Monday, January 01, 2007

The Weekend

The weekend did not start out well as the Rebels blew a 16 point lead to St. Louis on the road. I only watched the second half and was a little disappointed with the execution in the second half. It did not seem like we could throw it in the ocean at some point. And Dwayne Curtis looked like a freshman at times making stupid fouls. We can not win games in the SEC if Curtis is going to have more fouls than points.

I was really hoping to win this game to build momentum opening up SEC play in Oxford. I felt like if we would have won this game the fans would have been fired up for the Kentucky game this Saturday. After watching this performance, I think some fans will stay at home this weekend instead of coming to Oxford. Ole Miss basketball fans are so fair-weather that after a loss like this, we will not have a good crowd on Saturday. I hope I am wrong and hope to see you all in Oxford on Saturday.

On a different note I had a great weekend in Mobile/Gulf Shores. I was able to spend some time with a great group of people to ring in the New Year's at the infamous Flora-Bama. Several loyal readers of Worldclassglass were in attendance including Cook and Marshall. Cook did put on a special performance of "Cliff - The Taliban Man" I would recommend the next time you have the privilege of spending some time with Cook, ask him to perform this stunt. Which is a combination of Ole Miss most recognizable fan, Cliff, and members of the Iraqi militant group.

All in all I hope we all have a great 2007 and hope to be spending New Year's next year at a bowl destination.