Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Rebs Squeek Passed Jaguars

It was a close game tonight for Kennedy's Rebs as they defeated South Alabama 81-78. The Rebels were dominant in the first half and were up by about twenty points toward the end of the first half. Things changed alot when they came out of the locker room. South Alabama was on fire in the second half, hitting everything they shot. The Rebels also did their part to let USA back into the game committing 13 turnovers in the second half compared to the 3 they committed in the first half.

Eniel Polynice had a career high 28 points for the Rebs as he drained seven 3 pointers. This is the second game in a row a Rebel has had seven 3's. Freshman Chris Warren had 12 points and Kenny Williams chipped in 11, most of which came in the first half.

Noticeably absent the first couple of games in the scoring column is David Huertas, the transfer from Florida. Rebel fans need to remember David sat out an entire year of basketball and is just now getting used to the style of play again. I think David has put alot of pressure on himself. Once he settles down I think he will be a good scorer for the Rebels. Right now he appears to be the leader on the team from the games I have watched.

When I got to the Lamar game, if Doug Shows is refereeing I am going to lose it. Shows somehow manages to be a referee in every game we play at home. This is the second time in three games he has been there. Is there no one else out there the SEC can send? I am tired of looking at the guy.

The Rebels play Lamar on Friday who will be a high scoring team and ready for this game. Their coaching staff has alot of connections to the Ole Miss area and will be fired up to play the Rebels. AK is really expecting a good crowd for this one as he should be. For all you people that feel like you have to get to the Library or your dinner reservations at 7:00, forget it. Go to the basketball game instead. The Square will still be there when the game is over, I promise.