Monday, August 20, 2007

The End of An Era

After much discussions and deliberations at the annual Worldclassglass staff outing, the board of directors has decided to close the doors at Worldclassglass effective Sunday August the 26th, the Sunday before kickoff of the NCAA 2007 football season. Many board members were tried to reach by phone this weeekend, but all refused to comment on the situation. Worldclassglass will continue as an internet blog for the remainder of the week before closing down for good. The internet site has been in existance since December the 16th, 2004 and has reported on the hirings and firings of both a head football coach and head basketball coach since that time. The staff has covered everything from women's volleyball to golf to football. We have reported on the road from Atlanta, New Orleans, and even did some live blogging from some baseball games at times. Worldlcassglass President and CEO issued a statement this afternoon concerning the closure:

"Worldclassglass has been a major project over the last several years and has brought together a group of friends to read news on a variety of topics, most of which included the University of Mississippi athletic department. The goal of the blog when we started was to provide an avenue for everyday fans to read about the news and happenings about Ole Miss without having to filter through dozens of internet websites and deal with the wackos on the internet message boards. While I hate to let these readers down, it is time to move on. Hopefully these fans will find another avenue to gain insight on the happenings at Ole Miss. We thank everyone for their support and hope you have enjoyed this run of almost three years as much as we have. Finally, I would like to thank all of you have read over the years, especially those of you who have posted comments to keep the discussion going"

As for now the staff at Worldclassglass will be in place until turning out the lights on Sunday night. How long the page will be available for access before being dissolved is yet to be determened.