Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Jackie Wayne

Jackie Wayne is back coaching. No not in college, this time in a league that will more than likely go away after one year. Jackie Sherrill will be coaching for the Birmingham franchise of the AAFL. Why they keep bringing these professional leagues back is beyond me. None of them make it and they all lose money. For those of you wondering, no I will not be making the ten minute drive over to Legion Field to watch Jackie's team play. I am more interested in seeing how long it takes before he gets caught cheating.....can you do that in a professional league?

(Bham News)
Marcus Katz, founder of the All American Football League, confirmed today that Jackie Sherrill has been offered a contract to coach Team Alabama.
''He was offered the job and said he would do it,'' Katz said in a phone interview.
Team Alabama has a Wednesday press conference to introduce the coach. The AAFL begins play in April.