Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Billikens

I am going to be away for a couple of days, so I figured I would go ahead and make this posts. As I have stated earlier, I think this is a big game for the Rebels. It is the first game on the road that the talent level of our team will be about the same. It is also the last non conference game of the year before SEC play begins for Kennedy's Klan.

The Billikens last outing was against North Carolina, in which St. Louis led for much of the first half. They have a RPI of about 54 and they usually have a pretty good crowd at the ScottTrade center which seats over 22,000. St. Louis is 9-3 with losses to Texas A&M, Southern Illinois, and UNC. All traditionally pretty good teams. The above facts, show that this game is going to be a tough one for the Rebels.

I have no prediction one way or the other as to who will win this game. All I know is all of our guards have to come together and play good in the same game. Abernathy, Doyne, and Sanders have all had good games, but they all need to have a good game together. Along with the Curtis and Williams down low the Rebels could put together a decent team.

On a sidenote from the USL website: "The series is tied 1-1 after the Rebels upended the Billikens 77-64 in Oxford last season. The Billikens' win came on Dec. 15, 1954, in St. Louis by a score of 82-68. "

Tip-off is at 1:00 on Saturday and is being televised on SportsSouth.