Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Cellar

The Rebel loss to Vandy on Saturday night officially put them in the cellar of the SEC. I was fortunate enough to have other obligations where I did not have to watch the game live in person. Thankfully do to conflicts I did not make the trip to Nashville. By all accounts of listening to the game on the radio and parts on tv, there was nothing positive to take away from the game for the Rebels. Our defense continued to be bad and while the offense moved the ball, they could not find the endzone.

What does this loss mean for the Rebel? It means alot. In most people's opinion this was a make it or break it game for the Rebs. Many have measured the season in the first three games, saying if we went 2-1 the season would be ok and if anything less it was going to be yet another long year. Well folks, it is going to be another long one. Especially with the next two games on the schedule, in Florida and Georgia.

The Ole Miss defense has been the most disappointing in my opinion of the season. Many were led to believe the Rebels had corrected alot of problems and with new coaches and coordinator in place. Boy were we led on. This team can not tackle. It seems like to me, the Rebels miss two tackles before they actually wrap up and tackle the guy.

Also the special teams is much worse this season. Kick off coverage is a joke. No wonder all these teams are scoring points on Ole Miss. The offense starts off at the 35-45 yard line everytime. This has got to be corrected. And the field goal kicking continues to be a mystery. The kicker goes from being an All American to being very inconsistent in just one year.

The first three games have been a big disappointment. There has been very litte signs of progress from where the season ended last year to what is on the field this year. Most of the fan base has given up already on the Rebs. And the contingent of fans calling for a new head coach is growing by the minute. The Rebel nation is about to be at an all time low as far as excitement in the football program goes.

The Rebels will host Florida, the defending national champions, this Saturday. The Gators and Tebow will beat the Rebels by 25-30 points. One long time, loyal Rebel fan has predicted seeing the goal posts in the Grove on Saturday afternoon reminiscent of a 2002 Rebel victory over the then 8th ranked Gators in Oxford. I love the enthusiasm, but sorry to say that aint gonna happen this year.