Monday, June 04, 2007

The Rebels Opponent

Here is a look at a few stats about the Rebels opponent this weekend. Arizona State is a very good team and has only lost three games at home this season. It is going to be a tough series for the Rebels no matter how you look at it. Some are saying maybe it is a good thing for the Rebels to leave and play a super regional on the road, saying it takes some pressure off of them. Personally, I would rather play at home, but if this is the thought process of the baseball team than so be it. This is the third super regional in a row the Rebels have made it to, a stat few teams can boast about.

Record: 46-13 (19-5)
Batting average: .351
ERA: 4.15
Likely Starters:
Brian Flores LHP (10-1, 3.80)
Mike Leake RHP (13-1, 3.58)
Josh Satow LHP (12-3, 2.56)
HR: 72
Fielding percentage: .978