Thursday, November 10, 2005

Roundballers Open Up Doors

The Ole Miss Men's Basketball team opened its doors to students this afternoon by letting them attend practice and have a small meet and greet afterwards. I attended for a little over an hour. The make up of this team is different than any other we have had since I am been in school and the best looking since the good days of the late 90's. Our size is going to be an advantage, with guys like Dewayne Curtis, Jeremy Parnell, and Marquis Young down low it will help us out. The past several years we have not had the presence of a true big man down low.

Practice was very fundamental today. Not much scrimmaging, alot of teaching. I like seeing Rod work the team on their strategy among other things. Most of the practice was spent going over a variety of offensive plays. The one thing I have been critical about over the years has been the inbounds play, well we have found a couple this year. We dedicated a good bit of time today working on some different plays, so I hope to see them this season.

Afterwards Rod and the captains spoke to those in attendance. They all seem fired up about the season. Time was then spent interacting with the team and coaches in the lobby of the Tad Pad. The coaches were all very nice to the students and introduced us personally to all the players. Most of the players are new and seem real fired up about the season and plan on doing good things this season. I left the Tad Pad in good spirits knowing this team really wants to turn things around and make it the way it used to be. First exhibition is tomorrow at 7:00 against SpringHill College.