Sunday, November 27, 2005

A Sad State of Affairs

Ole Miss was defeated by MSU in the 2005 Egg Bowl, in a game that was pretty much dominated by MSU. This is the first time MSU defeated the Rebels in four years. The Maroons defeated Ole Miss strictly on a ground attack led by Jarious Norwood. Norwood ran all over the Rebels for the majority of the day.

Offense: The Ole Miss offense picked up where they left off with LSU. Ethan started the game with a touchdown but then became Flatt for the rest of his tenure. Flatt was replaced by Spurlock midway through the first half. Spurlock ignited the Rebels for a touchdown before the end of the second quarter, but that was all the senior from Indianola could do. Interceptions play a major role in the Bulldog domination of the Rebels. Also the Rebels were never able to gain good field position. A ground game was inexistant as no one could find a hole anywhere. The offense was just plain bad.

Defense: Never would I have ever dreamed this team would be dominated on the defensive front like they were on Saturday. The Bulldog offensive line was able to dominate the Ole Miss defensive line and linebackers. Holes were open all day for Norwood to run through. The one bright spot in our season all year long has been the defense. They really let their team and fans down.

What lies ahead for the Ole Miss football team is unknown. Before we can to think about recruiting new players, we must recruit those that are currently involved with the program. We need to clean house and only have players that are dedicated to the program and where it is going. We do know some coaches will be gone. Mazzone is for sure and it looks like Matt Luke might be joining Cutcliffe at UT. One thing is definate, CHANGES WILL AND NEED TO BE MADE.

I will try and post some thoughts on this throughout the week. A press conference is scheduled for 10:30 tomorrow.