Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Light

It appears Greg Hardy has seen the light and understands he must get it together if he wants to have a future playing football with a pro career. It was rumored last week that Hardy would return to the playing field this season, many doubted that statement. Coach O has not fully spoken on his intentions with Hardy as far as playing the rest of the season. However he has hinted he will return to this season. I would guess Hardy will come back on Friday as the team breaks for the open date.

I am not sure who wrote the statement, but Hardy released a statement via his Ole Miss email address to various media outlets concerning his suspension. I was glad to see that Hardy appears to be cooperating with what the staff told him he needed to do. This guy has sat out multiple times this season throughout various games some just a few downs and other whole games, however he still continues to lead the SEC in sacks. For Ole Miss to have a chance the last two weekends of the season, it is imperative Greg Hardy be on the field.

Below is the statement Hardy released:

"I would like to congratulate my teammates and coaches for last weekend's win over Northwestern State. It hurt me considerably to not be with my teammates to support them, and it is an even greater pain to not be on the field, performing with them and sharing in the victory. "I fully understand my mistakes, and take complete responsibility, for any distraction or negative impact, my situation has caused."There has been speculation regarding the reasons and circumstances that led to my absence from the team. I want everyone to know that my absence does not involve anything illegal, immoral, or unethical. It is the result of miscommunication and lack of diligence on my part with my coaches regarding meetings and practices. I have taken full responsibility and am currently trying to prove to Coach Orgeron, the rest of the coaching staff, and my teammates that I can be relied upon to meet my commitments as a player, teammate, and student-athlete in general."During the past week, I have had much time to reflect. While I have matured significantly since coming to Ole Miss, I recognize that I still have some growing up to do. And I look forward to doing some tremendous things here at Ole Miss, while realizing the true blessings - and responsibilities - that come with being a student-athlete."My family has a proud tradition at Ole Miss. I plan to continue that tradition by working diligently in the classroom - continuing on pace to graduate ahead of my anticipated graduation date - and, when granted the opportunity, by returning as soon as possible to the football team."