Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Another Spin

Things have changed yet again. All signs are pointing toward Jerrell Powe being admitted to Ole Miss tomorrow by the University. After hearing from several people it appears the University and the "Powe Camp" opened up major lines of communication again today that really gave the Powe camp and his lawyer the news they wanted. There was no more placing blame on each other and the sides reached an agreement that if Powe would apply to the University he would be admitted. It appears the paperwork has been completed and all signs point that he will be admitted tomorrow.

This only puts us in the same position we were at this time last year. While Powe may gain admission to Ole Miss tomorrow, he still has to clear the NCAA. That is the biggest hurdle that has yet be jumped. It is not known yet if Powe will be dressed out for camp before the first of next week, but I would imagine he will be given the clear to practice much like a couple of other players have been. Now will he ever step foot on the field is another story?

So why did the University all of the sudden decide to listen to the Powe Camp, I don't know. But I can imagine the fact that it was publicized yesterday that the Powe's were leaning towards Miami because Ole Miss was not showing any interest would have alot to do with the University's actions. I can also imagine the Lyceum, UMAA office, and other departments on campus received numerous phone calls from upset alums over this one. Guess it proves Money Talks.