Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Spread Dominates Again

The spread offense caused problems for the Ole Miss defense for the second weekend in a row as the Rebels lost to Missouri 38-25 last night. The funny thing is this was the Rebels best offensive performance in probably four years as they put up over 500 yards total offense. Both Ben Jarvus Green Ellis and Seth Adamas had good days for the Rebels. Adams had a shaky first half but responded well in the second half. BJGE had a good day all around as he racked up 226 yards for the Rebs. Another career day was had by the Mizzou QB who threw for 396 yards and five touchdowns.

I will continue my vent over Terrell Jackson that I expressed to many of you last night. Terrell was beat on every single play that was thrown to him. I know at least four of the five touchdowns that were completed by Mizzou were thrown to Jackson's man. They obviously figured out where the weakest link was on our team and threw it that way every time. I understand we have very little depth at DB. But how many times are we going to let the opposing team throw at Terrell Jackson before we take him out. I just hope #5 finds his game(which I doubt will ever happen) or we find a replacement for him. I pray for the latter.

As far as the rest of the defense goes, I was a disappointed. They really seemed to have it together for the most part last week and a couple of guys stepped up to make big plays. There was none of that this week. I know the injury to Jonathan Cornell hurt, but we were playing guys I have never heard of before out there and had to get a program to look up who was playing. Ole Miss is extremely weak at linebacker. When the Rebs go up against a spread offense, we can not play Chris Strong, because he is to overweight to play linebacker and cover any one downfield. The bad news is both Vandy and Florida run a spread offense. I hope the defensive minds of Orgeron and Thompson can find someway to stop the madness.

The offense has already been addressed. We had the greatest offensive performance in quiet sometime. The 68 yard pass to Mike Wallace was impressive for Adams and definitely the biggest play in the two games he has started. If he can continue to play like he has the past two games, we will be ok on the offensive side of the ball.

The reason we beat Memphis was because we scored two touchdowns that were not offensive. The special teams unit and defense both scored against Memphis State. As I stated last week, the only way the Rebels are going to win big games this year is if they get breaks and score in non-traditional ways.

Once again our athletic department was a laughing stock. One of the big things they have been building up this summer were the new ribbon boards inside the stadium. It was mentioned they would bring excitement to the stadium based on things they could create on the boards. Oh Well. Only 1 section of the boards in the entire stadium worked, and barely at that. I swear we can screw anything up.

The Vandy Dores are the opponent next weekend. This is always a game Vandy thinks they can win and defeated the Rebels last time in Nashville. This will probably be a close game as Vandy is a decent team and has improved alot in the Bobby Johnson years. The game will be on pay per view and I believe is a 6:00 kickoff.