Thursday, January 04, 2007


This is the chant of the most successful SEC basketball team in history. These Cats role into town this weekend with the same 11-3 record as the Ole Miss Rebels. Ironically the Rebels had the same record this time last year. However this 11-3 team seems to be alot better this year than last.

The Rebel team is at a crossroads. They went on the Road a week ago and blew a 13 point lead to lose to St. Louis. This has to kill the confidence of the team(Word is Kennedy made them watch the game on the bus back to Oxford. The Kentucky team that comes into Oxford, is not your normal top 25 Kentucky team. While they are still a very good team, they are as beatable this year as they will ever be. If the Rebels can some how come out hot early and continue this throughout the WHOLE game, they should have a pretty good chance to win. However after last weeks performance, I have no clue what will happen.

An opening win for conference play is not normal for Ole Miss. A league opening win against Kentucky is unheard of for the Rebels. So this win would be huge for the confidence and the fan base.

Ole Miss fans will not come and support Ole Miss basketball until they have won multiple games in a row. It is a fact and will be that way until we turn this program around. It infuriates me that as of Thursday there still 1,000 tickets available to the game. If you are able to make it to Oxford on Saturday night, I see no excuse for you to not be at the game. For those of you that are not within a 3/4 hour drive you can catch the game on Fox Sports South with tip-off at 7:30.

Oh yeah.......If you are coming get to the game early as they are making use of the new lighting/laser system for the first time this season. This should be a new added bonus to the Tad Pad.