Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Indians....Always Causing Trouble

Well the Rebels suffered their first loss of the baseball season this year, as the Indians from Arkansas State defeated the Rebels 7-5. The Indians scored early and never looked back for most of the game. Ole Miss played pretty lethargic all night and committed four errors on the night, pretty uncharacteristic of this team.

Arkansas State seems to always beat or give the Rebels trouble in baseball. I think we lose to these guys at least once a year. I hate it happened this early in the year, I was hoping to go into TCU undefeated, but oh well. Its baseball and you do not win them all. No excuse to lose this game, but games like this are going to happen. Shortening the season the way the NCAA did, makes mid week games more difficult. It gives the team very little time off and causes lots of concentration to show up to play every night. Those teams that can separate themselves and show up every night focused and ready are going to be able to handle this short season.

It's early, they played bad, let's don't get hung up on this, time to move on.