Sunday, September 23, 2007

It's What Keeps You Coming Back

For Ole Miss fans, games like the one against Florida on Saturday are the one's that keep Rebel fans coming back to games. The Rebels lost to the No. 3 ranked Florida Gators 30-24 in a game that had its ups and downs for the Rebels. For the most part the Rebels played a great game. Aside from some dropped balls and not wrapping up on tackles this team played a very hard game and almost won. The problem is no one can trade field goals for touchdowns against the number 3 team in America and expect to win.

I felt like the offense played well except for when we made it to the red zone. Seth Adams continues to impress Rebel fans as he had his second 300+ yard game of the season. He showed no signs of illness as he threw several long balls on the day.

Trying to defend Tim Tebow is an extremely difficult thing to do and will be tough for any defensive coordinator in the country to do. I thought the defensive line played one of its better games of the year, and got some good penetration on Tebow at times. The thing with this guy is the patience he has to make plays and he will make a 6 yard run out of an extremely small hole. He is just that good.

The kickoff coverage continues to be a joke for this team and I don't think they have a solution to fix it. We tried several squib kicks and the only one that was really successful was a play when the Florida return guy fell down on the Florida 3 or 4 yardline. I guess we will definitely be looking in a kicker in the upcoming signing class. Field goal kicker Joshua Shene did play better this weekend and connected on all but one of his attempts.

All in all, it is another win that helps the teams spirits. However all of us on this board have discussed before that moral victories are a thing of the past for this team and it is time for the current program to eventually get that win. I give credit to the team and the coaching staff for giving it a hell of a try on Saturday, a few mistakes kept us from making that leap.

The Rebs travel to Athens this Saturday to take on a team coming off of a very emotional win against Alabama in overtime. I am very upset this game is not on any type of tv including pay per view. What a joke we can not get an SEC game on pay per view, especially one involving a team in the top 15. Come on Telesouth!