Monday, August 20, 2007

I Hate The Princeton Review

Below is an article from the AP on the latest release from the Princeton Review who has once again ranked Ole Miss as a top ten party school. This time the magazine has ranked Ole Miss the No. 2 party school in the country. Where these people get their rankings and information from are beyond me. Ole Miss is by far not in the top 10-20 party schools. With the new strict laws put in place by the University and the City of Oxford, there is no way the rankings can be true. Especially with the way the University has come down on drinking and partying over the last several years.

Don't get me wrong, Ole Miss and Oxford is a place where a student and alumni can have a blast every day of the week. And it can be a great time and people can have a great party every day of the week. But with the new laws and the policies the university has passed since in the past five years, there is no way the university can be the number two party school in the United States.

It is stupid rankings like this that cause the university administration to pass rules and laws to regulate parties and enforce more strict enforcement of the rules. While I am not saying that some things needed to change, it is my belief to try and solve problems that you can. A University or it's town will never be able to stop college kids from drinking. However they can lessen those that drink and drive and educate peopel to make more responsible decisions.

There are the fights that you can win and those that will help make a difference. Public transportation and more effective use of police force can help reduce the problem of alcohol related incidents. And that starts with the education of the police force. The fact that any redneck from Water Valley can walk off the street and become an Oxford police officer leads to more problems that it solves. It is my opinion the University and Oxford need to re-evaluate their current plan, and fight the battles they can win. Which in return will more than likely reduce the number of alcohol related accidents and make the town a safer place to live.

This was alot of rambling, but I would think most of the people that read this would agree with me, in the fact those in control are not fighting the fights they can win. They are fighting a fight that will go on for years and years in a college town.

MORGANTOWN, W.VA. — To the disappointment of school administrators - and the pride of some students - West Virginia University is No. 1 on The Princeton's Review's annual list of the top 20 party schools. No. 2 on the party list was the University of Mississippi.

The school has made the list seven times in the past 15 years, despite efforts to curb underage drinking and rowdy behavior.