Thursday, August 23, 2007


-I am a couple of days late on this one, but Mr. Football Chris Strong was cleared to play for the Rebels. The NCAA officially cleared Ding Dong's relative to play on Wednesday. Those that are yet to be cleared are Jerrell Powe, Ted Laurent, and Rishaw Johnson. It appears the NCAA is reviewing all their cases and has requested more info.

-It appears Brent Schaeffer is creaping back into the rotation at QB. After Wednesday's practice Coach O commented on Schaeffer and mentioned he was having a better practice week this week. However do not expect to see him take first snap at Memphis. But let's hope the trend continues on Schaeffer and he can find his football form again. It is my firm belief we need Schaeffer, Adams will not cut it for us.

-There has been an executive decision by the CEO of Worldclassglass, to hold an emergency board meeting this weekend to discuss the future plan if any of Worldclassglass. The board members will be hearing the concerns of their constituents raised over the past week. If there is a future it will be announced one way or the other on Sunday.