Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sexton's Story

Another article from the Birmingham News today. I think it is a pretty good and interesting story. The fact Sexton was able to come from an equipment trainer at UT to one of the most succesful sports agents in history is a hell of a story. Alot of this article is about Nick Saban, but it is still a pretty incredible story about the power he has among coaches in the SEC. It is well worth the read:

MEMPHIS - Jimmy Sexton is telling a story. It's about the time he ruined Nick Saban's life.
It was Sexton who urged Saban to leave Michigan State for LSU after the 1999 season because, hey, that's what agents do. But in the first month of Saban's first season in Baton Rouge, LSU lost its homecoming game to UAB to fall to 2-2.
The next week, the day before Tennessee arrived for another potential beatdown, Sexton met with his client in Saban's office. And braced himself.
``He told me that I'd ruined his life," Sexton recalled. ``That it was the worst thing he'd ever done. He looked at me and said, `I don't know if you can win here.'"
Next day, unranked LSU beat No. 11 Tennessee in overtime.
``Of course," Sexton said, ``the rest is history."
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