Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Reb Notes

  • Seth Adams was hurt in the Vandy game this pass weekend. No one is really sure about what the status is of Adams. There is alot of discussion on the internet about whether or not Adams will play or not this weekend. Two other rumors on the internet are that Robert Lane was seen at QB(Highly doubt it). I also received a message that ESPN reported Brent Schaeffer will not be starting for the Rebels. So maybe Adams is ok.
  • Allen Walker is still a no go at linebacker to replace Jonathan Cornell. It is absolutely amazing about Walker. He was one of the most highly touted recruits coming out of Olive Branch and was down to Ole Miss and Florida when he committed to the Rebels. Yet he has not made a single contribution to this football team in the two years he has been here. Walker has on the scout team just a couple of weeks ago and would probably be there now if it were not for injuries.
  • Is it just me or is the Allen Walker story seem to be the way it is with Ed Orgeron's recruits. Big name guys that have high player rankings, yet when they get to Ole Miss they become worse and have little to no impact on the football field. Why is this so?
  • Our offensive line play this season has been the biggest mystery of all in my opinion. All I talked about in the off season was how awesome our offensive line was going to be. With the returning players we had and those joining the O-Line I thought they would stop everyone that tried to penetrate the line. Boy was I wrong. This line gave up 6 sacks to Vandy. That is unacceptable.