Sunday, November 20, 2005

Just Plain Bad

I am not going to break this game down. For the main reason, there is nothing to break down on our side. We are just plain bad and LSU is good. I figured going into the game it would be bad, but I did not figure it would have been this bad.

It was confirmed today that Noel Mazzone was fired by Coach O as the offensive coordinator. Who will replace him, I have no idea, but I sure hope it is not John Fourcade or Bobby Herbert as those are the two names that are mentioned. Surely there is a quarterbacks coach out there that is ready to be an offensive coordinator from a big name college. My other question is where is the money coming from? Mazzone is still under contract for 2 years for $500,00. We must pay him and another coordinator when he is hired. I have no clue which alum will finance this move.

The future of Ole Miss football is extremely up in the air. Not knowing the offensive coordinator or which players if any will return is going to be a challenge. I hope Dr. Khayat has a plan cause so far it has not worked out well.

The Bullfrauds are next, possibly tow of the worst teams in the country will meet for the season finally this Saturday. The cowbells will be illegally ringing and Croom will try to pull his troops together for a lone SEC victory. See you in Starkville.