Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Anybody Got Extra Tickets???

The season tickets were beginnning to arive in mailboxes today. This post was originally intended to call out the fact that we chose to put Rufus French on a ticket as one of our 7 for the upcoming year. I was beginning to dog UMAA and the ticket office for choosing French from among the 42 All Americans. I could not think of a more terrible idea than to put him on there if this was going to be a one time deal. HOWEVER I read further into this, and this year is the first of the next six years that the All Americans will be on the tickets. So if your favorite All American is not on the tickets this year, be on the lookout, because this will continue for the next SIX years.

So all you collectors, get ready for the Jonathan Nichols ticket, it will be a collectors item.