Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A Look Ahead

We will take a look at the Ole Miss game and their rotation later in the week. But if you had to pick right now, which SEC teams if any will make it to Omaha? Will it be Ole Miss, Mississippi State, or South Carolina.

USC will travel to North Carolina
Ole Miss will travel to Arizona State
Mississippi State will host Clemson.

USC probably has the toughest draw as they will be playing the third seed in North Carolina. Ole Miss has its hands tied with Arizona State, a team who has lost only three games at home this year. It will be very tough for the Rebs to beat the Sun Devils on their own. The easiest of the three seems to be MSU who will play host to Clemson. Both teams are pretty similar talent wise, but State should have the advantage since they are playing at home.

All in all I think most of us will be tied to the tv to see how the whole tournament plays out this weekend.