Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Former Member of Provine Posse Cleared

(Clarion Ledger)A misdemeanor drug possession charge against Houston Rockets forward Justin Reed was dropped today.

Narcotics officers with the Hinds County Sheriff’s Department arrested Reed on the night of Sept. 4 outside a house on Chennault Avenue. Two others, Torey Ross and Christopher Barber, were also arrested.

Sheriff Malcolm McMillin said Reed was cleared because “there were affidavits signed by the others arrested that it was their dope.”

Reed’s attorney, Dale Danks Jr., said Ross and Barber were classmates of Reed from Provine High School.

“(Reed) was in town visiting with old high school buddies. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time,” Danks said. “Justin does not use marijuana. He does not use drugs.”

According to his lawyer, Reed underwent random drug testing while he played for Ole Miss and at least 16 times during his four years in the NBA.

“He has never, to our knowledge, tested positive. We had a drug test administered after the arrest, and he did not test positive,” Danks said. “I have to compliment the sheriff, frankly, for dismissing the charges.”