Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Say it Aint So

Well well well the latest spin in the Powe saga is that he will no longer be attending Ole Miss and that the University of Miami will be working to admit Jarrell Powe. This story was reported by several news sites today. It appears some in the Powe camp have given up on the Rebels and want to go to a school that will work to get Jerrell in.

While I can say, I do not know what is going on specifically inside the Ole Miss administration, everything I read and hear from people that do know say this administration is doing its best to keep Powe from Ole Miss. Let me rephrase that, they are doing very little to help the cause to get Jerrell into school.

I have been a supporter of many of the people inside the Ole Miss administration for quite sometime. However if it turns out that Powe is admitted to Miami, I will lose it. There is absolutely no excuse to allow this to happen. While I will not call names out on this page, those of us know who is keeping Powe out of Ole Miss. And if he is admitted to another school these people should be fired. Will they be fired, doubtful. These are the same type people that have kept this athletic department down for the past thirty years.

If I am Orgeron and this kid gets into Miami, I would leave. I really would. How can you build a program with an administration that is telling you who you can and can not sign. Telling you which academic risks you can continue to recruit and tell you who you can not. And on top of that they do not help you out in a time of need when dealing with the NCAA Clearinghouse.

All I can say is that if Powe suits it for the Canes, there is going to be an uproar and I will be a part of it.

(Miami Sports Board)
Former five-star DT Jerrell Powe has tried for two years to gain admission into Ole Miss.It hasn't happened.He's taken in-person courses, on-line courses through colleges and has also re-taken standardized tests.On paper, according to father figure Joe Barnett, he's qualified with the correct number of core courses, an 18 on the ACT and a qualifying grade-point average.And now Powe is looking to attend a new school: The University of Miami.UM has scholarship spots open and could use some immediate help at defensive tackle.Powe might help fill a big need."Miami is making an attempt (to get Powe through admissions)," said Barnett, who is a father figure for Powe, who grew up in Waynesboro, Miss., without a father. "It appears they will make a commitment to take Jerrell (football-wise), and if so he will commit to them. The next 36 hours it should all get sorted out. I'd say it's a 90 percent chance he'll be a Hurricane by the end of the week."Miami had remained his next choice for a long time."One possible hangup: Powe isn't through the NCAA Clearinghouse yet.All the paperwork has been submitted, but the Clearinghouse recently came back with, according to Barnett, a "little laundry list" of things they needed clarified.Powe has a lawyer representing him for the Clearinghouse.