Monday, September 03, 2007

Back From Memphis

Just got back in from a long weekend in Memphis. The game was not the prettiest the Rebels have ever played, but I will take a W. I felt like the Rebels played a good first half. They scored on offense, defense, and special teams. At the end of the first half I felt like the Rebels were going to run away with it. But deep down in my Rebel heart you, I knew that would not happen. The second half was pretty bad for the Rebels turnovers killed them to start the half and the offense could not really put anything together. All in all a win is a win and that is the way we had to start the season.

On the offense, I though Seth Adams had a decent day for what was expected from him. It could have been alot worse. On the first couple of drives, he hit pretty much everything that he threw. The second half did not seem to be as sharp, but that was not all his falt. I was not as impressed with the O line. The O line has been built up as the main strength of the football team, but they were not really able to get it together for a run offense. Ben Jarvus had seventy something yards and did not seem to be that much of a factor in the game. I wish we would have given it to him late in the game in the red zone instead the Rebels elected to pass.

The defense was impressive to me for the most part. They made plays happen which is what this Rebel team needs if they are going to win games. Greg Hardy is a beast we all knew that coming into the season and I look forward to more of him this year. Dustin Mouzzon had an outstanding game, one of the best our defensive backs have played in a long long time. Mouzzon returned an interception 98 yards for a touchdown to end the first half. Ashlee Palmer a juco transfer from California was all over the field for the Rebels and was a huge part of this game as he led the Rebels in tackles. Palmer is going to be a big addition to this team. The interior d line needs some more depth. After a couple of players got hurt, we were pushed off the ball and did not seem to get any rush at all. It should help a little now that Ted Laurent is cleared and will be able to practice all this week, but expect a couple of more weeks before he has a big impact.

On special teams, what in the world happened to Joshua Shene? Last year this guy has all but automatic. In the Memphis State game, he missed a PAT and had a field goal come up short after being partially tipped at the line. Hope he was sick or something. Glad to see the punt return team block a punt for a TD. This always fires up the team and the crowd.

There is no reason this game should be played at 2:30 in the afternoon the first weekend in September. It is just too hot. This game should never be moved for CSS tv, the game after the UM-Memphis game was Furman. Give me a break. If this bush league station wants to broadcast our games they should do it on our terms whenever we want to play. I hope Coach O will speak up to Pete Boone and RC Johnson next year and refuse to play this game in the afternoon just to be on CSS tv. The heat took alot out of our team, and it seemed that Memphis was in a little bit better shape. Although it probably did have to do alot with the fact our defense was on the field a whole heck of alot in the second half.

Next weekend is going to be tough. Missouri is a good team and will be favored coming into the game. They will run a spread offense much like Memphis State. I expect a good crowd in Oxford. Although this is not an SEC matchup, Mizzou will be full of talent and will stack up against alot of the SEC teams that will come to Oxford.