Sunday, September 30, 2007


The final score in the Ole Miss-Georgia game was ugly as the Dogs beat the Rebels 45-17 in Athens on Saturday. The Rebels got on the board early and were up 7-0 in the first quarter. A couple of possessions later the Rebels had the ball at the one yard line of Georgia on first down before they fumbled allowing Georgia to recover the fumble. This proved to be a fourteen point swing as the Dogs went on to score and tie the game at 7-7. This proved to be a huge momentum shift and game changer as the Rebels could have gone up 14-0 against the number 15 ranked Georgia Bulldogs.

As this game was not on tv, it is hard to say too much about the game. Especially since I had to listen to Kellum who does a sub par job of portraying the games. I had the privilege of listening to Larry Munson, the longtime UGA broadcaster for much of the first half. Munson is a very good broadcaster.

What I did learn from the game. Our offense is o.k. and our defense continues to be terrible.

Ben Jarvus had another game of over 100 yards and Seth Adams had another good game for the Rebels, as he connected on several long passes throughout the games. Another positive note is that the offensive line did not give up a sack this game, I believe that is probably the first time this season, the big unit has not given up a sack.

The defense is just plain terrible. This time it was not the spread offense that beat the Rebels it was the running game, as the Dogs had 328 yards of rushing. That is inexcusable. Not only can we not cover a spread, we can not cover a traditional offense. UGA ripped two big runs of 40+ yards that resulted in touchdowns. This team will not win another game until they learn to tackle.

Yet again the Rebels started the game hot, but shot themselves in the foot and mistakes cost them the momentum and eventually the game. Stupid penalties hurt the Rebels big time yet again it is late hits that cost us 45 yards this game.

Someone needs to get it together on the defensive side of the ball. Coach O commented after the game that they are going to have to get players in there that can play and want to make tackles and recruit better. I have been behind O from the beginning, but I am sorry to inform him he can not use the excuse of recruiting better players that can tackle anymore. We have had three of his recruiting classes with plenty of opportunity to recruit players to tackle, and we don't have any on this team. I am beginning to think it is the way we are coaching these players. Is this true? I have no idea.

Two questions I pose to the readers:

1) Did Coach O truly release the defense to John Thompson, or is this O's defense and Thompson is just a title?

2) Has this team lost faith in their coaching staff and given up on their effort?
(The reason I make this comment is based on several quotes by players in the papers recently about how they are "not the coaches" and the "don't know how to solve the problems.")