Thursday, April 26, 2007

Where Will Willis Go

One thing I have failed to mention this week is the NFL draft which will take place on Saturday. Ole Miss should have one of the top 10-15 draft picks with linebacker Patrick Willis. Willis draft stock has definately jumped since the end of the season in November. At one point last season I questioned Patrick's speed, probably one of the more stupid posts I ever made. Willis impressed alot of scout's with his speed at combines, at one point recording a sub 4.3 in the 40, which is extremely fast.

I looked at several sites that had Willis anywhere from a 12-15 pick. Patrick will be very rich come Saturday, and it could not happen to a better guy.

( of the few bright spots during the Rebels' rebuilding process, Willis established himself as the best middle linebacker in college football the last two years. He played most of the 2005 season with a broken right hand, but still ranked sixth in the nation in tackles per game (10.9). He surpassed those totals in 2006, again ranking sixth nationally with an average of 11.42 tackles per game.
One of the most respected players in the country, Willis is also one of the most liked personalities away from the game. A leader both on the field and off, he is heavily involved in community service. Despite all of the accolades he has received the last two seasons, he quietly goes about his job.
How far he has come on and off the field is because of his tireless work ethic. Willis came from a split family environment, as his mother left home more than 15 years ago. At age six, Patrick was cooking breakfast for his younger sister and brothers. At 10, he was picking cotton around his home. The proceeds went to his father, Ernest, to pay the utilities. Even now, Patrick says it wasn't that bad.