Sunday, October 23, 2005

Taming Cats

Ole Miss defeated the Wildcats from Kentucky 13-7 in one of the more boring games I have ever witnessed. The score of the game should have easily been 28-7, but a stalled offense and the worst kicking game I have ever seen kept this game close on the scoreboard. But a win is a win and in the SEC you take them anyway you can get them. However a performance like this for the rest of the season will likely not get us anymore wins.

Defense: The Ole Miss defense continues to dominate this team and is one of the few aspects we have to look forward to. Patrick Willis and the linebackers are doing a great job as well as Michael Bozeman and McKinley Boykin. The defense kept the Wildcats pinned in their own territory for the majority of the game. They were on the field for alot of the game, and dominated while they were there.

Offense: disappointing, the play of the offense took a step back this week in my opinion. From the play calling to the execution of the plays, the offense did not perform well. QB Michael Spurlock knew that his unit did not execute as they should have. Several times Michael knew he should have run when he had a wide open field. Post game comments from Spurlock pretty much wrapped up my thoughts about his play.

"I'm disappointed after today," said Spurlock. "I know a couple of times I should have run it, but it's not something you practice for it. It just happens."

On another note Mico McSawin continues to carry the offense on his soldiers. Mico ran for a little over 100 yards. Mico had multiple carries yesterday and very few holes produced by the offensive line. The receivers took a step back also, dropping at least 5 or 6 passes they should not have dropped.

Other Notes: As stated each week our kicking department is miserable. The team was 2 of 6 on field goals which is absolutely ridiculous. Why our coaches continue to choose the option of kicking on fourth down instead of going for it is beyond me. When it is third down and two on the Kentucky 33 you have two downs to get the first, why kick it? Give the ball to Mico twice and he can get you two yards.

The Robert Lane factor seemed interesting to me. Mazzone used him in the first two series and it seemed to be working good. He caught several passes and gained about 35 yards, but he was never seen again for the most part. Coach O was even confused as to why he did not play more, when asked in the press conference after the game why Lane was not used more in the game, "he did not know and said we was going to have to ask Mazzone about this."

I felt like Ole Miss took a step back this week. Against Alabama the Rebels looked good and executed well on both sides of the ball. For the Rebels to have a chance against Auburn, the team that showed up against Alabama will have to show up to play Auburn.

On a side note I would like to say hello to the fans of Worldclassglass that I met in the Grove this weekend, I am glad to know there are readers out there other than the ones I hear from on a day to day basis.

Until then...............See you on the Plains.