Thursday, November 10, 2005

Possible Devastation

Ole Miss message boards are lighting up this morning with possible devastating news. It appears the entire Rebel linebacking core is injured. The most notable and severe injuries are to Patrick Willis and Gary Pack. Willis appears to have injured his foot/ankle again and Pack was some bruised or fractured ribs. Everything is unclear on these reports right now due to the fact of Coach Orgeron and his staff stance throughout the year on keeping quiet about injuries. If both of them are indeed hurt, it does not look good for the Rebels for the rest of the season.

I hate to second guess the head coach on this one because I am not fully informed on the situation. But if your number one player and All-American candidate is even slightly banged up, why do you have him dress out in practice. This late in the season players are not learning anything new, tackling and hitting drills are routine by now and do little to help the player improve. There is very little Willis could be taught or shown that would improve his game. Bottom line is if he was hurt just a little, there was no point in risking him in practice to further tweak the injury.