Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Don't Hold Your Breath

For those of you expecting a report from Team USA's appearance in Birmingham, do not hold your breath. The staff at Worldclassglass did not make it out to Region's Park due to weather related issues. The game was delayed several hours and the start time was unknown for several hours. At press time it appeared that Lance Lynn did start(just my luck). However I do not know how we finished in the game.

It is SEC Media Days in Birmingham and you can not find a thing in the paper about this game. I guess it is officially football season now that SEC Media Days has begun. All I know is that Nick Saban is scheduled to report to the podium tomorrow. I am just glad I am away from the hotel as I would guess 5,000 Alabama Rednecks will show up just to see Saban tomorrow and try and get an autograph. They are either there to see Saban or Croom, the jury is still out.