Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Why No TV?

It still ticks me off knowing the Ole Miss-UGA game will not be on some form of tv this weekend. Georgia is the number 15 team in the country and this is a game with two SEC games. I fully understand there are other games this weekend that mean alot more than the game in Athens this weekend. And I am not necessarily pushing that this game should have been on cable tv this weekend, but there is no reason it should not be on pay per view this weeekend.

I have been given several excuses as to why it is not on pay per view. Everything from the SEC would not allow it due to contractual obligations to Telesouth claims there were only around 100 people that signed up for to view the Vandy game, and they lost money. I truly find that hard to believe.

My stance is whoever the production crew that works for CSS is already recording the game for play back on Friday, how much more could it be to broadcast it live. Surely the hundreds of Ole Miss and Georgia fans that would purchase the game would make up for the costs of the live production. On the flip side if this is the SEC's contractual doings, that is absolutely ridiculous.