Thursday, August 09, 2007


Andy Katz has an article up on ESPN about different pre game stunts and various stunts that take place before or during basketball games in the NCAA. One of his comments is about the Bulldogs. Evidently the Dogs don't turn on all the lights in "The Hump" when the opposing team practices. Enough coaches have complained about $lick Rick that the SEC office will be forcing them to cut the lights on when the opposing team practices the day before the game. Below is a portion of the article. Now if someone could just get him to ban those dang kids from sitting on the bench, I would be happy.

More pregame exploits:
• A couple of SEC teams also get into the pregame act, according to Katz. Mississippi State apparently saves money -- and annoys visiting teams -- by turning on only the dimmers in the gym the night before a game so the opposing teams practice in limited lighting. Bulldogs coach Rick Stansbury said he deals with this every day, but the issue has become enough of a problem for opposing SEC coaches that it came up at the coaches meeting this past spring. Coaches from Florida, LSU and South Carolina said they have had trouble seeing their notes.