Thursday, August 09, 2007

Powe and Strong Join the Team

As Coach O described today, it was kindof like Christmas for the Ole Miss football team. Two of their top recruits who have been questionable academically for quite some time were admitted by the University today. As stated earlier, both of these guys will be allowed to practice, but the NCAA still has to clear these guys to make them eligible to play in a game.

This was big news to many Rebel fans who have been following the Powe saga for the past couple of years Will we ever know the real story of how everything went down, I doubt it. But there are about 30 different versions of how the events took place over the last several weeks.

One of my concerns with these two guys was whether or not they would be in shape. Coach O commented today that is was obvious both these guys have been working out, but they still have a way to go to get into "football" shape. Another comment Coach O made today was that they will be placing Strong at middle linebacker to start out. Both of these guys are a big asset to an already talented defensive front seven.

Let's just hope the NCAA clears them soon and puts this mess to bed.

*On a side note, Brent Schaeffer was moved back to quarterback today. O commented he could be flip-flopping all fall, so who knows where he will wind up.