Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Rebs Win Again!!

OXFORD, Miss. - The Rebels continued to swing the bats on Wednesday, extending its win streak to seven games as No. 22 Ole Miss (27-15, 10-8 SEC) tallied 14 hits on the way to a 12-6 win over Louisiana-Monroe (13-28).
Logan Power and Alex Presley led the Rebels at the plate as both outfielders went 3-for-5 on the day. Power tallied an RBI and scored two runs, while Presley tallied three RBI and two runs scored. Presley opened the game with a solo home run, his third of the season.
"I am proud of how our guys bounced back like we did," said Ole Miss head coach Mike Bianco. "I was happy how we played today. Offensively we hit the ball well and we were able to get the big hit. Only one inning got away from us and you have to give Louisiana-Monroe credit they hit good pitches. We pitched a lot of guys and they pitched well."
Jesse Simpson (1-0) picked up his first win of the season, coming out of the bullpen to relieve Bradley Lum in the sixth inning.

Polk or Piniella??

I have a dislike for Ron Polk just as much as the next Ole Miss fan. I will give him credit that he is a good coach, but he complains and cries way to much about umpires. He has already been thrown out once this season.

The thing I do not like about the whole situation is the fact USM went as far as sending police on the field. This is uncalled for at no point should police be called in to escort a coach off of the field. This sounds like some stunt the fools that manage our game and Cobra security would do. I could just imagine some of our UPD and Cobra on the field. Disagree if you will, but I find this to be quite an embarresment for Polk and the way USM handled the situation. Below is the Clarion Ledger story.

Mississippi State baseball coach Ron Polk was suspended by the Southeastern Conference for tonight's game against Southern Miss.
Though Polk was ejected from Tuesday night's game in Hattiesburg, it was not his conduct on the field that drew the one-game penalty. Instead, it was his post-game comments to the media that warranted the suspension, said MSU athletic director Larry Templeton."It is very clear what the conference's policy is on commenting on the officiating," Templeton said.Following a bizarre, 13-6 loss to the Golden Eagles at Taylor Park, Polk was critical of the umpiring crew, specifically first base umpire Joseph Smith."Umpires are umpires, but he was just incompetent," Polk told reporters. "He was so scared out there he was hyperventilating."

After walking past USM assistant director for game management Jareel Combest, Polk was confronted by campus security."They told me I was going to be arrested if I didn't get off the field," Polk told reporters Tuesday. "For what? Arguing a call?"Polk left and spent the rest of the game in USM's batting cage.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Barnes Update

I have read where Rod Barnes is a candidate for an assistant coaching job under Bruce Pearl at Tennessee. I really did not see this one coming. It does not seem that Pearl's up tempo style of coaching and personality would go well with Rod, but oh well. I figured if Rod would be an assitant anywhere it would have been at UAB with Mike Davis. Will be interesting to see where this goes.

Could It Be

Could it be that Ole Miss might actually host a regional this year. If the Rebs continue to stay on the streak they are on, it is very likely. The key thing is we must win. The Rosenblatt Report predicts the following regional in Oxford:

Host: Mississippi
1. Mississippi
4. Jackson State*
2. Florida State
3. Southern Mississippi

Baseball Note

Evan Button will play second base for Justin Henry. Henry was hurt sliding into first on Saturday and played injured Sunday. From what I heard, he tore or stretched some ligaments in his hand. Button has played some in right for the Rebs. Henry will try and be back to play this weekend against Tennessee.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Back In The Polls

For the first time in quite a while, the Rebels are back in the polls. Below is the latest collegiatebaseball poll.

1. North Carolina (34-8)
2. Cal. St. Fullerton (31-10)
3. Rice (35-9)
4. Nebraska (32-6)
5. Georgia Tech. (32-9)
6. Alabama (31-12)
7. Oregon St. (28-9)
8. Notre Dame (32-8)
9. Texas (28-15)
10. Florida St. (33-10)
11. North Carolina St. (31-13)
12. Clemson (29-13)
13. Houston (28-15)
14. Oklahoma (32-10)
15. Virginia (34-10)
16. Arizona St. (28-14)
17. Miami, Fla. (27-15)
18. Kentucky (30-10)
19. South Carolina (30-11)
20. Mississippi St. (29-11)
21. Wake Forest (30-14)
22. Mississippi (26-15)
23. Arkansas (30-12)
24. Vanderbilt (25-16)
25. Old Dominion (35-8)

Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Broom, The Broom, The Broom Is Back

The infamous broom is back for the third time this year. This time I post it with great emotion and a happy feeling inside, as the Rebels were able to sweep the LSU Tigers this weekend in Oxford. It was great to see brooms in Swayze for the first time this season.

The Rebels defeated the Tigers 10-5, 11-3, and 11-8. On Saturday the Rebels played great baseball and the crowd was even better. It could not have been a better day outside. Craig Rodriguez and Brett Bukvich both pitched well and Stoney Stone and Will Kline came out of the bullpen to pick up saves. At the plate Mark Wright was excellent going 7 for 9 with five RBI's.

On Sunday, it was a another beautiful day outside and perfect weather for baseball. The Rebels started strong and it looked like the game would not be a problem. However the Tigers came around in the fifth inning and scored five runs. These runs were made possible by several walks and some stupid mistakes in the field. Justin Brashear's solo home run in the eigth tied the game and got the bats fired up. We eventually increased the lead to 11-8 to wrap up the series.

The umpiring today was pretty bad. A batter interference call and a called out at second base were pretty ridiculous and got the Rebel fans fired up. Another note on today was the decisions Rebel players were making. Multiple times our base runners were not paying attention to the coaches and costs us some valuable plays. I do not know what to attribute this too, but for several innings, no one seemed to know what was going on in our dug out and on the field.

It was the first sweep of the Tigers since 1982 and could not have come at a better time.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

New Hire For Bball

Head Coach Andy Kennedy has finished completing his staff for his new job at Ole Miss. Kennedy has hired Torrey Ward, who coached at Jacksonville State the past two seasons. Ward is a young, minority who played ball at UAB. I got to admit, I was hoping for a little more experienced staff, but I guess I will go along with what Kennedy is building. No where to go but up.....Story developing.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

MidWeek Games

The Rebels picked up two mid week wins defeating Southeastern Louisiana 6-1 and 11-4. These wins moved the Rebels to (23-15, 7-8). While these wins were definately big for the Rebels, it seemed like they came out a little slow in both of the games. We can not afford to do that this weekend.

I was glad to see two freshman players Evan Button and Logan Power come up big win they needed to this week. These two guys are competing for a starting position each day and are helping this team get wins in the process.

The LSU series is a big one this weekend in Oxford. Anytime the Rebels and Tigers get together it is a dog fight. The Rebels MUST take 2 out of 3 from the Tigers to remain competitive. Look for big crowds this weekend in Oxford.

Why Does It Rain on Friday?

It looks like it could be another wet Friday in Oxford. One, this keeps me off the golf course on Friday. Two, we once again have to play a double header on Saturday. We have played three double headers already this year due to rain. Two of these series have been SEC series in Oxford. As a matter of fact we have yet to play a three day SEC series in Oxford this season. In both of the SEC match ups on Saturday games we have split the games with our opponent.

Can we please just play a three game series without getting rained on in Oxford?


The NFL Draft has snuck up on me and I do not have the slightest clue as to what is going on. I tried to read on ESPN about it, but Mel Kiper has got all of his information locked down to the Insiders. I know guys like McKinley Boykin and Michael Bozeman are in the draft. Do we expect anyone from Ole Miss to get drafted this year? Hopefully someone is following the draft closer than I am.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

They Have Had Enough

Mississippi State baseball fans have reached their limit. They have launched I never thought I would see the day when they would be calling for his resignation. Many State fans worship him like a God, but it appears they are blaming him for the losses. A man who the stadium is named after. MSU will never fire Ron Polk, the only way he will leave is if he resigns. I am not sure how old Polk is, but he is old and fat. Looks like this could turn into an interesting rest of the season for the Bulldog faithful. (Thanks to a former Rebel tennis player for the heads up on this news.)

Sunday, April 16, 2006

One out of Three

Ole Miss defeated no. 7 South Carolina 11-6 to avoid the sweep from the Gamecocks this weekend. The Rebels had a chance to win all three games this weekend but were only able to pick up the Sunday win.

Friday night the Rebels were defeated 1-0 in a game in which the USC freshman pitcher dominated. The only run for the Gamecocks was a solo homer. It was the first back to back 1-0 games in the history of Ole Miss baseball.

Saturday was a game that the Rebels really let get away. Many fans of Rebel baseball were very dissapointed with the way this game was played and managed. Once again our rocky pitching staff comes back to hurt us. The Rebels went into the bottom of the eigth with a 3-1 lead before eventually losing 6-3.

Sunday, the Rebels pretty much were in control of the game. The bats came back out for the Rebels who managed to get 14 hits. Mark Wright's three run homer mid way through the game got the Rebels the momentum they needed. Will Kline was used to close out the game the final three innings and once again performed well for the Rebels.

The Rebels now begin a 10 game home stretch starting with Southeastern Louisiana on Tuesday, before hosting another team from Louisiana this weekend. It should be a good match up this weekend in Oxford. Below are the current standings in the SEC:

1. South Carolina......11-4
2. Alabama..............10-5
2. Vanderbilt............10-5
4. Kentucky...............8-7
4. Arkansas...............8-7
6. Miss. State............7-7
7. Ole Miss................7-8
8. LSU......................6-9
8. Georgia.................6-9
8. Auburn..................6-9
11. Tennessee...........5-9
12. Florida.................5-10

Another Championship for Chadwick

OXFORD, Miss. - Sophomore Erling Tveit came up huge for the No. 13 nationally ranked Ole Miss men's tennis team Saturday, rallying to win a third-set tiebreaker against Mississippi State's Pierre Mouillon at No. 1 singles to clinch the match and the SEC Western Division Championship for the Rebels on Senior Day at the Palmer/Salloum Tennis Center. The Rebels have now won 17 straight against MSU.

As Predicted

As predicted, former Ole Miss assistant Tracy Dildy was hired by new UAB coach Mike Davis. Dildy resigned just two weeks ago from a similar position with Ole Miss head coach Andy Kennedy. Kennedy has yet to name a replacement for Dildy on his staff.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Barnes A Little Greedy

It appears Rod Barnes is not going to get the coaching job at SEMO. Barnes reportedly had the job, but would not budge on his salary demands. So SEMO made the wise move and went with another candidate who was not demanding as much money. Barnes needs to realize he was making way more than he deserved at Ole Miss and it is going to be a while, if ever, before he makes near that much again. I predict he will land an assistant coach job at UAB with Mike Davis.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Basketball Ramblings

It is basketball signing day today. Ole Miss did not and was not expecting to sign someone. However it appears a couple of players could be leaving the team. It is rumored Marquis Young and Mike Smith could be leaving. Smith had a lot of hustle in him, but I did not believe a lot of talent. Young had alot of fat in him..................

The Sleeze is staying in Memphis and has turned down the NC State job. The new name for that job is John Brady. I do not see Brady leaving at all. This is just his attempt to get more money out of LSU..........................

Former Rebel signee, Soloman Bozeman has signed with South Florida who went 0-16 in the Big East last year...................

It appears Rod Barnes is going to get the new job at Southeast Missouri according to several web sites, but this is not final............

Look for Kennedy to bring in about 4 players next year, including a couple of transfers.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


A good sportswriter can be wrong every once in a while and boy was I wrong. Will Kline proved many Rebel fans including myself wrong to pick up his first win on the season. Kline struck out nine batters as the Rebels went on to beat in-state rivals Mississippi State 1-0 to win the Mayor's Cup. This puts the Rebels ahead in the series with a 14-13 record and the Rebels have won 5 games in a row in the capital city.

The only run put on the board tonight for either team was a solo home run by Zack Cozart early in the game. This led to the only shut out in the history of the Mayor's Cup. Kline pitched an excellent game and it was well overdue for the Tupelo product. Kline was on the mound for seven innings. Cody Satterwhite pitched in the eigth followed by Garrett White who closed out the game in the ninth.

The game became a little scary in the ninth when the Bulldogs had two runners on base with one out. Leave it to a Jackson Academy product to pop out for the Dogs for their second out. State even had the bases loaded with two outs before White was able to pick up a strikeout to end the game.

All in all it was a pitching dual in this game. A game that came down to the wire, but the most important thing is that it is another win for the Rebels. It does not get any easier for the Rebels as they travel to Columbia this weekend to take on South Carolina. Let's celebrate this victory until then.

Surely Not

It is being reported that Memphis head basketball coach John Caliparri is in talks with administrators from North Carolina State concerning the head coaching job available with the Wolvepack. Surely the man half of the city of Memphis bows down to and worships the ground he walkd on would not coach somewhere else. Surely the man would not leave the wonderful institution known as Memphis State. Story developing.

Another Position Filled

It appears Coach Kennedy has filled another void on his staff. Bill Armstrong has been hired as the Director of Basketball Operations. The former Director Carla O'Brian will move to her previous position of executive assistant to the basketball coach. The Director has the duties of trading tape, arranging travel, and taking care of other duties coaches do not handle. Armstrong comes to Ole Miss from Birmingham Southern where he held a similar position.

Here is some info from the Panther web site:

Bill Armstrong enters his third season on the Birmingham-Southern staff. Armstrong assists with all aspects of the program, including recruiting, scouting, on-the-floor coaching and handling the Panthers' travel arrangements.A Birmingham native, Armstrong joined the BSC staff prior to the 2003-04 season after serving as an assistant at Chipola Junior College in Marianna, Fla., where he helped lead the Indians to a 23-9 record and a second place finish in the Panhandle Conference during the 2002-03 season.

Prior to his stint at Chipola, Armstrong was a graduate assistant for UAB during the 2001-02 season under Murray Bartow. Armstrong is a 2001 graduate of UAB, where he was a four-year letterman on the Blazer basketball squad. He served as team captain as a senior and helped the Blazers reach the NCAA Tournament in 1999 and the NIT in 1998. He was also the recipient of the Barbara Hallerman Scholarship for Leadership.


It is being reported this morning that Alabama booster Logan Young was found dead in his Memphis home today. For those of you that do not know who Young is, he was the booster involved in the whole Albert Means ordeal. This caused tons of problems for the University of Alabama and it has been in and out of the news for the past several years. No word yet about his cause of death, but it is being rumored a homicide.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Gotta Love This Quote from Kehoe

"I can't tell you how excited I am to be here," Kehoe said. "Great things are about to happen here. I'm not sure exactly when but I promise you they are. I love Ole Miss, my family loves it here and 'I'm In'." (OMSN)

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Don't Look Now

Don't look now but it appears WILL KLINE will be the starter for the Mayor's Cup. One must ask, "What is Bianco thinking?" I will go ahead and give this game to the Dog's.

A Good Weekend In Baseball

The Ole Miss baseball team wrapped up a solid series this weekend with a dominating 12-1 win over Auburn. The Rebels took the series from the Tigers by winning 2 of three with a 14-2 on Saturday game one before a defeat in the second game 6-2. Aside from the second game on Saturday the bats were very hot with somewhere around 38 hits this weekend. The only problem was the amount of runners we left on on Saturday.

The pitching was pretty good. A very solid full game performance by Craig Rodriguez was a boost to this pitching staff that has had its ups and downs. I believe Craig has solidified his mark as a weekend starter. Lancy Lynn pitched well for six innings on Sunday.

A sweep would have been great, but a series win would was a must. This season is turning out to be a weird one as far as SEC ball is concerned. One week a team will sweep and be on top, the next they are back down at the bottom. This is why SEC baseball is the best in the nation. The Rebels will travel to Jackson for the annual Mayor's Cup this week before traveling to Columbia to take on a very good South Carolina team, and they must avoid a sweep this Easter weekend. Here is a look at the SEC standings:

South Carolina 9-3
Vanderbilt 8-4
Kentucky 7-5
Georgia 5-7
Florida 4-8
Tennessee 3-8

Alabama 9-3
Mississippi State 6-5
Arkansas 6-6
Ole Miss 6-6
Auburn 4-8
LSU 4-8

Red-Blue Game

The annual Spring Game was held this Saturday at Vaught Hemingway. I attended several quarters of the game and left with a couple of things. One, this team is improved from last year. There were alot of positive yards on the offensive side that we would not have gotten last year. Two, our defensive front has not slacked off from last year. I think we need another D-end to step up, but I believe the middle of the d-line is solid. Three, we miss Patrick Willis and Jamarca Samford on the defensive side of the ball. Four, our kicking game has not improved at all. Thankfully they did not let them kick alot so we were not able to see how bad they are.

I believe this Spring Game is nothing like what we will see next season. We had multiple players that were hurt and our starting QB is not even in school yet. I really liked some of the creative offensive plays that were run yesterday. There have not been plays like that run in Vaught Hemingway in many years. I was only there for a little over two quarters, so I would like to hear some thoughts on people that were there longer than me.

Reed Leads The T-Wolves

Good to see that Justin Reed is getting some more minutes with the T-Wolves. Reed led the T-Wolves with 18 points as Minnesota lost to Utah 103-95. Reed was traded to the T-Wolves from the Celtics earlier this season. He has played in 34 games with the T-Wolves sinces being traded and is averaging about 16 minutes a game. Looks like things are beginning to work out for Justin in Minnesota.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Another Addition

Coach Andy Kennedy has announced the addition of Owen Miller to his basketball staff. Miller comes to Ole Miss from Colorado State. Before his assistant coaching job with the Rams he coached for Mississippi State and Texas San Antonio. He was at MSU during their run in the 95 and 97. He grew up in Gulfport and played along side great player Chris Jackson, aka Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf, while in high school.

As much as I hate to bring in a former MSU coach, I am ok with this. He has seen success in several conferences. He was probably hired as the number three assistant before Tracy Dildy resigned. Now that Dildy has resigned, Kennedy is going to have to find another good assistant. No doubt it will be a minority candidate. No leads yet as to who the next assistant hired will be.

Here is some info from CSU website:

Miller began his college playing career at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas where he spent two seasons before moving to Mississippi College. In the 1993-94 season, Miller concluded his career by ranking second on the team in scoring and leading the team in three-pointers while starting in 23 games.

Following his successful playing stint, Mississippi State University added Miller to its coaching staff. While with the Bulldogs, he helped the team to a Sweet 16 appearance in 1995 and a Final Four trip the following year. MSU won the SEC title both years and captured the league tournament title in 1997.

Following three years at Mississippi State, he spent seven years at the University of Texas-San Antonio, including the last two years as associate head coach. While with UTSA, he helped the Roadrunners to annually challenge for an NCAA berth and, in six of seven years, helped the team to a second place finish or better in the Southland Conference. In his seven years at UTSA, the Roadrunners won more games than any other team in the league.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Basketball Recruiting

As reported earlier this week, Soloman Bozeman was officially released from his letter of intent by the Univeristy of Mississippi. Soloman's dad, Eric, a former assistant said that with a new coach coming into Ole Miss it was better for his son to look at other options. He claimed Soloman is being looked at by ACC and SEC schools.

Another note on recruiting is that Cincinnati has allowed freshman point guard Devan Downey to be released from his scholarship. Downey played very well for the Bearcats last year and is reportedly pretty close to AK. Out of high school he was one of the top 50 players in the nation.

Do not expect to hear the end of Kennedy brining more players to Ole Miss. I expect him to bring either a recruit or another current player before it is all said and done. I only hope he runs some of our guys off to open up some scholarships.

Dildy Gone

The word I am hearing is that Ole Miss assistant coach Tracy Dildy is not going to stay at Ole Miss under new head coach Andy Kennedy. It was announced last week that Dildy and Michael White would stay on under the new leader. Where this story is going and what Dildy has in plans, I do not know. I will try and find more out later.

Update: It is official, Tracy Dildy has left the Ole Miss basketball staff. People are saying that he is going to join Mike Davis at UAB once Davis is named head coach.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Sly Ruling

My first question is what is sensitivity training. Can you imagine the counselor that will be giving these fools the training. Second, I can not argue Croom's initial punishment. This is the way we have always handled our "incidents". The player is immediately suspended for the time being. What will happen next, will play out in the court system. If they are convicted then I do not expect them to be on the team. What very likely will happen is that the hearing will be suspended several times and they will all play next year. There is still a case open in Oxford concerning two former Rebels and their rape charge from several years ago. This is why it pays to be an athlete.

(From Clarion Ledger) Six Mississippi State football players were suspended "indefinitely" after they were arrested and charged with simple assault of a police officer over the weekend, Bulldog coach Sylvester Croom said today.The players were not at practice today and Croom said they will not be allowed to participate in Saturday's Maroon & White spring game.

This afternoon, Croom decided on the indefinite suspensions. He added additional penalties:

Each will be banned from "off-campus activities" at Level III Civic Sports & Cultural Center, where the incident took place.(a David A. favorite hangout)
Each will be forced to abide by an 11 p.m. curfew through the end of the spring semester.
And each will undergo counseling, specifically on-campus sensitivity training.

Barnes A Finalist

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo., April 3, 2006 – Southeast Missouri State University has announced three finalists for its men's basketball head coaching position.
They are Scott Edgar, assistant basketball coach at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville; Rod Barnes, former head basketball coach at the University of Mississippi; and Jay Spoonhour, former assistant basketball coach at the University of Missouri-Columbia.
Don Kaverman, director of athletics at Southeast, announced the finalists today after interviewing about 10 candidates over the last couple of days at the NCAA Men's Final Four Tournament in Indianapolis, Ind. He said the 10 were chosen for interviews from an original pool of more than 60 applicants.

Edgar will be on campus Thursday, Spoonhour on Friday and Barnes on Monday, April 10. An open forum for each candidate is planned for 3:30 p.m. on their respective interview day in the Show Me Center meeting rooms.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Basketball Update

It appears Ole Miss has granted the lease of Solomon Bozeman. Bozemon, the son of former Rebel assistant Eric Bozeman, wants to open his search back up. This does not mean that Bozeman will not be coming to Ole Miss though. Bozeman is going to be meeting with some of out coaches later this week to discusss issues.

Another Player of the Week

OXFORD, Miss. – Ole Miss junior outfielder Alex Presley was named Southeastern Conference Player of the Week on Monday by the league office after his performance over the week that led to a four-game win streak for the Rebels. All four wins were against ranked opponents and included the first-ever sweep of Georgia in the program’s history.Presley hit .500 (6x12) with an .833 slugging percentage on the week as he also drew six walks, scored seven runs and notched three RBI. The junior was a key offensively on the base path going 6-for-6 in steals as he posted an on base percentage of .667 for the week.On Sunday against the No. 19 Bulldogs, Presley went 2-for-2 with a run scored and two RBI on a triple in the first inning to help push Ole Miss to a 4-0 lead. He also went 4-for-4 on steal attempts to get in scoring position on the way to scoring four runs.Ole Miss returns to action on Tuesday with a single-game against Southern Miss at 7 p.m. at Trustmark Park in Pearl, Miss.

Is Jackie Wayne Back in Vegas??

Surely this is not Sylvester Croom's guys out there beating up policemen. A guy with such high standards and respect would never allow this to happen. If he is the type person he claims to be and is praised to be, it seems to me these guys would not be allowed to play for a respectable man like Coach Croom. He would never recruit players like this to play in his system. Surely not. I think this is a big mistake and typo they must have these players confused with someone else. This is the kind of stuff that happens when Sam H. and David A. are not in Starkville.

STARKVILLE — Five Mississippi State football players, including two starters, are scheduled to appear in Starkville Municipal Court today at 2 p.m. to face charges that they assaulted a police officer.
The five were were arrested and charged with simple assault of a police officer, a felony, late Sunday night, according to a news release from the Starkville Police Department.Cornerback Derek Pegues and safety Keith Fitzhugh are the starters arrested. Offensive tackle Michael Gates, and defensive ends Charles Burns and Quinton Wesley are the others. All are freshmen.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Seeing Double??

Well, this is two weeks in a row for the broom to be posted on Worldclassglass. Fortunately this type Ole Miss swept Georgia in a three game series this weekend. The Rebels pretty much dominated the Bulldogs for the entire weekend. I felt like Rodriguez and Lynn both had good weekends. Satterwhite is still struggling. Hopefully this is just a slump and he will come around. Ole Miss has always had freshman pitchers that go through a slump like this.

In all honest I did not think the Rebels would win but one game this weekend. I was quite surprised to see how many hits and runs we scored this weekend. If we can continue to play like this, we will be sitting pretty good. Georgia had to of been shocked we played the way we did. I have a feeling they did not expect to lose this weekend. The Rebs are now 4-5 through three weekends of SEC play. I would have liked to have better, but I will take it and move on with it.

A midweek match up at Trustmark Park in Pearl against the Golden Buzzards from South Mississippi will take place this week, before hosting Auburn this weekend. Auburn is also coming off a sweep of Kentucky this weekend. The Tigers lost alot of guys from last years squad. Two sweeps in a row would do wonders for this teams mentalitly that has been up and down for most of the year. This time next week I would love to post the infamous broom three weeks in a row.