezeman and McIntire to advance to first and second safely.
UCLA added its second run in the top of the 11th when Legaspi singled up the middle to score Duran from second. Duran ran safely around the tag at home to score for the Bruins.
Ole Miss answered in the bottom of the 11th with a score by Kloezeman on a passed ball to knot the game at two. Kloezeman moved to third on a sacrifice bunt from Lauren Rowe top open the inning.
The Rebels captured the win with Karp's double in the bottom of the 14th inning to score McIntire from second and claim the win 3-2.

Will We Ever See This Again

Barnes to Get Extension

The rumors that have been circulating for months have finally been printed. Current Ole Miss Head Basketball Coach Rod Barnes is rumored to be receiving a two-year contract extension. Barnes has coached the Ole Miss basketball program to three straight losing seasons. Here's the catch: the new contract will basically lower his buy-out clause to $0. You have to give a coach some job security if you expect him to be able to recruit at all. So this is not as bad of a deal as it looks to many Rebel fans. The bad rumor this week is that Ole Miss Assistant basketball coach and All-Star recruiter, Tracy Dildy, is applying for a jobs at colleges in Indiana and Illinois. This coach is the one many Rebel fans have been praising for his recruiting skills, let's all hope he does not leave.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Your Wish Is My Command

One of WorldClassGlass loyal readers has requested a story on the Lady Rebel Basketball team. I have attended several of their games this year and really never made up my mind about them. They are a team with great potential. As far as wins and losses go, this team comes and goes. I mean they defeat a team like Georgia, then lose to a team like Mississippi State. They went into the SEC Tournament in Greenville, S.C. with 18 wins. I watched the game against South Carolina last night, and they really tried to lose this game. They led for just about all of the game until the last two minutes. Coach Ross somehow got this team together at the end and they won, but not in good fashion. They return to the court today to play Georgia, a team they split with during the regular season. If they lose however, this will not be their last game. With the win last night, the Lady Rebs all but locked up their second straight berth to the NCAA Tournament. The SEC Women's Tournament is being shown on Fox SportsSouth for those wishing to watch

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Stars At Ole Miss Basketball??

No, not on the court. Grizzlies player James Posey was spotted sitting on press row at the Ole Miss - LSU game the other night. If anybody has a clue as to why he was there, I would love to know. I am doing some research to try and find out.

Another Chapter Closed

The Ole Miss Rebels(13-15, 4-11) lost to LSU(18-8, 11-4) closing another chapter in this long season of basketball. It was the final home game for the Rebels who lost 58-53. The Rebels hung around for most of the game, as LSU did not play very well. Marvin Moore led the Rebels once again with 15 points. Ed Glass had a chance to get us two points closer to a tie when he was sent to the free throw line after an intentional foul. But like all previous games this year, the Rebels could not convert at the free throw line. The Tigers were led by Darrel Mitchell with 15 points. I really like Coach John Brady and the way he works during a basketball game. Anyways the Rebels play their last regular season game at South Carolina on Sunday. This loss basically knocked whatever chance the Rebels had of playing in the NIT. It also locked the Rebels in as the 5-seed in the West and will play the first game of the SEC Tournament next week in Atlanta

IT'S ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For those of you, like myself, that thought NCAA referee John Clougherty was dead, you are wrong. Clougherty appeared at the Ole Miss-LSU basketball game last night. We have not seen him at the Tad Pad in several years. I was totally shocked when I got to my seat and saw he was going to officiating. I will never forget the many years I watched an Ole Miss-Kentucky basketball game be absolutely destroyed by Clougherty and his whistle. This guy loves to screw over people playing Kentucky. It always seemed he was the referee in big time games during the glory years of Ole Miss basketball. The greatest enjoyment I received at the game last night, was when Clougherty acknowledged my presence on the second row last night, pointing to me, after I gave him a loud "welcome back" to the Tad Pad.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Is This Really Happening?

Senior DH Blake Jones went 3-for-4 with three RBI and worked 2 1/3 innings of relief to earn the decision as Northwestern State won its sixth straight game with an 8-7 victory over No. 16 (Baseball America) Ole Miss Tuesday evening, in a non-conference game at Oxford-University Stadium/Swayze Field. The Demons (10-4) led 7-0 after three innings, scoring two runs in the first, one in the second and four in the third.
Jones had a two-run single in the first and later added an RBI double in the seventh to make it 8-5.
Jones (1-1) came on in relief for starter Rusty Jones in the fifth, with Northwestern State leading 7-2. He allowed three runs, one earned, on four hits and walked one before giving way to the closer, Daniel Desclouds in the eighth.
Desclouds retired all six batters he faced to earn his third save of the season.
Junior RHP Anthony Cupps (2-1) was charged with the loss, allowing three runs on four hits and one walk in two innings. He also struck out two.
Sophomore third baseman C.J. Ketchum went 2-for-4 with two RBI as the Rebels (5-3) out-hit the Demons 12-11 on the evening. Junior right fielder Brian Pettway went 1-for-5 with an RBI to extend his hitting streak to eight games.
The two teams will conclude the two-game series Wednesday afternoon at 4 p.m., at Oxford-University Stadium/Swayze Field. Junior left-hander Matt Maloney (1-0, 0.00 ERA) is scheduled to start for the Rebels, opposite freshman right-hander Derek Cloeren (2-0, 1.56 ERA).

Thanks to one of the WorldClassGlass correspondents for braving the weather and filling me in about the game. I have really been shocked by the Rebels performance lately. They have lost two out of the last three games. Stephen Head was 0-4 again tonight. I will give Stephen some more time to come along, because I know how good he is. But he needs to kick it into gear because SEC play is approaching quickly. On another note, Michael Wakefield pitched well for the Rebels tonight. Coach Bianco went to Wakefield to get the Rebels out of a jam, and he did just that. He was consistent with his pitches and pitched a good outing. We need more pitchers in the bullpen to come out this way. Anyways, it's to long of a season to start complaining now.

So Long Seniors

Tomorrow is the last game at the Pad for the season. The LSU Tigers(17-8, 10-4) roll into Tad Smith to take on the Rebels (13-14, 4-10). If the Rebels want to finish the season at .500 or better, they must win this game. LSU is the hottest team in SEC basketball right now, Coach John Brady brings his team into Oxford riding a four game winning streak. For the Rebels, most of the attention will be put on Senior night. The Rebels will be graduating one of its largest Senior classes in history. Players include: Kendrick Fox, Justin Johnson, Cavadas Nunnery, Chris Rhodes(thank God), Tommie Eddie, Ed Glass, and Marvin Moore. Very few people will be upset with this class leaving. Find a player in this group that another SEC team would like and I would love to argue with you. However this group of seniors have stuck through it over the past 2-4 years. I have to really give it to Tommie Eddie who fights hard at his position. Who knows who will win, I just hope we do not leave the seniors we start in for a long time. I will be interested to see how Coach Rod Barnes decides whether or not to play Londrick Nolen. Nolen and Barnes have not been best of pals lately. Hopefully I will see you at the Pad for one last time this year.

Where Are They Now?

Cutcliffe-Notre Dame
Latina-Notre Dame
Mendoza-Notre Dame
Nunn-Stephen F. Austin
Hopson-Southern Miss


1. Texas 15-0
2. LSU 9-1
3. Tulane 9-1
4. Cal State Fullerton 7-2
5. South Carolina 9-0
6. Miami (Fla.) 10-3
7. Rice 10-2
8. Georgia 5-1
9. Florida State 15-1
10. North Carolina 8-0
11. Stanford 9-6
12. Arizona 11-3
13. Florida 8-2
14. Arkansas 9-1
15. Vanderbilt 6-0
16. Georgia Tech 7-2
17. Mississippi 5-2
18. Southern California 5-2
19. Baylor 6-4
20. Texas A&M 7-4
21. Nebraska 7-0
22. Texas Tech 11-1
23. TCU 7-3
24. Wichita State 11-0
25. Long Beach State 8-6

The Battle for Shortstop(DM)

Ole Miss shortstops Zack Cozart and Ryne Porter have been friends, they've been rivals and they're now interlocked in a battle for the Rebel starting shortstop job.
Both are expected to get a start this week as the No. 17 (SW) Ole Miss baseball team (5-2) takes on Northwestern State (9-4) Tuesday and Wednesday at Swayze Field.
Tuesday's game begins at 6:30 p.m. and features Ole Miss junior right-hander Anthony Cupps (2-0, 2.45 ERA) against senior left-hander Rusty Jones (1-0, 2.53 ERA). Wednesday's game will start at 4 p.m.
The battle at shortstop is an all Memphis affair. Cozart, a freshman, is from Collierville, Tenn. Porter, a sophomore, is from Germantown, Tenn. They've grown up friends.
"It's pretty tough especially because Ryne and I came from the same town," Cozart said. "Our parents are good friends, and we're competing against each other. If I play, it's a lot harder to take it that I'm playing over him than it would be if I were playing over someone else. I'm sure it's the same for him."
Growing up, Cozart was especially close with Porter's younger brother Russell Porter. The two spent several years playing on the same youth league teams and became good friends. As a result, the Cozart and Porter families came to know each other well.
Ryne Porter enrolled at Collierville High School and a year later, Cozart joined him. It was the only year the two would share a high school, however. After his sophomore year, Porter transferred from Collierville to intense-rival Houston High School.
The two have once again become teammates this season, Cozart's first at Ole Miss. However, there remains a rivalry of sorts.
And it has been an intense rivalry in the sense that both shortstops have remained pretty even.
'It was an even battle through the fall and early part of spring," Ole Miss head coach Mike Bianco said.
Cozart slightly established himself as the opening day starter. Since then, he has done nothing to lose the role. Then again, neither has Porter. Through seven games, Cozart has six starts and Porter has one. The reason Porter's starts have been limited has been Cozart's play.
"It's nothing that Ryne didn't do," Bianco said. "Zack has just played so well in his first few starts."
In Cozart's first career game, he went 2-for-4 with a double, a triple, two runs and an RBI in the season opener against Arkansas State Feb. 15. On Saturday, he went 3-for-3 with a home run and three RBI against Southern Illinois. More importantly, Cozart's defense has been solid. He's looked smooth and has made just one error in 32 chances.
Meanwhile in Porter's only start against Belmont Feb. 22, he went 2-for-5 with three runs and three RBI and also looked smooth defensively on his three chances without an error.
It gives the Rebels depth at a position where they have been particularly strong in recent years with Chad Sterbens (1999-2003), who recorded at least one hit in 91 of 109 career games against Southeastern Conference opponents, and Matt Tolbert, who was considered one of the best defensive shortstops in the conference in 2004.
"It makes you feel comfortable as a coach when you have that kind of depth at that position," Bianco said. "It makes them both better players. You know that every ground ball and every batting practice is important."
Cozart noted that the competition does put more pressure on him at every practice.
"We're out there trying to impress coach (Bianco) every day," Cozart said. "Every time we practice, every time in the weight room, everything you do, you have to do your best. If you have an off day you know the other guy may be doing well."
The Rebels did not practice on Monday, and as of press time, Porter could not be reached for comment.