Sunday, November 13, 2005


I will not have much to say about this game except that I was very dissapointed in the effort. I truly believed all season until the third quarter we would be in some second-rate bowl, but a bowl at that. Man was I wrong. I am not jumping ship on the Coach O era like half of the Rebel faithful better yet make that two thirds of Rebel fans, but I will admit I was dissapointed in the effort this season and this game. Arkansas came into town and looked like they were going to get beat, until they turned it around in the second half and outscored the Rebs 21 to 3, going on to win 28-17.

Offense: The absence of Mico McSwain hurt the Rebels who only managed 1o yards rushing. Ethan Flatt had a decent day throwing for over 300 yards but two costly interceptions helped develop the outcome as one was returned for a touchdown. Robert Lane managed to rack up 116 yards and proves he belongs on the field somewhere. The second half offense basically was non-existant.

Defense: A tale of two stories. The Rebel D was able to hold one of the nations best rushing teams to only 89 yards but allowed a freshman QB to throw all over them. The front four played well, I really liked the play of Corvelli Haynes. As for the secondary, if I've said it once I've said it a thousand times. Ole Miss has never had a decent secondary in my lifetime, and as far as I'm concerned we never will. They are just plain awful.

I agree with Charles Clark in his post game comments on questioning the coaching staff as to why no half time adjustments were made. It appeared only the Arkansas coaching staff knew that halftime was for making adjustments.

Many on the team and in the stands blamed alot of the loss on McKinley Boykin whose unsportsman like conduct turned the momentum in the game. I just watched the highlights and this penalty was nothing special. Nine out of ten times the referee lets this slide. It is ashame a stupid play like this changes the momentum of the game. I hated to see this happen, for I believe he has turned his game around recently.

Now that there is no bowl game to play for, we have our pride to fight for. The Tigers will come into town red hot. They ruined our season two years ago, so whataya say we ruin theirs. The worse thing that could happen is if Ole Miss fans do not even show up for the game on Saturday, its college football and one of the best rivalries in the nation, if you are a fan you will be there. As for now GEAUX TO HELL LSU.