Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Action Jackson

I have read on two Ole Miss beat reporters blogs that Jerrell Powe's attorney Don Jackson is reporting he will have all the information to the NCAA in the next day or two in response to the request they made a week or so ago. If that is the case, the NCAA has seven days to respond and make a ruling in Powe's case. If any of you have read the report, Ole Miss fan or not, you know that it is ridiculous the amount of information they have requested.

At any rate if all goes well and Jackson gets the documents to the NCAA tomorrow, we should have the final ruling on Powe that will decide the defensive lineman's case one way or the other for the final time.

To be honest I was a little shocked it took Jackson as long as it did to respond to the NCAA request. This man has been talking for months about how he was going to get the Jerrell in school and prove the NCAA wrong. For a man that talks alot of game, he sure is a little slow in responding.