Sunday, August 26, 2007

Say It Loud: "I'm Back and I'm Proud"

Birmingham, AL-After a long weekend emergency board meeting, the lights at Worldclassglass global headquarters in Birmingham, AL were turned back on and the staff was told they could discontinue looking for new jobs. The board has decided to leave Worldclassglass live on the world wide web through the end of the year. The Chairman and CEO had this to say after the meeting:

"The corporate team had several meetings with outside consultants throughout the week to test the feasibility of allowing the website to continue to reach its constituents. After long discussion it was agreed we let the fan base down by giving them such short notice on the decision to shut the web site down. We heard their concerns and have agreed to continue the blog through the end of the year. While some would like it to continue longer, we hope those will be satisfied with the 5-6 month continuance and hope everyone will take full advantage of the website in expressing their opinions in the upcoming football season.

With that we leave you with this video to preview the upcoming season: