Thursday, June 07, 2007

Weekend Preview

The weekend has come and the SuperRegionals are finally here. For the third time in three years the Rebels will be playing in a SuperRegional. Starting Saturday, they will be two wins away from Omaha.

Unlike previous years, the Rebels will be on the road this weekend in Tempe,AZ to take on the Arizona State Sun Devils. AZ State is a very good team and one of the most successful in college baseball history. So needless to say the Rebs will face tough challenge in winning two games this weekend, in an opponents territory they are very unfamiliar with.

The Friday and Saturday starters for the Rebels will be the same as they have been all year. Brett Buckvich will get the nod on Saturday, looking to rebound from a terrible start in the SEC Tournament. As the week began, I had no clue who Bianco would start. He had a multiple of options on who is Sunday pitcher would be. He must have alot of faith in Bukvich should the Rebels get to game three.

It will be key for the Rebels to win the first game in the series as it always in when you are on the road in a three game series. Will Kline needs to have a performance like he had in the SEC Tournament against Mississippi State in order to stay on top of the Sun Devils. If Kline can do that the Rebs have a chance. If he can not it could be a long weekend for the Rebels and the faithful that traveled to Tempe.

If history has anything to do with it, the Rebels will need to win it in two games if they want to go to Omaha. As we all know Game 3's in SuperRegionals do not turn out well for Ole Miss. This is not the best team the Rebels have taken to the SuperRegionals over the past few years, but I will argue they are one of the most talented. They have answered when needed to alot of times this year, but tend to blow it in the ninth. Hopefully this late in the season this team has learned its lesson and has suffered enough.