Monday, October 31, 2005

Dave Baker

It is being thrown around that this guy, who I spotted on the field at Auburn, will be back at Vaught-Hemingway against LSU. If the Dave, Dave, and Dave show comes into town for an 11:30 broadcast of this game, I am going to be mad. I am sick and tired of waking up to watch Ole Miss play at 11:30 in the morning. Our athletic department should stand up to these people and tell them we do not want to be on t.v. Aside from the financial asset it would bring us, it does not help us with anything else. The crowd will not be in the game, it will hurt us with recruiting watching a L.S.U. team dominate our team, among many other thins. It seems like every year we have this problem and we are the only university that continues to let these guys make us play early games. We need to put a stop to it now.

Sanders Out Is You Know Who In??

Randy Sanders has resigned from Tennessee effective the end of this season as the team's offensive coordinator. Sanders has caught alot of fire from the Big Orange faithful this season based on the teams offensive performance or lack there of. Sanders has been with the UT program for many years starting out as a Grad Assistant. He then worked under David Cutcliffe as Asst. Offensive Coordinator. Many speculators believe that Cutcliffe will move into his old job at the end of this season. It will be interesting to see how UT responds to this move and see how the fans react to Cutcliffe's name in the hat.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

As Close As It Got

The Eighth Largest On-Campus Stadium

Coach O Leading the Rebs Onto the Field

My View

A non-existent Ole Miss offense helped Auburn beat the Rebels 27-3 at Auburn this Saturday. On a day where Ole Miss could have saved its season they forgot about a key ingredient in a win. That mysterious ingredient is offense. The Rebels were only able to produce a field goal of all things to put points on the visitor's side of the scoreboard. The Auburn offense was able to produce 27 points led by Kenny Irons and a variety of receivers.

Offense: The picture above was in my opinion the game turner. Unfortunately it was only a few minutes into the game. The Rebels had the ball at the Auburn 1 and could not score on two downs. With 4th and one and a half in Auburn territory the Rebels turned the ball over on a fumble between the exchange of Spurlock and Jacobs. The offense was only able to but together two hundred some odd yards all day against the Tigers. Michael Spurlock was 10 for 18 before being pulled for back-up QB Ethan Flatt. The backup provided a spark for the offense and seemed to be on target for most of the game, although he could not find a way to lead the Rebels to the endzone. Flatt ended the game 11-17 for 81 yards. Mico McSwain, the Rebel running back who has carried the team on his soldiers for many games this season was only able to gain 58 yards. Overall the offense performance was pitiful. I was glad to see Ethan Flatt come in to provide a change for the offense. With Flatt now in the picture practice should be a little different. We now do not have a starting quarterback nine games into the season. Sound familiar...........not much has changed since last year in this area.

Defense: The Ole Miss defense came out hot and held the Tigers on the first drive. It looked like the Rebs were going to be able to hang in there for much of the game. The entire defense line played well as did Patrick Willis. Willis continues to show his dominance each week, this guy is a real player, I just hope he comes back for one more year. The Rebel secondary really stunk it up in my opinion. As I have said all year long they are the same old secondary Ole Miss has had for the past 5 years. They do not know how to defend against the pass. While this was not the best defensive outing for the Rebs, they continue to show they are a good defensive team. If they could have played the second half like they did the first, the game might have been a little closer.

The special teams improved this week. A 43 yard field goal attempt by Matt Hinkle were the only points for the Rebs. Moseley and Park continue to perform well. An area I am not impressed with is our punt and kick returns. I wish Espy would run straight up the field instead of side to side. He does all that running for nothing and usually only gets about two yards. I hope we will improve in this area for the next three games.

Other Notes:

I really like to go to football games at Auburn, I think the stadium is awesome and the game atmosphere is good. The town as a whole is up there with Starkville and the tailgating was not spectacular.

The Auburn athletic department recognized just about everyone in the stands but me throughout the whole game. Every time out they were recognizing someone different. Auburn makes good use of their P.A. announcer, which you can actually hear, and of their jumbotron. Something our university will never figure out.

The week off will come at a good time. With three more games left the Rebels are still not out of the bowl picture. Yes it would be a miracle if it happened, but why give up now. In the week off we will be able to heal up some injuries like Chris Bowers and Mico McSwain(who I do not think played at 100%). We will also get to do some recruiting this week, it will be interesting to see where the coaches go on Friday night.

Also with an open week I think the QB saga will get interesting. The battle over who will start against Arkansas began this afternoon. I do not have a favorite at this point, but it should be interesting.

I am going to post some pictures from my view from section 35 later tonight.

And I am just glad I am not Phillip Fulmer, I am sure the Volunteer nation is ready to string him up after yesterday's game.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Movin on Up

The media picks came out yesterday from the SEC Media Day in Birmingham. Ole Miss has moved a step up in their books. While I think the Rebels will finish at least one spot higher than this. Here is how your favorite sports writers predicted the SEC West race.

Western Division
1. Alabama (25), 199
2. LSU (7), 173
3. Arkansas (3), 151
4. Mississippi State, 93
5. Ole Miss, 68
6. Auburn, 51

SEC Basketball Media Day

I really like the Clarion Ledger breakdown of our top six guys on the team. Here it is below:

The General: Todd Abernethy
The junior was a scorer off the bench last year and won the SEC's Sixth Man award. Now a more complete guard, Abernethy moves back to the point and will be asked to distribute the rock.

The Bomber: Clarence Sanders
Rated as highly as the No. 3 juco player in the nation last season, Sanders is expected to add instant offense. The 6-2 guard shot 40 percent from 3-point range and averaged 20 ppg in juco.

The Igniter: Londrick Nolen
Nolen, the Rebs' returning leading scorer at 10 ppg, is the X factor. The versatile forward showed early last season he has the talent to be a marquee player. Then, he it a wall. Will he recover?

The Role Player: Dwayne Curtis
Eligible after sitting out last season, the Auburn transfer will shoulder a big load as the go-to threat in the post. At 6-8 1/2 and 290 pounds, Curtis gives Ole Miss a true bruiser down low.

The Defender: Xavier Hansbro
Barnes raves about Hansbro's athleticism and wingspan. The 6-9, 225-pounder could make his biggest impact on defense. The freshman averaged 14.7 rebounds and 7 blocks as a HS senior.

The 6th Man: Brandon Patterson
The sophomore wing player will step in at as many as three positions. Patterson, the team's best 3-point shooter last season, has focused on becoming a better ball-handler to spell Abernethy.

Quote of the Day

The quote of the day comes from Ole Miss offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone in reference to this weeks game at Auburn:

"I have a lot of old friends there," Mazzone said. "But I don't care if my mom was coaching that team. I'd still want to go kick their butts."

Look Out Cobra!!!!!!!

A judge on Thursday sided with a high school civics teacher who sued to stop security ``pat-downs'' at Tampa Bay Buccaneers games. The American Civil Liberties Union of Florida filed a lawsuit Oct. 13 on behalf of Bucs season ticket-holder Gordon Johnston. It sought to stop Raymond James Stadium officials from conducting the ``suspicionless'' searches that began last month after the NFL implemented enhanced security at stadiums throughout the league. Circuit Judge Perry Little agreed with Johnston Thursday, issuing a temporary injunction stopping the searches until the lawsuit is resolved. The next Bucs home game is Nov. 6. The NFL said in a statement it was ``disappointed'' by the decision, but hadn't had a chance to review the court's opinion. ``Pat-downs at other NFL stadiums should not be affected by this ruling,'' the statement said. ``We believe these limited screenings are reasonable and important to the protection of our fans.'' Johnston testified in a hearing last week that the searches violate his constitutional rights because they were ``invasive without necessity.'' Security would be more effective if staff spent more time watching ticket holders and less time touching them, he said. ``Why do I need to lose my rights to go to the game?'' he said. ``I'd say it's humiliating. If I did that to my students, do you know what would happen to me?'' The Tampa Sports Authority, which operates the stadium, approved the pat-downs in September after the NFL asked all teams to conduct them. The Tampa Sports Authority didn't immediately return a call seeking comment.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Another Group of Tigers

The rumors on the internet today are concerning a future opponent for the Ole Miss Rebels. It is being rumored that Ole Miss and Clemson have agreed to a home and home deal for the 2015 and 2016 seasons. If this is true I like this move. However I am going to wait for an official release cause that is a long way from now. I thought about how far in advance that was and I will be 31 by then. If it is true I will see yall in Clemson in 2015.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Coach O Answering My Question

It appears Coach O maybe reading my blog. Not really, but he did address a question at the press conference yesterday that a member of the media asked concerning Robert Lane. In my post game analysis I questioned why Robert Lane did not play that much after the first couple of series. In the post game press conference Orgeron did not know the answer either and seemed a little confused. It appears they have straigtened out the issues and we will be seeing more of Bobby Lane this weekend. Here are some quotes from the P.C.

"We're going to let him run the ball and let him catch the ball. I expect him to be in on every down this week as much as we can," Orgeron said. "We're going to play him a lot more and maybe play him every down."

We just put in a little bit for him, and (Kentucky) caught on to it pretty quick, so they pretty much mirrored him all over the field," offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone said. "This week we want to get him more involved in some different things, expand his repertoire, so to speak."

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Taming Cats

Ole Miss defeated the Wildcats from Kentucky 13-7 in one of the more boring games I have ever witnessed. The score of the game should have easily been 28-7, but a stalled offense and the worst kicking game I have ever seen kept this game close on the scoreboard. But a win is a win and in the SEC you take them anyway you can get them. However a performance like this for the rest of the season will likely not get us anymore wins.

Defense: The Ole Miss defense continues to dominate this team and is one of the few aspects we have to look forward to. Patrick Willis and the linebackers are doing a great job as well as Michael Bozeman and McKinley Boykin. The defense kept the Wildcats pinned in their own territory for the majority of the game. They were on the field for alot of the game, and dominated while they were there.

Offense: disappointing, the play of the offense took a step back this week in my opinion. From the play calling to the execution of the plays, the offense did not perform well. QB Michael Spurlock knew that his unit did not execute as they should have. Several times Michael knew he should have run when he had a wide open field. Post game comments from Spurlock pretty much wrapped up my thoughts about his play.

"I'm disappointed after today," said Spurlock. "I know a couple of times I should have run it, but it's not something you practice for it. It just happens."

On another note Mico McSawin continues to carry the offense on his soldiers. Mico ran for a little over 100 yards. Mico had multiple carries yesterday and very few holes produced by the offensive line. The receivers took a step back also, dropping at least 5 or 6 passes they should not have dropped.

Other Notes: As stated each week our kicking department is miserable. The team was 2 of 6 on field goals which is absolutely ridiculous. Why our coaches continue to choose the option of kicking on fourth down instead of going for it is beyond me. When it is third down and two on the Kentucky 33 you have two downs to get the first, why kick it? Give the ball to Mico twice and he can get you two yards.

The Robert Lane factor seemed interesting to me. Mazzone used him in the first two series and it seemed to be working good. He caught several passes and gained about 35 yards, but he was never seen again for the most part. Coach O was even confused as to why he did not play more, when asked in the press conference after the game why Lane was not used more in the game, "he did not know and said we was going to have to ask Mazzone about this."

I felt like Ole Miss took a step back this week. Against Alabama the Rebels looked good and executed well on both sides of the ball. For the Rebels to have a chance against Auburn, the team that showed up against Alabama will have to show up to play Auburn.

On a side note I would like to say hello to the fans of Worldclassglass that I met in the Grove this weekend, I am glad to know there are readers out there other than the ones I hear from on a day to day basis.

Until then...............See you on the Plains.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Trip to Orlando


I was on other Ole Miss support boards today and ran across this clip that is linked below. I was at this game in Orlando in 1990. My family took a trip to Disney World and it just happened to be the same week as the SEC TOURNEY(coincidence-I think not). This is a trip I will never forget. The player who this site is named for was the main contributer on this team along with Joe Harvell and Patrick Eddie under the leadership of coach Ed Murphy. Ole Miss plays UT in this clip but went on to loose to Georgia by about 2o in the finals, in front of an extremely small crowd. The tournament has not returned to the Sunshine State since Orlando. However in three years it will be in Tampa of all places, I forsee another small attendance year as in Orlando.

This is an awesome clip, even though it only last about a minute. But it is the first footage I have seen on the internet of this type. I would love to see more footage of Ole Miss basketball on the internet.

As you watch the starting lineups, the announcer makes an error. Only the true Ole Miss basketball fan will catch this error. The other boards have not caught on to, I picked it up immediately. The first person to catch the error will win a yet to be determined prize.

Here is the link:

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Don't Forget About the Women

Daphnee Frieson, one of the most hotly recruited female basketball players to come out of the Mobile area in years, announced Monday that she has committed to Ole Miss.
Frieson, a 6-foot-4 center, averaged 19 points and 16 rebounds at Satsuma last season, but has transferred back to Vigor, where she played as a sophomore. A first-team Mobile Register All-Region selection and second-team 6A all-state pick, she chose the Lady Rebels over Texas Tech, West Virginia, Michigan State, Louisiana Tech, Alabama State and Southern Cal.
"I like the atmosphere, the people, the coaching staff and the players," said Frieson, who visited Ole Miss earlier this month. "I like the way (head coach) Carol Ross came in and put Ole Miss on the map. Her program's on the rise."


Monday, October 17, 2005

Lane On the Move???

Today in practice Robert Lane was moved from QB to Running Back. Orgeron was quoted as saying, "I've always though he's one of our best football players and we have to get him on the field." While I agree with Orgeron, I saw Lane as a tight end, but if he thinks running back is the place where Lane could contribute the most, than I am all for it. It should be interesting to see how this develops, stayed tuned to see what O and company do with Lane.

Jefferson Pilot Strikes Once Again

Yes that is right Ole Miss has been bitten by the Jefferson Pilot bug. It appears the Auburn game in two weeks will be broadcast at 11:30 in the morning. We all hate JP and will continue to hate them for making us wake up early in the morning to go to a football game. I do not know while the SEC continues to sign a contract with such a bush league production of the three Daves. Oh well see you on the Plains bright and early.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Shoulda, Coulda, Wouda

The Ole Miss vs. Alabama game was almost all that I thought it would be. I predicted it would be a game that Ole Miss would play with Alabama for three quarters and then the Tide would roll on from there. I was proved wrong by the Rebs. It was a great game that the Rebels really should have won. They were given many opportunities but could not capitalize, combined with stupid penalties gave the Tide a three point win.

Offense: The offense continues to play better, but are still not where we need to be. I fealt like the offensive line played better than in previous games. I expected the Alabama D-Line would dominate our front, but the Rebels hung in there for the most part. Mico McSwain continues to impress me and he continues to push this offense. Michael Spurlock also had a good game, I would like to see him run a little more though. Overall the offense was average.

Defense: Wow, they really played their hearts out. The Ole Miss D stepped up and answered the call placed to them. They provided hope to the Rebel Nation that this team could win the game. They stopped a top five ranked team in the nation for the most part throughout the game. This Defense played well all over the field. Patrick Willis continues to dominate this D, but this week the rest of the D played up to his caliber also. If this defense continues to play like this we will get a few more wins this season.

Special Teams: We all know the story. While I often do not blame the game on kickers, I have to place alot of the blame on them. Although they were not the sole reason we lost. We missed two easy fieldgoals that were the difference in a win and a loss. I wish Park would put a few more yards on his punts. The bright spart in the special teams continues to be the kicks of Will Moseley placing all but one in the end zone.

The two key points in this game were the missed field goals and the two penalties against the Rebels. Ole Miss had the ball on the two yard line on a third down late in the game. All they needed were two simple yards. Instead we made stupid mistakes and received back to back delay of game penalties. The first one was the coaches faught, the second Spurlocks. It was absolutely ridiculous we allowed this to happen at such a crucial part of the game. What a difference a few seconds could have made.

Overall, while I was mad we lost, I was proud of our effort. I continue to believe in this team. While I know it is a long shot, there are five games left, all we need is four to be bowl eligible. This game would have really helped our chances. In the often overused words of Pete Cordelli "You Gotta Believe."

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Baseball America Recruiting Class

Baseball America ranked the Ole Miss Baseball Recruiting class as number eleven in the nation. But you will never guess who was number one........Vandy of all people. At any rate looks like our baseball program is continuing where they left off last year.

11. MISSISSIPPIRecruiting coordinator: Dan McDonnell. Key recruits: Phillip Irwin, rhp; Lance Lynn, rhp (Mariners, 6); *Craig Rodriguez, lhp; Cody Satterwhite, rhp (Indians, 37); *Garrett White, lhp.Mississippi lost five pitchers who accounted for 77 percent of its innings a year ago and responded by signing a deep class of arms. Satterwhite attended Hillcrest Christian School in Byram, which also produced former Rebels Stephen Head and Seth Smith. He and Lynn both reach the mid-90s. Rodriguez, White and fellow JC transfer Matt Rozier, a righthander, will add a veteran influence on what looks to be a young staff.
****I was told today that Matthew Rozier quit.

Thata Boy Fred

Minnesota Vikings players are being investigated in connection with a lake cruise that turned into a wild sex party last week on Lake Minnetonka. The party became so out of control that crew members on the two yachts were offered money for sex and feared for their safety, law enforcement authorities and an attorney for the cruise company said Tuesday.

The excursion Thursday on two yachts owned by Al & Alma's Supper Club and Charter Cruises in Mound was organized by first-year Vikings safety Fred Smoot and possibly two other players, according to Stephen Doyle, the company's attorney

From Robert Cook's Hometown Newspaper

We all know the Neal McCready story about him and the SID job if Langston would have left. This guy continues to take his frustration out on us in his weekly columns he did last year when he reported on the rape case that came out of no where. McCready is an Ole Miss graduate and he hates us. I would love to know what this guys looks like and meet him in the Grove and give him a piece of my mind. Some of the points he makes in the article below are valid, but I think the last sentence controdicts himself.

Because David Cutcliffe is a University of Alabama alumnus, there will be criticism this week for Ole Miss firing its former head football coach.
No. 6 Alabama should maul the Rebels Saturday, and many will say that things aren't so rosy in Oxford these days without Cutcliffe.
While it's true the Ole Miss program is a mess, most have the Cutcliffe saga all wrong. Cutcliffe, who coached for six seasons in Oxford and led the Rebels to five winning seasons, basically fired himself last November when he refused to acquiesce to his superiors' requests for him to make changes to his coaching staff in the wake of a 4-7 season and several sub-par recruiting campaigns.
Cutcliffe and athletics director Pete Boone never got along, and after Cutcliffe nearly bolted for Kentucky in December 2002, it was just a matter of time -- or a few embarrassing losses in the post-Eli Manning era -- before Cutcliffe was run out of Oxford.
Besides, even if Cutcliffe had survived the series of end-of-season meetings, he probably wouldn't have been on the sidelines Saturday when the Crimson Tide goes to Ole Miss to administer some payback to the Rebels, who beat Alabama at Vaught-Hemingway Stadium in 2001 and 2003. Cutcliffe accepted a post on Charlie Weis' staff at Notre Dame but had to resign after having heart bypass surgery in the spring.
Cutcliffe is back in Knoxville, Tenn., these days, working to get healthy and waiting for another opportunity to be a head coach. Cutcliffe is most certainly a class act, but he underachieved during much of his tenure at Ole Miss and left the program in shambles. While you're in Oxford over the weekend watching a national power dispose of a team that wouldn't win the Division I-AA title, check out the Rebels' roster. It has precious little SEC-caliber talent -- and that's Cutcliffe's fault.
If you're looking to criticize Ole Miss, it's not hard. Just look in the right place. Look at Cutcliffe's successor, former Southern Cal assistant Ed Orgeron, and put the microscope to the botched coaching search that ended with his hiring.
When Cutcliffe was let go, many Rebel fans believed the next coach had already been lined up. One prominent booster had initiated contact with Louisville coach Bobby Petrino, going so far as to discuss a financial package with Petrino's agent. Ole Miss contacted former Washington coach Rick Neuheisel, who wanted the job, but UM chancellor Dr. Robert Khayat put the kibosh on that, implying that the school wanted nothing to do with Neuheisel's baggage.
Neuheisel, now the quarterbacks coach with the Baltimore Ravens, would have been a perfect fit in Oxford. He would have been a sophisticated, creative guy in a town that fashions itself as sophisticated, upper-class and cutting edge.
Toward the end of the merry-go-round search, Ole Miss appeared to have then-San Francisco 49ers coach Dennis Erickson lined up. Several UM officials flew to Santa Clara, Calif., to meet with the former Miami and Oregon State coach. But he, too, was passed over.
In the meantime, qualified assistants such as LSU offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher and then-Auburn defensive coordinator Gene Chizik weren't given the time of day. Ole Miss officials said they wanted an experienced head coach and implied they wanted to make a high-profile hire.
One day after the Erickson meeting, however, they settled on Orgeron, who had never even been a coordinator, had plenty of personal baggage and had no profile of any significance in the Southeast. The hire, to say the least, was baffling.
Months later, the Rebels are 2-3, including losses to Vanderbilt and Wyoming, two assistants have been run off because of embarrassing alcohol-related offenses, there are various reports of behind-the-scenes turmoil on the team and rumors of chair-throwing and coaches fighting in pre-game meetings -- rumors that Orgeron, quarterback Micheal Spurlock and wide receiver Taye Biddle denied Monday.
In short, Ole Miss football has become the laughingstock of the league.
Throw in the blowout losses to teams such as Alabama, Auburn and LSU that are likely on the horizon and things could get even uglier very soon.
However, no one should blame Orgeron for taking a job that landed in his lap. It was an opportunity he had hoped for and he jumped at it. Further, no one can blame Orgeron for the losses that have happened or the blowouts that are yet to come. Bear Bryant couldn't win with the team he inherited.
Khayat justified Orgeron's hire by trumpeting his recruiting prowess. So Orgeron's judgment must wait until February. If he brings in a solid recruiting haul, he'll be viewed as eccentric but Rebel fans will tolerate the rebuilding process. If not, Orgeron's hiring will go down as one of the worst in the history of the SEC and the already low Ole Miss program will have suffered significant long-term damage.
None of that, however, has anything to do with Cutcliffe.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The More I Read the More Excited I Get

Barnes doesn't have to rely on those sources for motivation to get his program turned around. All he has to do is dig deep down inside. Three straight losing seasons that have led to a 41-47 record during that span is all the motivation he needs. ''It's a major urgency for me,'' Barnes said. ''The urgency comes from our desire to win. Man, I'm sick of losing. That's my thing.'' Barnes is heading into his eighth season as head coach of the Rebels, intent on finishing the year with a winning record and a return to postseason play, something that has eluded them since losing to Pittsburgh in the first round of the NCAA Tournament in 2002. Since going 20-11 that season, Ole Miss has turned in campaigns of 14-17, 13-15 and 14-15. Barnes is optimistic about ending that trend this season. The reason being a recruiting class that was ranked as high as No. 3 in the country by recruiting publications.

This year's roster is without a doubt bigger, stronger and faster than any Barnes has had since the 2001-02 squad. After being an undersized team for most of his previous seven seasons, Barnes now has a roster with eight players listed 6-6 or taller. The player who should make the biggest impact is actually a transfer, 6-8 sophomore center Dwayne Curtis, who sat out last season after coming over from Auburn. In 19 games for the Tigers as a freshman, Curtis averaged three points and 2.3 rebounds. The Rebels are counting on him to be their go-to player in the post. The only returning starter is 6-6 senior guard/forward Londrick Nolen, of Raleigh-Egypt. Nolen averaged 9.8 points and 4.4 rebounds a year ago, numbers that actually declined as the year went on. But with a better cast of players surrounding him, Barnes is expecting to see a steadier performance from one of his most versatile players.

The newcomers he's most excited about are 6-2 junior college transfer guard Clarence Sanders, 6-9 freshman forward Xavier Hansbro, and 6-7 freshman forward Trey Hampton. Sanders, from Phenix City, Ala., averaged 22.4 points per game at perennial junior college power Okaloosa-Walton (Fla.) Community College. Hansbro, from Trezevant, Tenn., is a sharp-shooting forward who averaged 27.8 points and 14.6 rebounds at West Carroll High School. Hampton hails from Hoover, Ala., where he averaged 18 points, 10 rebounds and five assists. The Rebels also have a returning cast that includes Todd Abernethy, Brandon Patterson, Brian Smith, Jermey Parnell and Bam Doyne.

''We're expecting those guys to step right in and help us out,'' Abernethy said. ''This is a huge year for us. People might say it's a rebuilding year, especially with the last two seasons, but we want to go to the NCAA Tournament. That's what we're expecting.''

Monday, October 10, 2005

Will the being on the Sports Illustrated cover jinx Alabama like it has many many teams in the past. I do not believe in these things much, but if there is ever a time we need to believe in tales like this, now is the time. Ole Miss needs all the luck it can get this weekend.

Maybe Next Season Saints............Yeah Right

It appears the New Orleans Saints have lost their best player after Sunday's miserable loss to Green Bay. RB Deuce McAlister tore his ACL in the game and appears to be our for the season. I hate this for Deuce, he is a nice guy and a great friend of the University.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

A Slow Start

Well, it took us a while to get going, but a win is a win, and this year I will take any one that we can get. This Ole Miss football team continues to struggle. The Citadel was not a good team, but they were definately not the worst team I have ever seen the Rebels play for Homecoming. The best part of the game was probably the fly over before the game even started.

I am a Spurlock believer and it took him coming out of the game at the start of the second half to get going. Robert Lane just has bad luck and I would not be mad if I did not see him play again this year. Was Spurlock got it together, they were able to pick apart the Citadel defense. However, he is still missing alot passes, but this is nothing that can not be corrected. What does need correcting, but I am not sure we have an answer for continues to be our offensive line. I think we are hopeless in this category and I am very dissapointed in our Senior lineman who have not stepped up this year. Mico McSwain is a heck of a football player, each week he amazes me on his ability to not get tackled. If he just knew all the plays, he would be perfect. But, Mico in my opinion, is very good and I hope we continue to utilize him.

We have improved. Patrick Willis continues to dominate our defense with something like 14 tackles. He is a great player, even with one hand. It is a big difference when he is on the field. Travis Johnson's play was a better this week, but I still wish we had someone else in there. McKinley Boykin has come around and he is in full gear, he played very well. I believe he got screwed on the roughing the passer call.

Special Teams:
Special teams continues to improve each week. Robert Bass is doing a good job with PAT's. Will Moseley has settled down into the kickoff duties and does an outstanding job, kicking nearly all deep into the endzone. This week we saw Rob Park punting, who also did a great job including a 60 yard kick.

Overall, we should have beat them worse than we did, but as I stated earlier a win is a win with this team.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

See Ya!!

Ole Miss freshman Reterio Brown has been suspended indefinitely from the football team. This was announced by Coach Orgeron after practice today. It appears Brown broke a "team rule." There is no telling what he did, but it is a never ending story with this group.


It appears Reterio was suspended for a DUI offense he was arrested for on October 1st. I am not sure what the penalty is on this team for a DUI arrest.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A Message From Your Wonderful Athletic Department

It appears the Ole Miss-Bama kick-off time is still up in the air. The announcement today was that the game will either be an 11:00 kick-off on CBS or a 6:15 game on ESPN. It is being reported that CBS will decide by Sunday as to their decision. Lets all pray for 6:15.

Monday, October 03, 2005

You are not going to like this if you have a weak
stomach, or if you are Donaldson

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Very Proud

I was priveleged to go to the Mississippi Rising concert last night, and it was great. It made me very proud to be a Mississippian and an Ole Miss student. The concert did great things for Mississippi and the school. All of the Mississippi born actors and friends are great people and did great things for this state last night. I will have to say this event was a long time coming, to showcase all the wonderful talent from this great state. If you did not get to go, I hope you were able to watch it on t.v.

No Comment

I was not able to watch the game on Saturday because of the crazy world of Rush. I would like to read from some that watched the game, besides from all these fools on the Spirit board. So please tell me your comments.