Friday, August 03, 2007

The Fight Continues

(NCAA Press Release)

Friday, August 3, 2007

Recent statements to Memphis Commercial Appeal and other media by attorney Donald Jackson regarding the initial eligibility request for Jerrell Powe are inaccurate. In these recent press reports, Mr. Jackson accuses the NCAA of "stalling" the decision regarding Mr. Powe's eligibility. However, Mr. Jackson did not send initial information to the NCAA regarding Mr. Powe's 2007 eligibility request until July 23, 2007 followed by more required information on July 24, with the most recent information sent on July 31. Further, this information was incomplete and the NCAA staff is in the process of preparing a document for Mr. Jackson which details the needed information that he has failed to provide. In addition, Mr. Jackson has asserted that the NCAA violated federal student privacy rights by releasing Powe’s academic record last year. In fact, Mr. Powe’s academic records were released by his former attorney, not the NCAA.

Stacey Osburn
Associate Director for Public and Media Relations