Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Trip to Orlando


I was on other Ole Miss support boards today and ran across this clip that is linked below. I was at this game in Orlando in 1990. My family took a trip to Disney World and it just happened to be the same week as the SEC TOURNEY(coincidence-I think not). This is a trip I will never forget. The player who this site is named for was the main contributer on this team along with Joe Harvell and Patrick Eddie under the leadership of coach Ed Murphy. Ole Miss plays UT in this clip but went on to loose to Georgia by about 2o in the finals, in front of an extremely small crowd. The tournament has not returned to the Sunshine State since Orlando. However in three years it will be in Tampa of all places, I forsee another small attendance year as in Orlando.

This is an awesome clip, even though it only last about a minute. But it is the first footage I have seen on the internet of this type. I would love to see more footage of Ole Miss basketball on the internet.

As you watch the starting lineups, the announcer makes an error. Only the true Ole Miss basketball fan will catch this error. The other boards have not caught on to, I picked it up immediately. The first person to catch the error will win a yet to be determined prize.

Here is the link: