Saturday, December 23, 2006

WE ARE............

MARSHALL. While I do not usually post on things like this, I recommend that you go see the new movie. It is a great flick from football fans and movie fans in general. It tells the great story of a University and the tragedy they faced. I had always heard about this tragedy, but never really knew the whole story. For anyone that is younger than 35 you probably do not know too much about this story either than bits and pieces. It is a great story and I recommend you go see this holiday season.

Oh yeah to make an Ole Miss connection to this movie. Remember it was Marshall that Stewart Patridge and the Rebels defeated in the Motor City Bowl. They show clips of recent Marshall teams at the end of the movie, but I did not notice our bowl game in there although I might have missed it. Be sure to stay after the credits role to see these pics.