Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Camp Talk

It was the first day of full pads today and various reports say it was a good day. A few notes from the first week of camp thus far.

  • Brent Schaeffer was moved to wide receiver today and it could be a permanent move. While it was only the first or second day he has been there, it appears he could be there for good.
  • Reid Neely continues to get great reviews from the offensive staff and appears he will be a big part of the offense next year and they staff will look to him for leadership
  • There have been some position changes this week trying to fill a void on several parts of the field especially at Wide Receiver. They are so thin and the D-Line has enough depth that, the staff is considering playing Greg Hardy even more at wide receiver this year.
  • From what I have read Chris Strong, Ted Laurent, and Johnny Brown have not been cleared by the NCAA yet. While Laurent and Brown are practicing with the team Strong has yet to suit it up with the Rebs. (Please correct me if I am wrong on this one)
  • The things I hear on Mico McSwain is that it does not look promising for the swift McSwain. I hope this is wrong, McSwain has some speed and can be dangerous at times.

There are tons of more notes from fall camp but all that I can thing of at this time.