Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Facilities Update

The picture to the left is the architect's drawing released today by UMAA of the new basketball practice facility. I am still a big opponent of building it where they are, but I guess they do not care about my opinion. Below is an update from UMAA on the status of facility improvements. But we have all seen how they have screwed up the baseball expansion, so more than likely none of this will ever come to light. Do we ask for public money for anything as far as athletics go anymore.? As the article says below we are still $1.5 mil shy for the basketball facility. I don't see this breaking ground for at least another year. I continue to say this is going to cost us Andy Kennedy. The lack of support from the administration and the fan base will be to blame.


Basketball Practice Facility
"The facility is going to be located at the vacant lot across from the Gillom Center, at the corner of Coliseum Drive and Hill Drive. A total of $4.5 million has been pledged in cash, and we are continuing to work towards the $6 million mark. Once we reach that point, we will start a public fund-raising drive and begin the documents process, as far as blueprints and construction bids."

Oxford-University Stadium Expansion
"We are at the final stages of the 2008 ticket brochure and hope to have it mailed out by the middle of August. General time frame for the expansion is as follows. We expect to advertise for construction bids in September. The contractors will then have 30 days to review the bids, and if a bid is awarded, there will be an additional 30 to 40 days before starting construction. Any plans will have as minimum an impact on the team as possible."

Palmer/Salloum Tennis Center Expansion
"The renovation is a $2 million project. We currently have $1.1 million committed and are aggressively working on other donors. The plans include some additional seating capacity, but the major objective is to enhance our player lounge area, including lockerrooms and study area, and the coaches' offices."