Thursday, September 06, 2007


Could be a pretty good game this week. I expect to see some different things from the OM staff this week, you never know what they have up their sleeve. I have stated before this Missouri team has as much talent as alot of teams in the SEC. Look for this to be an exciting game for the Rebels. If the defense plays like it did last week, it could really be special. I can imagine it was not a fun week for the O-Line as I am sure Coach Kehoe gave it to them after a sub par performance last week.

I am hearing that Ted Laurent, who was previously witheld from practice by the NCAA, will see the field this week. Laurent will provide depth at the DT position where it is needed and could have been used last week.

I hope we have a good crowd. With a 5:00 kickoff, there is no excuse not to be there. I guess the real question is how the alcohol issues will be enforced in the Grove. I am sure some red neck Water Valley or Batesville cop, who is employed by UPD on game day, will be pouring out alcohol of 50 year old fans and the whole fan base will be in an uproar on Monday morning. We all know this school makes stupid mistakes when it comes to its rules and I can see the new alcohol policy causing alot of problems in the Grove.