Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Look Ahead

Well the SEC Tournament is finally upon us and the Rebels have some work to do. It is my belief that Ole Miss must win two games in the SEC Tournament to make it to the Big Dance. The Rebs will tip off in the late game tomorrow night against Georgia. The Rebels just played Georgia on Saturday and were able to beat the Bulldogs in Athens. The Rebs are a better team than Georgia, it is a matter of them executing the way they have over the past 3 or 4 games if they want to beat Georgia. I think the Rebels should beat the Dogs.

With that being said, they would move on to battle Kentucky on Firday. The Cats are always a vey difficult team to beat in the SEC Tournament and without looking at stats, I would say the Rebels have never beaten Kentucky in the tournament. There is a reason they call it Catlanta. The KY fans take over the town and the tournament. I don't see the Rebels getting passed Kentucky. Some of you will say they only won by a few points last game and they have a key player injured. I don't care. It is something about playing Kentucky in the tourney, they are extremely difficult to beat.

On that same note, the Rebels will not make it to the Big Dance, just not enough spots open this year. The Rebs will get a bid to the NIT, but who wants to play in that-nobody. All in all the Rebels, played terrible in easy games they should have one. They lost twice to Auburn and once to South Carolina at home a game they clearly gave away. In this league you have to come to play everyday and the Rebs did not do it.

Don't get me wrong, I will still watch every last second of the games the Rebels will play this weekend. I just dont think they can pull it out and win enough to get into the Big Dance.

Does anyone else disagree that Arkansas does not belong in the NCAA's? Everyone seems to be putting them in the tournament, but I just don't think they belong?

Thoughts of how the Rebs will perform this weekend?