Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Thoughts on Selection

The pairings were announced yesterday for the NCAA tournament field and once again the SEC was looked over. Why this happened in basketball and yet again in baseball is beyond me. SEC baseball is the best in the country and the people that have an argument to that don't know what they are talking about. Why the State of California is allowed to have something like 9 teams in the tournament, yet the SEC only has 5 teams in the tournament is ridiculous.

While granted some of their records are not as good as years past when the SEC got as many as 9 teams in the tourney, the RPI's and strength of schedule should speak for themselves. This week as the athletic directors and university president's get together in Destin, they should really discuss this. I don't know if the SEC office is not flexing their muscle enough or what, but something needs to change.

To top things off, Larry Templeton was the head of the selection committee. And when Templeton was asked why the SEC only had 5 teams in, he began to mention Auburn. Auburn?? Are you kidding me? This team finished dead last in the SEC and that is the team Templeton discussed about not making the tournament. Forget the other six teams above them Larry? I still can not get over the fact he mentioned Auburn. Do any of you State fans have any thoughts on Larry's comments or anyone else?